The Nubl Wars (The Pattern Universe Book 3)

The Nubl Wars (The Pattern Universe Book 3)[Read] ➪ The Nubl Wars (The Pattern Universe Book 3) Author Tobias Roote – As the post attack chaos forces Earth governments to realise they no longer have the ability to maintain order; the destiny of mankind falls to a select group of human and artificial intelligence to p As the post attack chaos forces Earth governments to realise they no longer have the ability to maintain order; the destiny of mankind falls to a select group of human and artificial intelligence to prepare a defence against annihilation by the Nubl hives Pod’s growing sentience causes problems when she lets her guard down Zeke gets severely wounded ultimately forcing the mutating DNA to intensify its activities His friends and colleagues believe he cannot survive the transformation but Zeke doesn’t give up that easily Meanwhile Arty The Nubl ePUB ✓ obtains a mental boost Believing he has the answer to everything he makes plans to do what he can to protect humanity from extinction Pennington baulks and demands all the high calibre AI’s be controlled preferably by him This doesn’t go down well with humans and AI alike but there is no time to dwell on the issue because the Nubl are coming. How has this guy not blown up?These books 'whilst' relying a little heavily on the deus ex machina trope deliver a good solid read that is fun and entertaining The story lines are crisp the plotting is well laId out and above all the editing is excellent I am now one of your biggest fans Mr Rootse I strongly recommend these to anyone who is interested in a series of books that doesn't shy away from watching the growth and development of AI Mankind and an implacable foe to a great culminationThanks Tobias may I call you Tobias? For a series well done The whole notion behind Pod and the Nubl was kind of interesting and kept me comeing back for I enjoyed the writing style pace and characterisations and could almost but not uite predict the end with all the clues and directions hinted at through the seriesI hope there are to come it's an enthralling Universe While interesting and logical I believe the end of this series called on too many tropes and tried to solve things too neatly The showdown the rogue AI the body horror all seemed very classic scic fi when nothing else about this story seems to really say classic sci fi I expected a species that does matter construction from base elements and keeps a pattern library to perform significantly better than the jenari ended up doing And by the end where are the main characters left? This is the last of the books in this series and the ending while ostensibly wrapping everything up answers very little and doesn't leave us with enough information to extrapolate what happens afterwards I am annoyed With that said it's not a bad book and certainly not a bad series Less than the first in the series but still a good readI found the first book in this series a very positive story even though there were bad guys For once a story where the keen was actually willing to helpThis and the second book were less positive falling back to the old story routine of the bad guys being or lo oh e powerful than the good guys and people accepting bad decisions and compromise instead of doing the right thing But it was all sorted omit in the end This series had a lot of interesting ideas but the author didn't spend any time developing the characters or the plot The entire series is told as a narrative with very little dialog It is as though the author were describing a TV show he watched last night This left the characters feeling empty and devoid of any real substance Fast Paced Sci Fi ShooterRocket sockem back and forth sci fi with a few good twists Without the context of the earlier books in the series this would difficult to follow As it is it a very busy book lots of tech magically develops to move the plot along makes me wonder what happened in the previous millennia for the aliens This story was not as vibrant as the first twoThe first two books were fantastic but this one left much to be desired The bad guys were bad until they turned good Some of the good guys turned bad I didn't care for this story A well written story that keeps your attention to the end New beginning Not everything goes to plans Especially when limits are removed from a formerly good AI Errant behavior isn’t just for hoomins The author filled the series with great detail but book 3 turned into a one book superhero scramble The human vs AI got a bit wayward but that being said the series was an enjoyable read