Everyone Gets Eaten

Everyone Gets Eaten❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Everyone Gets Eaten Author Ben Brooks – Oaklandjobs.co.uk “Brooks is a master of this art”— The Times“Ben Brooks is a magical imp who pumps out dark nuggets of poetry and makes you snort with laughter”— Noel Fielding “Brooks is a master of this art”— The Times“Ben Brooks is a magical imp who pumps out dark nuggets of poetry and makes you snort with laughter”— Noel Fielding. Ben Brooks’ Everyone Gets Eaten sparkles with the unlimited imagination of a five year old wanders like the morphine fueled fever dream of someone who’s just had their wisdom teeth removed and mystifies with a poet’s mastery of the disconnected image A dinosaur hasn’t been seen in the town of Billion in years; that is until Tatiana P spots a T Rexasaurus on her way home from work Enter Casper Font the great grandson of legendary dinosaur hunter Crispin the Great who reluctantly agrees to slay the foe in exchange for enough money and notoriety to impress the apple of his eye Tatiana When the T Rexasaurus turns out to be a fake Casper is put on trial and Billion is thrown into political upheaval as a group of protestors who call themselves XYOYX demand the mayor’s resignation Ultimately the townspeople become too distracted by reptilian scapegoats and local scandals to notice the very real threats looming above the clouds and sharpening their spears in the jungle Much of the story is concerned with aging and the passing of time Early on we learn the inhabitants of Billion rarely age past six years old While it’s unclear whether or not Brooks’ characters are human or animal they consistently exhibit behaviors most would consider adolescent The local bars serve milk lovers pick noses to show affection and the lawyers smack each other in the face when making an objection Despite these childlike actions the concerns of Billion are very similar to the concerns of the adult world The citizens are obsessed with national security and the threat of a foreign invader It is difficult not to draw a line from Billion’s inflated fear of dinosaurs to the anxieties many nations currently have about the influx of immigrants Similarities between the politics of Billion and the current geopolitical climate abound The residents freuently stir up vague religious imagery to bolster their claims of danger often referencing the danger of the coming “night” and “those above the clouds” The ridiculousness of religious extremism is even pilloried; whenever the mayor brings bad news someone in the town hall shouts “Burn the Mayor” While Brooks deserves high praise for originality and humor the story is stuffed with distracting world building details—few of which are ever explained For instance the most popular sport in Billion is a game of clock throwing that involves lions but for what reason remains unclear Often scenes begin with lengthy descriptions of uirky events taking place in Billion but characters are mentioned fleetingly if at all It seems clear the reader is not meant to understand what any of these details actually mean; but one is left with the impression Brooks simply had too much fun parodying the real world to allow his characters to begin inhabiting his construction Similarly the narrative suffers from an excess of characters who say and do plenty funny things but fail to further the story along There’s Deaf Paul who’s tall but not deaf Ned Kloot the barman Pele the dimwitted T Rex impersonator The Dream Nurse Caspor’s spurned lover and soothsayer Sixteen a doctor and Caspor’s best friend President Captain the bumbling mayor Angelina a character whose sole purpose is to wonder where the penguins have gone etc Everyone Gets Eaten leans heavily into its style and expects its readers to unearth the substance Brooks rarely slows his train of thought down long enough for his readers to hop on board Instead the narrative relies on wit and symbolism to do the heavy lifting After the first fifty pages the novel’s inventiveness feels charming and refreshing After reading two hundred pages the experience can be somewhat draining While perhaps not for the faint of heart Everyone Gets Eaten will strongly resonate with those who enjoy divining the beauty out of absurdity A nice book by a great author Ben Brooks creates this time a fictional world with dinosaurs and hands coming out of the sky in order to express how he sees the period of transition between childhood teenage and adult life I liked the uite big amount of characters I think Brooks made a very good job here he shows very well each character personality while going through the many different parts of the storyIt's a change from his previous books but his style is still intact You'll laugh a lot while reading this and maybe it will also make you think Specially I love the little e mails from C to A at the end of each chapter Out of the fantastic world of Billion this e mails show a not really different story really touching at the beginning and that helps get you the whole book at the end Summarizing it was a pretty good book we can see Brooks evolution as a writer with each book although maybe he lost here the surprise factor and personally I expected a little bit of this book Anyways I'm giving him 4 points I really enjoyed while reading this 255 Sin duda alguna esta es la novela más rara ue he leído nunca No se parece en nada a otras cosas ue he leído suyas Tiene cierto encanto pero te descoloca demasiado Creo ue es una novela ue hay ue releer dado ue una primera lectura te deja un poco descolocado No sabría decir si me ha gustado o no Curiosa es eso desde luego