Awakening Sebastian

Awakening Sebastian❴Reading❵ ➹ Awakening Sebastian Author Donna Redman – This is what I need you to know Sometimes life goes bad really bad That's what happened to me I tried but I couldn't face it so I made my decision I can barely breathe It's almost time Is this really This is what I need you to know Sometimes life goes bad really bad That's what happened to me I tried but I couldn't face it so I made my decision I can barely breathe It's almost time Is this really what I want Who could've known what would happen next This is a novel like no other Embark on an extraordinary journey inside the mind of Sebastian Smith your average guy plunging into that tumultuous mosh pit his final year of high school It's a year tangled up with the band his studies his mates the spoken for girl and the unspeakable grief in his home It's the year that Seb learns the distressing conseuences of bad choices and the unshakable courage needed to rebuild a devastated life A novel of tragedy redemption and hope. “Is this really what I want?”Awakening Sebastian by Donna Redman is an Australian Young Adult novel about a young man named Sebastian Smith dealing with what is the most difficult year of his life Its Sebastian’s final year of high school and of course he has to make the commitment to study and the difficult decisions about his future that come with that His best friend the girl he’s madly in love with is dating someone else and his band is falling apart On top of all this his mother was in a serious car accident and died and his father isn’t coping well Neither is Sebastian and he can’t see how things are ever going to get easier We meet Sebastian on the night he decides to take his own lifeOne of the most interesting things about this novel was the structure Within the novel we see the story diverge from the first chapter The chapters alternate from progressing onwards in time and regressing back to show how Sebastian got to the place we find him in within the first chapter It’s a bit difficult to describe but the future and the past weave together so that by the end of the book we find Sebastian both at the end of the year and it’s beginning This is an incredibly uniue format one which I’ve never before come across and really added to the story Despite already knowing what happens in the future the chapters set in the past really created the suspense of the story This was because although we could see how Sebastian was dealing with events we didn’t always know how these occurred exactly and so there was always that anticipation for the things mentioned earlier on in the book The structure really created a powerful juxtaposition as we see how his relationships change and how his emotions evolve whilst also knowing the future and the outcomes of events It gives us the benefit of hindsight as readers and emphasizes the tragedy of what Sebastian is going through emotionally and intellectually and he deals with his mental illnessThe writing style was similarly uniue It was a mixture of pure dialogue internal monologue song lyrics and screen shots There was no traditionally descriptive writing This put me off to start off with but I found I could still easily discern the personalities of the characters and even that they were hiding something from the subtext of the dialogue alone I think this writing style allows for readers to really imagine themselves or the people they know in the places of these characters and their experiences I do think however that a vivid imagination is reuired to make the most out of this writing styleAwakening Sebastian deals with the difficult but important to discuss subjects of mental illness and youth suicide in a way that is honest and often a little blunt Donna Redman a suicide prevention trainer speaker and a teacher doesn’t glamorise mental illness nor diminish it’s significance It was a very emotional book and there were points throughout the whole book where I was crying I’d recommend any teenager despite the very mature themes and sometimes strong language read this book This book provides a very important insight into mental illness and suicide That being said the ending was ambiguous and confusing and left me a little bit irritated because of it Despite that I really enjoyed this bookFour Stars★★★★ An incredible book a must read for any young adult or adult really This book is raw honest and original I was hooked from the opening chapter The structure is very different I've never read a book uite like it but it adds to the success of the story The author has managed to pull off an incredible story of tragedy and hope It had me laughing and crying at many different momentsI think that every young person should read this novel Such an important topic and so relevant Highly recommended READ THIS BOOK

Awakening Sebastian Kindle ¼ Paperback
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  • Awakening Sebastian
  • Donna Redman
  • 01 February 2015
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