Napoleon: A Political Life

Napoleon: A Political Life[Read] ➫ Napoleon: A Political Life Author Steven Englund – Winner of the J Russell Major Prize American Historical AssociationBest Book on the First Empire by a Foreigner Napoleon FoundationEnglund has written a most distinguished book recounting Bonaparte's Winner of the J Russell Major Prize American Historical AssociationBest Book on the First Empire by a Foreigner Napoleon FoundationEnglund has written a most distinguished book recounting Bonaparte's life with clarity and easeThis magnificent book tells us much that we did not Napoleon: A ePUB ✓ know and gives us a great deal to think about Douglas Johnson Los Angeles Times Book ReviewEnglund in his lively biographyseeks less to rehabilitate Napoleon's reputation and legacy than to provide readers with a fuller view of the man and his actions Paula Friedman New York Times Napoleon A Political Life is a veritable tour de force the general reader will enjoy it immensely and learn a great deal from it But the book also has much to offer historians of modern France Sudhir Hazareesingh Times Literary SupplementEnglund's incisive forays into political theory don't diminish the force of his narrative which impressively conveys the epochal changes confronting both France and EuropeA strikingly argued biography Matthew Price Washington PostThis sophisticated and masterful biography brings new and remarkable analysis to the study of modern history's most famous general and statesman As Englund charts Napoleon's dramatic rise and fall from his Corsican boyhood his French education his astonishing military victories and no less astonishing acts of reform as First Consul to his controversial record as Emperor and finally to his exile and death he explores the unprecedented power Napoleon maintains over the popular imagination. In retrospect Napoleon A Political Life is probably not the best book with which to start an exploration of Revolutionary or Napoleonic history It is not written for the novice and England does not stray from his purpose to provide his readers with background That caveat entered the book is erudite elegant often charming and so well written it is a joy to read England’s vocabulary gave my Kindle dictionary a run for its money and in future I will be larding my conversation with words like “dirigisme” and “pelf” probably to everyone else’s annoyance I ask you how can you not love a book that prefaces a section this succinctly?“Bonaparte departed Egypt on August 23 and after a five day stopover in Corsica the last visit he would ever make to the island landed in France on October 9 One month later to the day he and a cabal of politicians in office overthrew the Directory and established a Consulate The next morning he set to work and in the space of thirty months he oversaw the drafting of a new constitution for the Republic ended the civil war in the provinces secured domestic tranuility for France than she had enjoyed in a decade won the War of the Second Coalition against far larger armies than the First and forced peace on a reluctant Britain after nine years of continuous Anglo French warfare Working with a superb team of associates he then laid the legal political educational and administrative foundations the so called blocks of granite on which much of the French State stands to this day Withal he reconciled with this wife purchased with her a small gem of a chateau named Malmaison survived a murderous assassination attempt and invented a tasty chicken in tomato sauce with no cream” Napoleon BonaparteThe man the legend Napoleon I stole this line fittingly from God of War because if there was one man that could take the title of God of War it was NapoleonThe way he crushed his foes at Toulon Marengo Ulm Austerlitz Jena is stuff of legendsHe crushed forces of Austria Prussia Russia United Kingdom usually all at onceBut one foe he couldn't defeat and that was Napoleon himself Steven Englund in an amazing book shows how the downfall of Napoleon was because Napoleon just didn't know where to stop but then again would Napoleon be Napoleon if he knew when to stop probably notBut although this is a book about Napoleon it also books about human society so many people rushed into there death for there beloved Emperor never asking why they do itAlthough this book shouldn't be for beginners and you need a lot of prior knowledge it is an amazing book which I would recommend Epic biography of Napoleon focussing on his acts as a statesman and on his political philosophy While acknowledging that his military exploits laid the foundations for Napoleon's fame and political power Englund argues that his political feats were as impressive and much longer lasting than his military legacyWriting about Napoleon's motivations and ideas is extremely difficult as Napoleon has tried so hard to influence his historiography It also implies judgments on whether Napoleon was a heart a cynical and opportunistic power player or somebody who tried to stick to certain principles Or whether he changed from one into the other and in which period?I think Englund has done a great job of separating the wheat from the chaff This Napoleon is much interesting than the Corsican Ogre and Napoleon le Grand This is almost a human being Even if it's a man of uncommon talent intelligence and energy There are weaknesses errors of judgment post hoc rationalisations and petty insults enough to balance the scalesThat doesn't mean that an interesting version of Napoleon is true than other versions It just rings true to my vision of how people even Great Persons are That probably is the great attraction of Napoleon everybody can find in him the man we long to see A fantastic biography for two reasons 1 Englund fights against the modern temptation to lump Napoleon in with later dictators like Stalin; and 2 Englund takes the time to consider the cultural and political aspect of Napoleon's life In taking a broader look at Napoleon's legacy within an intelligent humanitarian viewpoint Englund expands his biography beyond the merely historical viewpoint Highly recommended Wonderful read It was as rich in history as it was with language Anyone that complains not having enough historical knowledge around Napoleon doesn't get it Ok I am not even halfway through this I started it like 2 years ago and its of a pick up put down I do like it because I like history and I really enjoy biography pieces I'll give my final verdict when I am done reading it which will probably be like 2010 I didn't finish this book which is saying much I'm not sure it is fair to review a book after reading only about a third but I realized that it is not going to get betterThe problem with this biography is that the author assumes too much knowledge which I don't have Maybe it is perfect as a second or third biography but for someone like me who knows little about the person and the period this book is simply inappropriate I could see the intellectual prowess but it mostly went above my head This book is for readers who already hold knowledge of Napoleon and his life The author would often omit details expecting the reader to already them and provide further insights to the man For many readers this would be enlightening but being my first book in Napoleon I was often left in the dark This was the best bio on Napoleon I've come across I was uite fed up with the plethora of books that demonize every aspect of Bonapart's life and finally I've found what I believe to be a fair minded review of the emperor Englund isn't gushing about what an awesome man this Corsican was Not at all But he gives credit where credit is due without turning a blind eye to Bonapart's mistakes and faults As some reviewers here mentioned yes Englund's vocabulary is healthy this wasn't a breeze to swiftly read thru but it's well worth the effort This is by no means a psych evaluation of Bonapart but I believe I did come away with a much better understanding of his worldviewRecommend Simply a crackerjack biography and it changed the way that I look at both Napoleon and this period of history generally Highly recommended

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