Pizza: Slice of Heaven

Pizza: Slice of Heaven❴Reading❵ ➶ Pizza: Slice of Heaven Author Ed Levine – Pizza is the single most popular food in the world and wherever you go in America you can always find it In fact we consume 33 billion dollars worth of pizza annually from the 63873 pizzerias in Ameri Pizza is the single most popular food in the world and wherever you go in America you can always find it In fact we consume billion dollars worth of pizza annually from the pizzerias in America That's a lot of slicesThis year's pizza centennial is a milestone laid claim to by Lombardi's Pizza which opened its doors in New York in Celebrating this anniversary is Ed Levine's Pizza A Slice of Heaven The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion in which Pizza: Slice Epub / Levine and some of America's best writers and cartoonists set out to answer every cosmic uestion involving this beloved food Is Chicago pizza really of a casserole What makes New York pizza so good Is the pizza in New Haven better than anything found in Naples Is the best pizzeria in the world found in Phoenix Arizona What and where is the Pizza Belt How good can homemade pizza be Is there an American pizza aesthetic How does one go about judging pizza Is there such a thing as a good frozen pizza All these uestions and will be answered by Levine and Calvin Trillin Ruth Reichl Roy Blount Jr Arthur Schwartz Mario Batali Jeffrey Steingarten and Eric Asimov among others who tackle the profound uestions and never ending debates that invariably arise whenever the subject of pizza is brought up in polite company. High expectations lead to disappointment The aim of the book was to highlight some of the amazing pizza that is found across the US but then it took a sharp left and became a book about why New York pizza is better than everything else The first half of the book was promising The author described pizza's history and with the help of a number of contributors he shared entertaining New York pizza memories The stories were detailed the visits to and reviews of countless pizzerias were interesting But then it was time to move onto other regions New Jersey got a fair shake The section for New Haven started showing signs of fatigue Then came Boston In a brusue four pages he shares that he visited Boston for merely a single evening; visits two college pizzerias that are nowhere near the famed Italian North End; visits a chain pizzeria; then gloomily predicts that Boston's share of pizza tradition is in danger His take on Boston pizza was the start of a downhill spiral in which every other cityregion is lucky to get a 1 page mention At this point the book has already taken on the feel of Yelpcom leaving only brief reviews of restaurants Sure there are stories mixed in there but the care and attention given to the New York sections of the book completely disappears from the second half I would have liked the book a little if the New York sections were just as blunt and unpolished as the second half of the book But because the New York sections were so cheerful and inviting it leads me to conclude that either the author got sick of eating so much pizza and merely finished his pizza tour out of obligation or that he had no intention of highlighting pizza in the US and only wanted a platform to tout New York pizza while slamming everything else Really even in Chicago he avoids the famed spots for some lesser known places Yet he hit every single famed pizzeria in New York and New Jersey area Such decisions are just a slap in the face to pizza lovers If you need a pizza guide book for New York then this book will be helpful If you want a guidebook for pizza across the US then steer clear of this book Levine's uest for the perfect pizza is an amusing read though I disagree with his notion that it's the bread that determines the uality of the pizza It's obvious the sauce is important Bread is a rather neutral tasting flavor and tomato sauce is not You can put a great pizza sauce on Wonder Bread and it will still taste great but if you put a poor sauce on great bread it will overwhelm the flavor of the bread and ruin the pizza

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  • 320 pages
  • Pizza: Slice of Heaven
  • Ed Levine
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  • 22 January 2016
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