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Jane Austen's Little Advice Book[Download] ➵ Jane Austen's Little Advice Book By Jane Austen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In Jane Austen's Little Advice Book Austen's own words are mixed with the fascinating facts of her biography and the times in which she lived completing a lighthearted and loving look at this most end In Jane Austen's Little Advice PDF/EPUB ✓ Little Advice Book Austen's own words are mixed with the fascinating facts of her biography and the times in which she lived completing a lighthearted and loving look at this most enduring writer Those who know Miss Austen's work only from screen adaptations should enjoy reading her actual Jane Austen's PDF/EPUB ² wonderful words; those who have loved her novels will enjoy rediscovering the brightest moments of her sparkling wit and vivid insight into human nature In these charmless graceless loud hurried times we desperately long for the serene voice of good sense good humor and good manners Never have we needed Jane Austen Austen's Little Advice PDF/EPUB ¿ Jane Austen's Little Advice Book is a celebration of the woman who is perhaps now the world's most famous female author but who was almost completely unknown in her own lifetime It is a fitting tribute to a woman whose only byline was By a Lady. I literally laughed out loud than once Not so much an advice book as it is a collection of uotes Jane Austen's Little Advice Book is full of excerpts from her novels juvenilia and personal letters to her family Like most books of uotes this one groups uotes by categories which range from aunthood to gossip Snarky comments accompany some of the uotes to add a bit of funI felt some of the uotes weren't organized properly however The authors explain a uote to mean something I don't believe Jane Austen intended it to mean Each uote is introduced with a modern topic or situation eg why you should keep your mouth shut at Thanksgiving or why Donald Trump's books sold huh? Having previously read and therefore recognizing many of the uotes in her novels I often found myself wondering why a particular uote was included in a certain category or introduced in the manner it was But as this book doesn't take itself seriously I can understand pulling a uote out of contextSomething that's lacking from this book is the names of the characters who spoke the uotes All that follows each uote is the title of the work from which it was taken But I suppose since this is a light fun book the authors didn't feel it necessary to include those detailsA cute little book to add to your Jane Austen collection but if you're looking for a comprehensive and detailed collection of uotes by the famous writer look elsewhere As glorified uote books go this one was uite enjoyable The best part was how the uotes were categorized each with their own humorous title which made me laugh on it's own And of course being a collection of Jane Austen isms you just can't go wrong This book is simply a collection of uotes from Austen's letters and novels nothing Even the exposition of the collaborators of this book is cheesy; lacking and falling flat The Prince and Princess of Wales were behaving just as strangely as they do nowthe Princess of Wales was much popular than her husband the Prince probably because she did not have a cellular phoneBoth the Prince and the Princess had affairs openlyin the Prince Regent's defense it should be noted that to the best of our historical knowledge he never in his life expressed a desire to be a tampon 118 Rhymes with frog spit I loved her wit and it was an enjoyable way to spend the morning Jane’s wisdom and a cup of coffee on the couch with a soft blanket Unfortunately this is nothing special Picked this up at a thrift shop and spent 3 hours reading it I love Jane Austen and reading her letters notes and uotes was so amazing Definitely great for anyone that loves this amazing woman No where near as good as The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C Sullivan but what should I expect from a book which openly claims in its introduction that it was taking advantage of the recent Jane Austen craze? It was published in 1996 when a spate of Jane Austen inspired films and TV series were releasedThe book essentially consisted of uotes from Jane Austen's books juvenalia and letters that were organized under allegedly smart captions like How to know an affair is ending and What to say to your friend when it does The gag wore really thin really uickly Worst of all was the Jane Austen Predicts the Future section Maybe it takes someone with a better sense of humor than mine to appreciate the authors' efforts there Perhaps their efforts overall as wellOf course from the geek perspective it really annoyed me that the identifying information on the uotes only cited the source and included nothing about the speaker or the situation from which the uote was taken If anything that information would have been useful for me to determine which of the remaining Austen novels I might want to read Note This book has a 45 star ratingThis is a really cute book If you are an Austenite then you will definitely enjoy reading it The layout of the book is as follows Famous uotes from Austen's novels and letters are divided into chapters such as Men and Women or Social Life Within each chapter are subsections wherein the uotes are divided into smaller categories within the general chapter topic For instance in the chapter on social life there are uotes that are categorized under fashion gossip the social whirl etc Also at the beginning of each chapter there is a short often humorous introduction about the period in which Austen lived or the topic of the chapter One other interesting feature of the book is the artwork there are black and white drawings of Victorian furniture dresses and people The borders around the pages are also very appropriate for the subject matter of this book Lastly I have to give a shout out to my friend Ashley Blanchard for giving me this book for my 20th birthday Thanks again

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