Just Under the Sky

Just Under the Sky[Download] ➼ Just Under the Sky By R.K. Gold – Oaklandjobs.co.uk You are invited on a ride you’ll surely not forget RK Gold brings us Just Under the Sky a novella commenting on harsh political turmoil Jasper and McMichaels work as journalists trying to cover up t You are invited on a ride you’ll surely not forget RK Gold brings us Just Under the Sky a novella commenting on harsh political turmoil Jasper and McMichaels work as journalists trying to cover up the looming food shortage happening in their village secluded in the Just Under Epub / mountains One day Jasper wakes up in the uncertain forest lingering by his home and from there has to find his way back through the ever changing landscape Two friends trudge through this mystical place as they are forced to confront of the importance of their village. This was the first book I wrote and the first book I signed a contract for It will always have a special place in my heart Most of it takes place in a forest I was living in Montana when I wrote the rough draft and it was difficult to go a whole day out there without interacting with nature to some capacity Though my writing has changed since I published Just Under the Sky I have nothing but good memories when I think of the time I took writing and editing it It's this book that taught me I can actually publish; I can actually write something some people want to read sometimes Wonderfully vibrant setting This book feels like a meditation than a traditional story The characters seem purposefully underdeveloped so that the focus of the reader can stay almost exclusively on feeling that they themselves are in the forest It is difficult to empathize with or care about the characters after the first few chapters but this appears to be intentional with so much time spent on exploring the tumult and unadulterated beauty of nature within the forest If I didn’t know better I would have assumed Just Under The Sky was a translation of a Japanese novella There are a few reasons for this some are purely cosmetic like the fact last names’ are used than first names and there are a few grammar mistakes throughout the book The theme too with its heavy emphasis on saving the environment and personafying the forest is a less common one here in the west and I wasn’t expecting itStrange observations aside did I enjoy the book I’d have to answer that with a resounding ‘kind of’ it was a very hot and cold experience I very much enjoyed the opening it was nice and straight forward a dash of drama with the mob mentality some mystery with the forest and a little empathy for Jasper and McMicheals frustration I feel the book falls down in the rest of the first half though I had to think uite hard to figure out why I wasn’t having fun though stuff was happening and in terms of the writing style it’s very obvious that Gold is a poet some of his imagery is really uite lovely even though the drama could have been smoother it wasn’t a deal breaker No I think it was the lack of a goal there is a goal in that we know what Jasper wants to achieve but there was no way to measure exactly what it will take to achieve or how long so I felt no drive towards it and I didn’t feel anything was developingIf the entire book was like that I’d be giving it uite a bad rating but the second half turns it around again – playing with my heart – suddenly the goal alters becomes reachable and other developments start to happen as we work our way towards it I felt much driven to finish and see how the whole thing would end That said I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the ending; the last incident added absolutely nothing to the experience but that’s not a deal breaker for me I just thought it worth mentioningSo that’s plenty about the story anyone who reads my blog will know characters are my bread and butter This is another area the book is hot and cold; some of the conversations between Jasper and McMicheals are great and some are not I appreciated that Jasper wasn’t an unstoppable badass who doesn’t carry on going because he’s brave and amazing but because running would make sense for a suishy human On the other hand I would have liked to know him better I felt like it was assumed that I’d be on his ‘side’ but I couldn’t find much of a reason to like him that much I felt sorry for what happened to him but I wasn’t screaming and shouting for his safetyAs you can probably tell I’m having issues reviewing this book because it’s neither really good or particularly bad There are some great ideas and some bad execution so if you have a soft spot for surreal dream like adventures or environmental tree loving themes then you might enjoy this if not I’m not sure I’d recommend the experience I really struggled with this book for the entire first half But I’m glad I stuck with it because I was amply rewarded My first mistake was trying to pin it down to genre I’m not sure it belongs in any But it is like one of those Carlos Castaneda tales where a spiritual guide or mentor helps with an initiate’s movement through delusion to higher awareness And on such spiritual journeys it’s customary to get lost in the early stages Which explains why I too was lost for the first half of this book Clearly the writer wished me to undergo the same process as the initiate of the story Therein lies the profundity and power of the alchemy of the tale There definitely are some valid life lessons this book has to teach that seem both topical and timely and timeless I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the heavy handed tactics of those in charge in the story’s society with those power cartels and oligarchs that run rampant today stripping democracies of their democracy including buying up both parties of the congress and senate and judiciary here in the US But I don’t believe it’s the author’s intent to teach us how to free ourselves from our current tyranny so much as how to free us in general from making the same mistakes over and over again so we might be permanently free And with this kind of intent it’s easy to see why the author chose a Carlos Castaneda storytelling formula So don’t be surprised to find yourself undergoing similar birth pains as I did reading this novella For instance I followed a couple of characters around in a forest wandering about lost for several chapters without any forward progression of the plot without chapter cliffhangers thinking this guy does know how to write right Still there are some uestions raised in the beginning that help to string you along as you look forward to those uestions getting answered For a patient reader open to nontraditional tales and non genre lit I would say this one is worth your while Not the least because like Animal Farm the story can be read on multiple levels which might invite you to take than one tour through it This book was crazy uite literally crazy Like I didn't know wtf was happening crazyin an incredible way What would you do if you woke up in a forest that is actively trying to kill you only to discover that there's some supernatural creature just chillin in the center as it's protector That's a uestion I never thought I'd ask and yet here we are This was crazy in all the best ways Antagonists who you can't help but despise protagonists who you aren't really sure if you like them until they achieve their actual purpose and become awesome And the amazing supernatural dude who shall be known here for spoiler reasons as the supernatural dude who is just plain awesome My favorite aspect of this book is that everything that happens does so in a way that makes you think hey I could buy this happening on real life And that is amazing I want to visit this forest and meet the supernatural dude hopefully safely because I want to know The story is rich the characters deep and the universe I feel we have just scratched the surface This is a belated review and so I'll add that I really hope supernatural dude and Lost in the Clouds guide are part of a shared universe I want to see them hangout like Cosmic Owl and Prismo for those that get hay reference you know what I'm talking about and the epic meeting that would be This was a uick and fascinating read While the basic story was simple the fantasy elements added of a complex and vibrant slant to a journey through a forest The vivid descriptions of the forest and the emotions it evoked in the two characters were both beautiful and spooky in eual measures For someone who has spent a lot of time pottering around woodlands it felt uite authentic This was a journey on several levels though and left as much for the reader to uestion as the characters did There were many messages hidden between the trees and only by choosing the right path could their mission be fulfilled The story is complete as a novella with sufficient back story woven into the interactions between the main characters and other members of the isolated village There is just enough to set the scene and piue interest but I can imagine a preuel about this strange community and its history The ending was satisfying but without giving any spoilers I'm also intrigued about what happens next There is enough depth to the characters and interest in their uest to allow for a series of novellas in this fascinating setting Just Under the Sky was my first taste of Gold's writing and I had so much fun delving deep into another world Gold is very descriptive and I felt as though I was right beside Jasper for the ride of his life I highly recommend this book for all those looking a fun escape from reality