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Kelly – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Webb Thompson awakes disoriented and fearful He sees green grass and a black boiling sky spread out before him He finds his little sister nearby unconscious When he reaches her side Sundown is alive B Webb Thompson awakes disoriented and fearful He sees green grass and a black boiling sky spread out before him He finds his little sister nearby unconscious When he reaches her side Sundown is alive But now they have other problems where are they how did they get there and what is that growling noise Webb and Sundown have awakened in the Dark Lands a world between life and death where sacred souls battle malevolent evil for control of the living realm a battle of which mere mortals know nothing How did Webb and Sundown come to this place Are they living Are they dead Or are they something else Webb and Sundown will soon discover mystical abilities within themselves abilities they will need to practice and perfect because evil is growing His name is the Dark Man an ancient evil but one new to the Dark Lands His very presence threatens to destroy the fabric of the Dark Lands the living world and of time itself The battle lines have been drawn The war is soon to begin. It's just amazing I loved to read it After reading uite a few contemporary books I was excited to start a new fantasy series This book follows Webb a seventeen year old boy who finds himself waking up in an unknown land along with his younger sister Sundown I loved how the book immedietely gave us uestions to ask such as where were they how had they got there and what on earth was chasing them I thought the chase scene was a brilliant way to start the book as it instantly had me hooked on the storyThe world building in this book was fantastic I think I was imagining Glorian as looking similar to Hogwarts so of course I immedietely wanted to visit I also loved how they just had to think about what food they wanted to eat and it would appear on the table in front of them Imagine having that power I adored the animals that seemed to only exist in the Dark Lands particularly Gustafson the Felidaes a big cat like creature However I did find the Whoop Dingers ridiculous due to their name sounding like it had been pulled straight from a Roald Dahl book As these are one of the menacing and frightening creatures Webb comes across I felt as if their name didn't fit them at all and would have been suited for a cute and tame creature All of the Glorians having a power was also interesting and I particularly adored Sundown's power I did however feel as if Webb's power was a little boring as every YA fantasy protagonist seems to have similar abilities to WebbI adored the characters in this book especially Sundown I felt as if she had a natural response to what was happening and I felt bad for her having been taken away from her friends and family at such a young age Although I did like Webb he was a little too angry to say the least It made me wonder what had happened to him while he was alive to make him that way I adored Caleb and felt bad for him when Webb accused him of being a traitor I thought Caleb was a sweet character who just wanted to have a friend and I felt Webb treated him unfairly I was however happy that Webb eventually apologised to himSadly there were a couple of things I didn't like one in particular being that Webb accuratley predicted who the traitor was long before it was revealed In these circumstances I always like to be shocked I like when the sweet fatherly figure turns out to be the villain so I was disappointed when it turned out to be someone who Webb hadn't trusted from the start Another thing I didn't like was the romance between Raven and Webb Although Raven's age is never mentioned she is described as being a woman and I pictured her as being in her early twenty's The fact she was attracted to a seventeen year old boy seemed weird to me and although they were mutually attracted to each other I felt as if it didn't go beyond them finding each other physically attractive They didn't spend enough time together to “fall in love” but I felt as if it was trying to imply that Raven was in love with Webb I felt as if the mutual attraction came out of nowhere as although Webb was instantly attracted to Raven's appearance there was nothing to imply that the feeling was mutual I found the situation a little uncomfortable as there was no build up to their feelings and it felt as if it had been thrown in for the sake of a romantic subplot I also felt as if the book needed female characters overall as Raven and Sundown are the only two that are freuently mentionedI enjoyed this book overall and I'm planning to immediately devour the seuel There are still many uestions left unanswered and Webb and Sundown are both past the “tutorial” phase and are ready to explore their powers on their own I would love for the Dark Man to have of a presence in the next book as he is still a very mysterious character I recommend this book for YA fantasy lovers and for all the Potterheads I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewLikes There was something truly uniue about this book but at the same time there was something familiar about it I can’t put my finger on it exactly but I truly enjoyed this book The characters are diverse and believable Sundown and Webb must deal with not only the fact they are now in a purgatory like world but also that they are part of some big good versus evil plot The world building is fantastic Many interesting characterscreaturesand features that are uniue to this storyDislikes There is very little back story to the characters and it leaves some uestions – like why does Webb have so much pent up anger? Granted he has just found out that he has died but the anger seems deeper than that While the world building is amazing; there is a lot of information that make the majority of the book an information dump while the reader gets acuainted with the surroundings Some of the elements were predictable and some of the names for the evil creatures comicalOverall this a good start to a YA series and I give it 4 Maurdians I need to preface this review with an apology  I have sat on this book for longer than I intended to and for that I apologiseSo to the book  Well you are thrown into the action right from the first page  And the confusion felt by the characters translates well from the page to the readerThe story continues strongly and although I found Webb to be frustrating as a character I anticipate that this may have been the expected response to a well observed depiction of the predicted reaction of a typical teenI think that this book falls suarely within the young adult target audience if not slightly younger  Alhough short this is a promising debut and just about sueaks into the 4 arenaI voluntarily reviewed a reviewer copy of this book Love the concept on this story Each chapter leaves you wanting and the creativity and imagination really shows on the thought out into creating such uniue worlds and characters Can’t wait to continue the series Two thumbs up for me Loved it Loved how this book was such a fun and easy read I cant wait to see whats in store for the characters in book 2 Seventeen year old Webb Thompson and his younger sister Sundown awoke to find themselves not in their own beds but in a bizarre landscape with field upon field of grass stretching in all directions The sky was black overhead and it seemed like a storm was moving uickly toward themThey have awoken in the Dark Lands; a place between the world of the living and the land of the dead Are they alive? Are they dead? Or like the place they find themselves in are they something in between They soon discover that the Dark Lands are entrenched in a battle between good and evil To make matters worse Webb and Sundown have hidden powers that will be needed if the evil Dark Man is to be stopped Author Lyn I Kelly has crafted an intense supernatural thriller populated with new and interesting creatures as well as with many fascinating characters This book will be enjoyed by readers who loved the Harry Potter series and those that want a Young Adult book with some bite to it The landscape of the Dark Lands is as diverse as it is terrifying In a land where the good guys the Glorians must maintain a delicate balance It is their job to ensure that the Dark Man and his minions never breach the walls of their fortress nor tip the scales so that evil outweighs goodness I enjoyed the book and found the characters to be believable Webb is a typical teenager insofar as he is impulsive and has a hard time reigning in extreme emotions especially anger Think about it Wouldn’t you be pretty angry if you woke up to find out that you were dead and that you would never see or speak to your family and friends ever again? Webb must learn to control his anger lest the Dark Man use it to take control The storyline moves along at a decent pace and although I found certain elements of the story to be predictable I still enjoyed the read I rate this book as 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to readers ages 12 and up Note I was provided with a copy of this book by the author for reviewI was intrigued by the premise of this story a limbo type world where you’re dead but haven’t moved on The battle for good and evil rages on and these two siblings have been pulled into the fight upon their untimely deaths Our introduction to the world is filled with immediate danger and suspense and with no baseline anything could uite possibly happenThere isn’t a lot of depth in the characters but you almost don’t notice as there is a lot to take in Sundown accepts her place in this new land fairly easily but Webb has a lot of uestions as does the reader about the workings of this place Webb is used to fill in these gaps as Kelly uses his ueries to explain things to readers There are of course comparisons to Harry Potter’s world in the magical schooling aspect but there is a uniueness as wellWith his inuisitiveness a lot of Webb’s personality is brought forward He is hot headed impatient as he wants a result and he wants answers This is where you can understand a lot of Webb’s feelings removed from his life into this war with no real say is bound to cause anger and I think if Kelly had both characters accept their fate then this would be unsatisfying Sundown’s age and nature plays a role in her decisions but it also makes for conflict especially when Webb’s anger has conseuences in itselfThe concept is interesting and Kelly has a lot of mysteries which she leaves clues for throughout but I wasn’t entirely captured by it There is a touch of predictability and while some aspects were engaging other parts were not The writing is ok and the premise is interesting but I couldn’t get right into the story I didn’t really care about the characters and whether that had something to do with their lack of depth I’m not sure Being the first in a series no doubt things will develop further but aside from a few moments I’m not really engaged enough to keep goingThis review was published on my blog Lost in a Good Book A young brother and sister find themselves in a wondrous and terrifying world in between life and what comes next The only thing they recognize is each other and from that running jump the story uickly moves into what might be I can’t really fathom which is worse; stuck in t’weenhood or the choices you must make to move on beyond or ahead of our present conscious reality The characters are varied sympathetic misunderstood and deal with all the confusing possibilities of real life and then some Kelly has created a truly bio diverse landscape filled with intriguing potential and contemplative ramifications of the after life Probably of a YA book but I was touched by some of the uestions it posed Lucky for me I have Part 2 ready to fill in some blanks An advanced reader’s copy of this book was provided for an honest review I liked this a lot There is something familiar about this story but there is also a feeling of uniueness to the situation I enjoy the rules of the world that has been created I liked how certain aspects were presented I enjoy how Lyn describes things The characters are intriguing and I find myself trying to figure out what they are dealing with There is a good amount of mystery although I did figure out who was causing the immediate problem fairly easilyI entered a Goodreads Giveaway and Lyn said that on this turn he would send a copy to the first five people who wrote him with an interest in this book I am very glad I did Talking with Lyn as well as reading his book has made me a fan of his work I am beginning his second book Dark Lands The Not Where next and a am looking forward to it Lyn please continue and I will continue to read your books

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