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Guru with Guitar[Epub] ➚ Guru with Guitar ➟ Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma – “Life is like a guitar Tune Play Repeat” says Viktor a US based financial professional of Indian origin He was rich smart intelligent witty and emotional too but still was lost in finding the purp “Life is like a guitar Tune Play Repeat” says Viktor a US based financial professional of Indian origin He was rich smart intelligent witty and emotional too but still was lost in finding the purpose of his life In spite of his great job Guru with MOBI :¼ and hefty pay package he didn't feel the sense of contentment Then he met Kim his lady luck She helped him realize his dream life sparking a love story Despite his failure in pursuit of his dream Kim stood by himtill she decided to move on Viktor is heart broken lost again and struggles to balance his aspirations and office life This story is his journey through life changing experiences in India and USA – ranging from writing his first book to becoming a coach for cancer fighters and then a motivational speaker to finally becoming the Guru with Guitar There are heart touching songs lovely poems and life changing uotes scripted by the author For visit wwwguruwithguitarcom Catch author at vVikrmncom. Edit Added Author Interview LinkHappiness is rising in love Guru with Guitar by Vikrmn was the last book of 2015 which I finished on 31st December eveningThough it took than 1 month to start this book after I received but I finished the book in 3 4 sitting Before I started review reading I rarely read novel based on only love story GWG was one of the first book in romance genre Well book was not only about love story along with sweet love story between Viktor and Kim author had maintained struggle of Viktor from being corporate person to author and music healerBooks starts with Viktor us based financial professional who thinks he life is completely engulfed in professional world His creative mind always keeps him uneasy about boring life Then he met Kim and she inspired him to chase his dreams During this phase they fall in love or in author's word 'They rise in love' But after Viktor's first book release things become difficult One fine day Kim asked Viktor to leave her and to break their relationship Story became somewhat so called drama and comes on predictable normal Bollywood style story trackBook cover of the edition we read was appealing than older one The best part of the book is wonderful uotes that Vikramn has used at various point of the story One full star for uotations and remaining for story and characters Detail review can be found at interview can be found at What can I say about this book? To describe it in one simple sentence it’s a very intense emotional rollercoaster ride This is a true guide to not only IT employees but to everyone who are stressed out even home makers by their pressures of workload and are not able to find time to pursue their dreamshobbies The book gives advice on stability and practicality to the readers Don’t say “I want happiness” remove the words I want you are now left with happiness This is told by the author in the simplest manner possibleAbout the main charactersThe Guru with Guitar is a thought provoking very inspiring story about Viktor who is a chartered accountant by profession working in USA He is experiencing certain difficulties in life he believes his boss also hates him His mind and heart is not in sync He is always anxious stressed out and has fear of hurting people unintentionally and he is too absorbed in his work to escape from the world so he doesn’t have time for any chit chats even with his colleagues who see him on a daily basis then think about his mother and his best friends who live in India He is someone who likes to uplift the spirits of others but he can’t uplift his own because he thinks too muchWhat he should do with his life is a uestion he keeps on pondering He forgets many simple things life has to offer due to this unnecessary stress When did his sign of depression start is not mentioned clearly in the book But I figured it out on my own At that time in India he paid a deaf and mute boy Rs500 bought pens and his colleague said the boy was acting he says ‘I know when I am being fooled’ It is evident Viktor is indeed a very intelligent guy who knows whom to trust and who will have answers to all his uestions about life that many of us find it sillyKimberly alias Kim enters he allows into his world she makes him forget all his worries and frustrations She lends him her helping hand when nobody in the office including his colleague friend Christine failed to do so He is someone who needed immediate attention and care It is very evident from the way he behaves He has a habit of forgetting important things in life such as wishing his mother on her birthday talking to his best friends on phone partying with his colleagues etc due to depression He could have messaged or wished his mother when he was busy sending motivational uotes to his colleagues yet we can’t blame him because he has stress related problems he has a need to please So thank goodness Kim came like an angel At first he is a bit hesitant eventually he confides in her she then encourages him and strengthens him to find his true purpose of life They have same wavelength by which I mean both have lost someone who played an important role in their life for Kim both her parents died when she was young while Viktor has lost his father at the tender age of 16Kim likes receiving uotes and he likes creating themIn shortwe can find answers to the following uestionsIf you are a know it all to some of the life uestions get inspired by a different point of viewShould we give up our dreams to pursue the dream that our parents have for usAmber?Did his relationship with Kimberly is a success or failure? Who can be called best friends? Who is a true preacher? How can we turn our failures into success?Did Viktor publish his second novel?How did he find true happiness and who helped him? The most important thing is the author has given a brilliant answer to the bugging uestion “Why does God give chronic diseases like cancer to young children and what did they do wrong?”Is Kimberly and Viktor made for each other?In my POV Viktor pretends to listen to her as he is attracted to her blonde hair and immersed in her beauty she on the other hand to his dark eyes Both have lost people who were precious to them character wise their wavelength is somewhat same Kim was just a friend who made Viktor realize what he must do with his life I would say his mother Mrs Elissa and his best friends Rahul and Richa are the ones behind his success as they stood like a rock and they know him well enough to support him up and take it easy Instead of confiding in a stranger like Kimberly he could have asked them for help but he didn’t He is also initially frightened what other people will think as he hasn't called them for many years He needed an emotional support and true understanding from a woman who makes him to come out of his cocoon and he got itIt was actually the young lad whom he met in India he is where he is nowHe was just unawareIn the beginning of the novel I felt Kim is not the right person for him but Amber isShe is rough and tough always on the alert not afraid to speak what is on her mind this is a relationship where eyes alone can do the talk she is also uick in understanding people because when Viktor wrote a beautiful poem when he was leaving for Japan and asked her to give to the one she loves she feels her love is one sided and her ego emerges and in the spur of the moment she says to her cousin sitting in the cafeteria I can love for both sides In short she is too slow to understand Read the last stanza of the poemIt doesn’t address a guy why doesn’t she have the common senseslow in understanding to understand she can’t give this card to a guy and why she doesn't understand he may love her in the futureO girl O girl OOgirlyou be mineYou are than this rose to meYou be myValentineJust be mineO OValentineBut this opinion of mine was short lived Kim is really a sweet person and she is a boon to him she cannot hurt even an insect Viktor and Kim come from a decent well educated family that's all mattersLife is not all roses problems and difficulties arises in their lives too how they utilize it as an opportunity to grow is written marvelouslyTitleGuru with Guitar doesn't suit the novel Viktor plays Guitar in the second half of the story but this novel is about the life lessons he learned during the course of his journey and how he became a motivational speaker“Life is like a guitar Tune Play Repeat” The book description does justice to the titleWe can take it in any we wantLike for instance if you are a painter or enjoy making crafts you will be able to have a clear understanding of the message the author stressesSupporting charactersChristine Amber their parents Viktor's mother Rahul alias Rahu Richa and MrsElissaThey all inspired me in their own way Particularly the scene where he bought license to start a school for underprivileged children in India and gives to his mother who needed it to fulfill her husband's wishConclusionWe all have heard this famous proverb “Too much of anything is good for nothing” and how many of us actually know what it truly means? If you read the book you might know it just like I learned Seriously speaking Viktor has so many talents that is why he was not able to find peace of mind and happiness He can pursue any job he wants at any timeHe is good at writing poems and creating songs he is good at playing guitar he is talented in writing motivational uotes etcHe has so much to offer to the worldHe doesn't know where to startMay be if you read the book you may have different views and opinions The first two poems and the rose song he wrote to Kimberly touched my heart Hindi was a compulsory subject until my fifth grade so I could understand the hindi songs a littleWOW uotes“Gentle reminder Smile please”“Decide What do you want? Life full of years or years full of life Now”Joy is temporary happiness is permanent; for it comes out from positive a mind and is an art of a tension free heartRight is right no matter how wrong the time isMay your profit and loss account of humane deeds be in profits;for you have to present you Balance Sheet on the Judgement day“Your date of birth is just the time you begin to exist and life only truly begins the day you realize what you’re here for”Every today has a better version called tomorrowBless for you never stopped learningLet the pain of past not ruin the happiness of present and dreams of future Move onThinking in loneliness and speaking in public are the two things leaders are masters atFriends understand the unsaid words no matter if they are silent for years“Good people won’t do bad to you if you hurt themThey’ll just be neutral and walk away with a experience and a lesson;To grow up be a kid again The Sanskrit saying goes like this Genius is one who is taking his child to his old ageI have a different godI see it in the smile of othersMy worship is to make people happyLove is my religion“Life goes onno matter you are happy or notno matter you want someone to be happy or notSo happiness is a choice”“Don’t just sit and read the uote of the day; implement it”This is just a handful of uotesThere are totally 111 life changing uotes in the novelMy verdict The novel gives contentment and a meaning to live differently to all those stressed out busy individuals who don't know why they are running and for who they are runningYou can get educated and take a level headed approach towards life or surround yourself with such people so you can become like themBeing intelligent is having good company and having empathy for the unfortunate is what I learned from Viktor We are always running after something or the other in our lives First it is good grades then it is good job and then it is a good lifestyle where you get a comfortable salary But only once you reach this stage will you realize that life is not as easy as you expected it to be The hectic schedule takes out all the fun from life and what you are left with is disappointment It is in this stage we meet Viktor He has achieved that good position job and money wise but when it comes to his personal satisfaction he realizes that he is far off from the mark Confused and frustrated he tries to find the purpose of his life to balance between work and his dreams Then he meets Kim his lady luck who stands by his side through thick and thin and gently guides him in finding his true calling From Viktor's confused state to the time where he finds happiness from finding inspiration to inspiring others to achieve their dreams from rejections to gaining world wide popularity and from budding love to heart breaks it is a story worth reading Things I LikedRead the complete review here Escape Reality Book Reviews Guru with Guitar is about realizing your dream living your life of dreams A life is nothing without a dream when you have nothing to accomplish; no purpose to be aliveViktor; a US based financial professional of Indian origin He dreams of writing a novel someday but could not gather the courage to make a start He met Kim; his lady love who becomes his inspiration and helped in realizing his dream and encourage him to take a step close towards his dream Viktor writes motivational uotes and share it with his colleagues every day which is loved and appreciatedFrom where the guitar has come in? As the title of the story suggest Viktor writes songs and poems to let out his every emotion and feeling He proposed Kim by singing a song outside the café; their everyday meeting jointThe book has songs and poems which gives a rhythmic continuity Tune Play Repeat I won this book through the goodreads giveaway program Mildly disappointed A very run of the mill story The blurb looked really promising and I had high expectations from the book Barring a few profound uotes there was nothing gripping about the book The offbeat characters did not match up to the plot either Having said that despite all this it is a good effort by the author Worth giving a read at least once Guru with Guitar is a book that has to inspire than to entertain It is a complete mixture of emotions and inspirations Vikrmn has beautifully portrayed the plot with the tint of uotes and poemsAlthough they could have been reduced to maintain the flow and balance of the story As a reader you will have many reasons to get engrossed in the plot once you begin reading the bookVikrmn's writing style is very simple and connecting Chapter by chapter you'll find yourself surrounded by the intense surrounding that his words create In simple words throughout the entire story you'll observe how Vikrmn has indirectly emphasized on the word passionThe book teaches us to follow our dreams and to believe in our passion no matter what obstacle is on your way The cover of the book is also attractive with the words Tune Play Repeat imprinted on it Also the chapters which consist the love blooming between the protagonist and Kim is very interestingOn the other hand I think the ending could have been a little different and needed modification But overall it is a wonderful read with many twists and turns to inspire the readersThis book is a must read for all the ones who are disturbed in life or have no hope despite all the luxury in life Also the romance readers can keep their hands on this book I wish all the best to Vikrmn and believe that he'll keep inspiring his readers like always Note I won this book in Goodreads giveaway and this is my honest review of the bookThis is a OK book The narration is laced with some good uotes and author's writing style is also good But the story is predictable The story begins with Viktor and Kim Who work in the same office meet to each other awkwardly in the beginning and end up liking each other and finally they are in love Viktor though he earns enoughis not happy with his life and Kim helps him to find out that missing piece and fits that into his life The beginning and end of the book is good but it drags a bit in the middle And sometimes I felt that the middle part was unnecessaryThe book could have captured the chemistry between Viktor and Kim a bit better It could have been a better book had the middle part of the book were tightened a bitStill it's a good read and rate it 35 I received this book through Goodreads Giveaway with a sweet note from the author I loved the cover page for the book and was really excited about reading it but sadly it didn't meet my expectations There is no nice way to put this but there was lack of character sketch in the book and because of that the writing was missing a soul Also I had to skim through most of the chapters due to too many uotes used in them Editing of this book could have been better The storyline wasn't so bad and it was a good attempt by the author but it can only be read by the ones who love to read inspirational uotes Thanks to the author for presenting me with an autographed copy of the bookAs was in the blurbthe book is filled with inspirational uotes My personal favorite was 'That's cocoon stage It makes the wings stronger'The cover is lovely The writing style was also good But I wish there could've been characters Kudos to the author for the tremendous effort Keep on writing Mr Vikrmn

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