Embracing the Dawn

Embracing the Dawn[Download] ✤ Embracing the Dawn ➸ Jeannie Levig – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Does love have a chance when no one knows she wants itJinx Tanner is an ex con trying to piece together a life on the outside and heal her relationship with her half sister who hasn’t spoken to her Does love have a chance when no one knows she wants itJinx Tanner is an ex con trying to piece together a life on the outside and heal her relationship with her half sister who hasn’t spoken to her in over twenty five yearsRomantic love is now here on her radar E J Bastien is a business executive with her life and heart under control She has a successful career a Embracing the PDF/EPUB ² woman in her bed whenever she wants one and a healthy relationship with her grown children—as long as they don’t find out she’s gay She has no desire for romantic entanglementsWhen these two women awaken after a one night stand to find their lives inextricably entwined love has its work cut out for it. This is easily a 5 star book for me not a doubt in my mind I have to admit I had real reservations about reading this at first I did not like Levig's other book Threads of the Heart In fact it made me angry Part of the reason for the anger was the book had so much potential the writing was good and one of the books romantic couple Tess and Dusty were great Unfortunately the book took a turn for the worst and could not recover for me I really thought I was done with Levig as an author But when I started seeing all these positive 5 star reviews from my Goodreads friends for Embracing the Dawn I had to give Levig another shot And I'm so glad I did This books was wonderfulI loved the story line A closed off business woman falls in love with an ex con That is not a common romantic choice in LesFic and it worked so well Jinx was a great character you instantly fell in love with her and cried learning about her struggles The romance was great enough angst to keep it interesting and a great pace in which the characters fell in love The sex scenes were well done and pretty steamy tooThe writing was great Levig totally redeemed herself I really enjoyed this and could easily see myself re reading this in the future With out a doubt I would recommend this to romance fans Don't miss this one 'Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for a honest review'It is beautifully done and this is a book that i will reread many times in the future What i can say a bit about this storyline is that our personal growth and circumstances does not put us or with whom we interact and are often the catalyst for reconfiguring our beliefs and perceptions about life and that is really what was portrayed in these written words Readers will enjoy in this storyline depthknowledgeinformationrawnessrealism and acceptance plus great sex sceneswicked step momwinkwink and there was never a dull moment because of the well develop cast of characters between the main and supporting ones In addition there was this side story where one of the leads made some kind of a ridiculous choices when she was in her youth seeking adventure but then accepted the price that she had to pay later in life but even showed her humility and became a better person and through all of her prison experience let me say without giving too much of the story awayshe gave up her usage of all drugs Then there was the other leading lady who had her own issues but over came them eventually To note; patience is so true when 'LOVE' is involve An absolute great read for everyone I was very frustrated with Jeannie Levig's debut novel Threads of the Heart and if it weren't for Tara's review I might not have picked up this book from NetGalley That would have been a big mistake on my part because Embracing the Dawn is one hell of a story The romance was just the way I like it mature women drama angst family issuesIt may look like a typical romance with women of a certain age but it is not With these few key words you will get than you thought That means one protagonist fifty two years old divorced business executive is hiding from her adult children that she is gay which is not anything particularly new in romances of this type but the other protagonist forty five years old and immensely lovable felon has to deal with her Cinderella like past which includes evil stepmother estranged half sister relegation to the small room behind the kitchen after her father's death teenage runaway twenty years in prison scars on the body and soulIf that's not enough for you there are four best friends perfectly characterized and incorporated in the plot interesting neighbors a rebellious niece and one sweet puppyThe book has minor flaws but in general this is a wonderful warm story Levig is uite a storyteller that fact was already clear in her debut but she is also nicely poetic with words Here are just two examplesThat shadow that lay uietly behind Jinx's eyes rose then settled again in a fluid motion but her smile never waveredShe rested her head in the crook of her arm and allowed the pinks purples and blues to wash over her their fluid swirls bathing her cleansing her of lingering mistakes and remaining guilt With every sunrise with every new day came vast possibilities to experience things she never had before and to reclaim emotions she'd once thought gone foreverI highly recommend this book for all romance lovers and am looking forward to Levig's third novel Into Thin Air early next year with the hope that she will continue writing stories like this one5 starsMay 22 2016ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley I was actually a proofreader on this book so I can't review it at The Lesbian Review However I loved it so much that I have to talk about itEmbracing the Dawn a rich girlpoor girl like I've never uite seen before Jinx has been out of prison for three years for a crime she actually did commit but as a young and stupid youth She's tried reconnecting with her half sister but without any interest there the only family she has are her closest friendsE J is a lesbian but her kids don't know it Her job takes her out of town a lot and one night stands are enough to keep the itch sufficiently scratched One night at a bar however she meets Jinx and takes her back to her hotel room for a night of fantastic sex Little does she know that Jinx's niece is marrying her son in two days E J can't seem to keep Jinx out of her head though so there's only one thing to do find her and see if maybe they can hook up againThere's a lot to love about this book Jinx and E J have some high uality banter and flirting Jinx is a total sweetheart and it's just a lovely solidly paced romance I especially loved how the level of detail for each sex scene was determined by where they were at in the relationship I think that was a stroke of genius on the author's part and makes me want to read by her I loved this book and I totally recommend it It has some small things here and there that didn't really do it for me but nothing worth actually noting and I'll definitely be reading this one againLes Do Books episode I know I'm late to the game and most of you have read this already so I'll keep this short and sweetThis one was a wonderfully told romance that is oozing with character and emotion WELL worth the time if you haven't already read it The ex con theme was well told and the romance was beautiful Pick this one up if you haven't already 45 stars but I'm rounding down only because I don't see myself re reading this one for some reason This is the first book I’ve read by this author And third book I’ve rated five stars this year And one of those three books was a short story I’d previously read And second book in a row I’ve rated 5 stars I’ve already read two short stories since I read this book which I did not rate 5 stars the short stories I mean so this isn’t a new trend where everything I read is 5 star ualityThis is one of those rare books that do not focus on characters from their teens or 20s wandering around being all I’ve no idea where I’m going with this sentence This is not one of those crap This is one of those relatively rare books wherein the major characters are not teens or in their 20s or even for that matter in their 30s No this is one of those books where the main characters are 40 And they need to be – for all the life experience they’ve packed into their charactersRight so – the book opens with two women waking up after a one night stand One is E J Bastien 50 something and a regional director for a chain store or as the book description puts it ‘a business executive’ EJ is not one of those types of women who only do relationships neither woman fits that profile in fact for the most part she never does relationships with women – she’s a one night at a time type of woman The other woman in this book Jinx Tanner is a 40 something dog washer and ex con Three years ago she exited from prison I was going to say ‘federal prison’ but I forget if ‘federal’ was part of the phrase or not She had been inside the prison for 25 years which reminds me that she’s 45 I think EJ is closer to something like 52 And while Jinx has had ‘relationships’ in the past they were the non normal kind and to complicate matters further she hasn’t been with anyone in a sexual way for the past 10 years She did have a relationship in prison but well you know prison relationships yes? No? eh I’m trying to be vague while giving detailsNeither woman expects to see the other again back to ‘this book opened with two women waking up in bed’ but both really enjoyed their time with the other and if they were different people they might have tried for But they aren’t – for one they don’t even live in the same city For you see both are ‘there’ wherever ‘there’ is because EJ’s son is marrying a nice young woman from a rich family EJ and her husband or ex husband I should say are also rich Unbeknownst to either woman prior to getting into bed together that young woman? Jinx’s niece Course the happy little afterglow immediately evaporated when this is learned by EJ who proceeds to have a panic attack though is calmed down from it For you see EJ is not out to her family and there are reasons she can’t be out one of the weird things about this book – every time I wanted to yell at it at EJ someone yelled what I wanted to yell at EJ and her stupid reasoning mmphs hehJinx by the way is the black sheep of the family – she’s not been in regular contact with any of them for oh something like 28 years Since she ran away from home Though her best friend her sister ‘separated’ from her emotionally about 5 or six years before that – though Jinx hasn’t a clue what happened to change Andi’s personality view spoilerit is only revealed just what caused the change very late in the book and the explanation was not so much stupid since that kind of thing can happen especially when young children are involved but leagues below what got built up in my mind – I mean Andi acted as if she loathed Jinx with every fiber of her being And Jinx had no clue why view spoilerit got to the point especially considering some of the words Andi used when mentioning pops that I expected to find out that Jinx’s father had raped Andi when she was about 12 and – because of reasons – she took out her horror and anger on Jinx her step sister they had the same father though so yeah no that’s not it That’s not the big reveal view spoilerthe big reveal? Andi was too frightened of her mother to go against her and the mother loathed Jinx except Nora it was Nora right? loathed Jinx to the extreme for years before Andi’s personality changed it wasn’t a secret and nothing really seems to have happened at age 12 that increased the loathing except words about how Nora was going to start treating Andi like Jinx if she didn’t get away from her stop being her friend hide spoiler “Embracing the Dawn” is really terrific An ex con wakes up with a half in the closet lesbian only to find out they’re both about to attend the same weddingInterestingly I very recently finished a book that also addressed the issue of “can a person change” and be a better person than they wereand can bad things that were done in the past be forgiven or are certain things unforgivable That book was Harper Bliss’ Pink Bean #5 “Water Under Bridges” which addressed a former bullyHere MC Jinx is a former drug addict and ex con As with Harper’s character Mia Jinx had a very bad home life which was a huge factor to her becoming the person she was in her teens Also like Mia Jinx has taken responsibility for her past actions and works hard to be a better and different person I don’t know if I find it harder to forgive a bully who purposely and knowingly caused great pain to a teen than to forgive a drug addict who did bad things or whether author Jeannie Levig simply wrote a convincing storybut I absolutely forgive like and love Jinx What a terrific and kind person she isMC EJ is actually the less likable of the two She doesn’t have a good enough relationship with her adult children to tell them she’s a lesbian but the reason she doesn’t tell them is that she’s afraid of hurting their relationship In a bit of denial about your real relationship there EJ She also has all the power in their relationship constantly going to Jinx and then constantly running from and hurting Jinx The story of their instalust and slow burn romance is very enjoyable Their friends and coworkers are all terrific with their own personalities and contributions to the story Jinx’s niece was delightful but EJ’s son was an asshole until the very end Jinx’s half sister Andrea was batshit evil and while the ending with Andrea was heartwarming it also felt like the most contrived part of the story Narrator Melissa Sternenberg is just wonderful as she always is There is though substantial hissing sounds at points on the audioI seem to have run into a spate of bad audio A Highly recommended; I just have to go with 5 despite flaws with the audio uality I found this to be a little bit better than an okay read The writing is actually pretty good but there was a syrupy sweet uality to the storyline and difficult conflicts in all respects were solved too easily for my tastes Jinx a traumatized character was too unaffected by her past for me to believe and she was depicted as a sainted character in the present daynot that she couldn't currently hold the ideals and integrity that she does learning from her mistakes but usually when people get into a relationship is where we see all of the insecurities and triggers explode often times ones we don't even realize we have and Jinx seemed to have minimal issues Any hint of insecurity she had was overcome with logic and every part of her was at a cerebral level From my own experience life doesn't work that wayAndrea Jinx's estranged sister and Jacob EJ's son also could've been believable I grew up in Sacramento so making Jacob a modern day conservative uncomfortable with gay people kind of guy wouldn't have been farfetched in the least I kind of didn't buy him making one negative proclamation as a teenager and the mother never revisiting it If he'd said a negative comment a week ago now that's some heightened conflict I also found Andi's motivation to remain an ice ueen all of those years to be somewhat weak Giving those two characters a darker anchored edge while keeping them uncomfortable but civil would've been stronger for the storyI went along for the ride but in the end I was dissatisfied by this lack of deeper conflict There was also a little bit of the white savior thing going on with the neighbor that struck mebut that's just meOn the flip side if you're looking for a sweet feel good read starring two mature women 40s and 50s that touches on drama without too much of an ugly fall out this is a good fit The love story between Jinx and EJ is solid though I couldn't get past the nameslol I did like that the book was focused on older women The overall cast and the story arc were depicted well and I could tell the author put her heart into the story 35 stars I loved Levig’s A Wish Upon a Star and this one had pretty good reviews so I thought I’d try it and I’m so glad I did The MCs here are Jinx who is an ex con who is trying to restart her life and reconnect with her family and EJ who is a business woman who meets Jinx while in town for her son’s wedding The two have a one night stand that develops in to because the connection they feel for each other is something neither woman wants to let go of The romance is pretty sweet there’s plenty of hot sex scenes and both main characters are interesting They also spend plenty of time together talk about their lives and who they are and what they want which was a refreshing change The book isn’t without its flaws though EJ’s habit of running gets old but I did like that Jinx put her foot down and how they managed their issues I also thought that for all that Jinx had been through she was remarkably unfazed I’d have expected that she’d have needed counselling or something but there was no mention of how she’d managed to come through her various traumas and still be so sweet and kind The issues with EJ’s son and Jinx’s sister were also too I don’t know they’re just so central to everything that happens and yet both resolutions are rushed and a bit to ‘easy’That aside I did love the connection between the characters and the relationships each MC had with their best friends Oh and it also feature’s a dog which is always a plus This is a nice sweet romance between older leads and while I still think Wish Upon A Star is my favourite this one was an enjoyable read 4 stars Loved it Both Jinx and EJ make for compelling mature leading ladies The writing is crisp and the dialogue is witty and entertaining When insecurities and differences rise up to challenge their budding romance these women do something uniue to many romance novels They talk through their differences They listen to one another The bond which develops between heart of gold ex con Jinx and the closeted lesbian EJ is a beautiful thing to watch develop Both women have issues they need to face and supportive friends who help them through the worst of their fears but it is the one on one moments between EJ and Jinx I will remember I could go on and on and uote memorable lines from the novel but I don't want to take anything away from the touching scenes peppered throughout the novel This is one book I can happily recommend to all HEA lovers ARC received with thanks from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley

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