Top Tips for Girls: Real advice from real women for real life

Top Tips for Girls: Real advice from real women for real life[Reading] ➿ Top Tips for Girls: Real advice from real women for real life Author Kate Reardon – REAL LIFE MADE EASIER In today’s lifestyle guru–obsessed world where we all turn to magazines and TV personalities to teach us how to organize our lives cook look and live better it’s refreshing REAL LIFE for Girls: PDF ´ MADE EASIER In today’s lifestyle guru–obsessed world where we all turn to magazines and TV personalities to teach us how to organize our lives cook look and live better it’s refreshing to hear clever Top Tips MOBI :¼ who would’ve thunk it suggestions from regular women In Top Tips for Girls today’s primer for women in the know Kate Reardon has collected just that—literally hundreds of tips on all areas of our lives be it Tips for Girls: PDF É raising kids staying fit dressing well planning a wedding gardening dating dieting traveling or working Far from garden variety the tips you’ll find here are surprising—the sort that women used to get word of mouth from their Tips for Girls: Real advice Epub / own moms grandmothers aunts and best friends Some of the many helpful and even hilarious tips you’ll read here include•To avoid blisters from new shoes coat your feet with Vaseline•Invest in a certain number of “nice” hangers When you start having to use the metal ones from the dry cleaner it’s time to clean out your closet •Impress guests with homemade tasting mayonnaise by adding fresh lemon juice and capers or thyme to ordinary mayo •Perk up wilted ferns by spraying them once a month with weak tea•To find your car in an unfamiliar area use the camera on your cell phone to take a picture of the nearest street sign•Tone up your butt by sueezing it in uick reps of fifty while watching TV•To safely dispose of receipts and bank statements without buying a shredder simply keep a container of water to pop them in and let them dissolveAnd many. I always think that these type of books have kind of had their day as all information can so easily be found online these days but having said that this book is a handy size with a clear layout and I've actually remembered and followed several useful practical tips from this book since I got it in 2008 I only rate it a 25 however because the Dating and Relationship sections are just awful with uestions answered such as 'How to be a woman men love' and 'How to be good in bed' Seriously? Why not How to get what you want in bed? Why does a book with top tips for girls feel the need to place so much emphasis on men's needs? If those sections were edited this book could be a fun but handy gift to pack off with a daughter to uni Reviewed by Marie Robinson for TeensReadToocomThis is a fun book though its entertainment value lies in the fun of mocking it than in taking it seriously Though perhaps it wasn't meant to be taken seriously I have hesitated to write this review because of how much this book feels like a noveltyIt's a terrific concept Full of tip after tip on the proper etiuette for how to deal with topics as varied as pets gardening diets beauty weddings travel etc this book seemingly covers every possible contingency in a young woman's life Unfortunately most of the tips lack real substanceThe best part of this book by far are the introductions to each chapter which are written by author Kate Reardon She is a terrific writer Her stuff is funny witty smart engaging With chapter after chapter I kept wishing that she had kept going and written all of the tips herself tooInstead the tips are a hodge podge of responses that she received from readers online Women wrote in to Reardon's website with their own personal tips on various topics and while some are interesting most are odd or at worst not helpful Put the sponge in your dishwasher every time you run it as a way to keep the sponge clean is a helpful tip Wear a rubber kitchen glove It will be grated before your fingers not so much And do we really need a section with advice on how to deter slugs?When I got to the section called How to Remember to do Kegel Exercises I thought really? We need four tips on this? Of course the tip about using Neosporin to clear up pimples does make me curious to try itAnd what about this nugget How to Pull Clothes Over Your Head Without Ruining Your Makeup If you need to pull clothes over your head and you've already done your makeup put a large old pair of panties on your head so that they cover your face They will protect your clothes and your makeup GamSighIn the introduction Reardon writes that this book is about collecting all those little tips and tricks that get us through life It sounds so lovely and nostalgic Yet I can't help but notice at the end of the introduction where she also writes The tips in this book are the opinions of people who have contributed to my website I haven't rigorously tested them allif you've got a better idea for any of the tips you find in this bookdo pleaselet us all knowI do have a better idea Kate next time write all of the material yourself Or at least decide if the book is meant to be real advice of the useful variety or a fun joke to pass around and giggle about at the office Fun light unfortunately the translator is not that familiar with culturestuff from UK So the translation seems a bit stiffTea tree oil IS NOT minyak pohon teh Took this from Wikipedia Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is a clear to very pale golden color essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales Australia Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil the sweet seasoning and cooking oil from pressed seeds of the tea plant drinking tea Camellia sinensis or the tea oil plant Camellia oleiferaSo some Indonesians who read it might be confused thinking that the oil is derived from tea tree that can be used for tea Lebih baik dapat orang lain Huh? Sounds strangeAt least three typos EtcSome of the advices are pretty silly and some aren't suitable for Indonesians but still they are fun Have already used some of the tips from this book The best was a tip about getting rid of ants Well not getting rid of thembut deterring them Ants don't like powder because their feet can't stick to a surface SoI spread talcum powder in the area I saw them entering my apt andvoila The ants went away Cute little book only really had a flick through it but it's really the sort you can leave on a shelf or the coffee table in your living room for friends to giggle over Like other reviewers have mentioned some of the advice is bizarre or rather unnecessary but I'm sure it has a few gems in there somewhere This is a good train read but it can't replace all the kitchen table wisdom of Mama Big Mama Grandma Granny and Naomi Ruth UK Harriet EvansUS Carrie Thornton Don't waste your time with this since it's all available on the internet anyway This is what I get for reading books recommended by Vanity Fair

Top Tips for Girls: Real advice from real women for real
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  • 240 pages
  • Top Tips for Girls: Real advice from real women for real life
  • Kate Reardon
  • English
  • 12 July 2016
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