Sick[Read] ➵ Sick Author Gabby Schulz – Last year he got our attention for his disturbingly brilliant graphic novel Monsters Gabby Schulz has gone on to create a similarly unnerving web comic series titled Sick— FlavorwireThe author of th Last year he got our attention for his disturbingly brilliant graphic novel Monsters Gabby Schulz has gone on to create a similarly unnerving web comic series titled Sick— FlavorwireThe author of the perennial classic Monsters written as Ken Dahl Gabby Schulz returns with a new graphic novel Sick which Hicksville author Dylan Horrocks calls a punch in the face and well worth reading Like Monsters Sick focuses on health and social policy this time expanding from the subject of STDs and their stigma to the larger hot button issue of national healthcareSeverely ill uninsured alone and confined to his bed for weeks Schulz was left searching—only to find himself Sick documents his discovery in gory glorious water colored detail finally completed and collected here for the first time in a beautiful album sized hardcover editionSince Monsters Schulz has produced a host of online comics including SEXISM a viral sensation written up everywhere from the Stranger to Scientific American The web serialized Sick was an Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Online Comic His work has appeared on narratively and BuzzFeed and in Arthur magazineGabby Schulz sometimes known as Ken Dahl grew up in Honolulu Hawaii His graphic novel Monsters won two Ignatz Awards was an Eisner Award nominee and was a Best American Comics selection His other works include the collection Welcome to the Dahl House and the web comic Sick an Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Online Comic Schulz currently resides in Chicago Illinois. This is one unpleasant book to read almost unreadable at times but I powered through because I knew he was documenting a Dark Night of The Soul And you never know when yours will come Schulz is the nom de plume of Ken Dahl whose Monsters about his struggles with herpes I found also almost unreadable but I thought it was well done given the uncomfortable topic And you have to give a guy credit for opening up his chest cavity and his brain and baring all These are not books that make the author look a bit better than they are uite the opposite in their searing honestySick is the collection of his web comic of the same name about a 15 day near death illness SchulzDahl is consistently honest that he is not the nicest person to be around even when he is well but in this story you get amazing dark dark art and searing poetic prose documenting the madness and despair that can accompany illness Dahl already is unhappy with the state of the world as many of us are but if you are very very sick maybe your political despair intensifies Or his does I have never been that sick knock on wood so I can only speak for what I have read I have a dark side hidden much of the time but I fear it would emerge if I ever got very sick as he wasThe art from SchulzDahl is hard to view but amazing at capturing all aspects of this sickness and at showing us at its worst that physical illness is sometimes inextricable from psychic illness from psychological illness triggering rage and despair As Schulz rages against the world we are politically in Hunter Thompson territory and the gonzo mad art of Ralph Steadman and the angry crazy most extreme work of Robert Crumb Surreal in places So can I recommend it? SchulzDahl says Not recommended for children or the self satisfied Self satisfied he is not though in the end he comes out of the bitter hole he is to a somewhat not wholly better place Not for the faint hearted for sure I didn't like it but I can honestly say I admire its dark honesty Many many of us are or will get sick But if and when I get sick I hope I never get to that place he describes for us Grossest graphic novel I have ever read But reads like poetry Totally depressing and so truthful it hurts What begins as a personal account of seemingly transitory illness turns into a barbed indictment of contemporary culture And the artstandout Okthis is going to be tricky this is a very honest book and I always respect that I think that as you get older you start to appreciate honesty telling the truth even if you don't want to hear it is so rare Let me add this is truth as Gabby Schulz sees truth Having said the following I have to say that this is the most nihilistic GN I have ever read The conclusions that the book draws would depress Samuel Beckett If Robert Crumb and Hieronymus Bosch were to decide to draw a book written by Arthur Schopenhauer this would come close This book will offend many peoplebut it is one persons honest evaluation of life My review of this book is up on tcjcom I have a feeling some people will be upset with the utter bleakness of this book but in all honesty I found it strangely beautiful Schulz's Monsters was similarly devastating but it was tempered with a fair amount of humor Although Sick does have some humor peeking through here and there it's not enough to balance out the decidedly dark tone To be fair these are some pretty dark times The political climate is extremely hostile the economic disparity is unparalleled we seem to be killing the planet we live on Schulz is never shy about voicing his disgust with the world and his 15 day near death illness chronicled in Sick does nothing to alleviate these feelings If anything it breaks down any pretense of putting on a good front and allows him to spew his deepest darkest resentments and fears It's not often you come across something so raw and honest and the gorgeously visceral ink watercolor drawings throughout had me in awe I followed the original format when it he posted it online but this is a completely reworked and somehow improved version I can't recommend this one enough if you have the stomach for it I sincerely hope Gabby got some Obamacare health insurance like me It's terrifying not having access to health care Wow Being chronically ill as I am attracted to books of this topic what I expected was not what I got This is life near death at its absolute most depressing This is where we try to avoid going in our heads This is truth It’s ugly and it hurts and you don’t have to be sick to experience it I did a google search to see if Gabby Schulz Ken Dahl is still alive He is I think I hope that he is able to escape the darkness he spills on to his pages and experience joy once in a while A bit of medical marijuana might do this man some good On the other hand there are a lot of “self satisfied” individuals who need to read this book Except they probably would have no idea how it relates to themAnother thought is I am proud of the little small town Library where I now work for having obtained this for its tiny graphic novels section Good job Now I have to try to sleep The author gets sick and spends fifteen days enduring bloody diarrhea then turns the experience into this book a sort of bloody diarrhea of the mind Chock full of the existential uestions that are brought on by a near death experience or midlife crisis SICK isn't bad but is certainly relentlessly negative and maybe even pointless as the author himself admits near the end Maybe I've failed at explaining myself Maybe there are no words to describe what no one wants to hear And if you do understand me how does that help us? Sick follows a story of a person who gets dangerously sick and reflects on the many ways society is set up against the poor It explores social s what it means to live existentialist uestions and a TON of uncomfortable truths Andthat’s pretty much it The problem with the book isn’t it’s art it’s premise it’s exploration of conscious or it’s muddled message which actually works in its favor It’s the lack of any real focus during the second half Through the first half all of the wanderings through whether life is worth living social strife and politicized topics are all done in relation to a character dealing with what could be a deadly illness and not being able to afford medical care It works as an interwoven spiderweb with a theme to it that drives a psychological narrative The second half after a key moment we’re left with what seems to be a rambling of subjects and reflections that don’t really have to do with anything It doesn’t entirely say anything yet there’s enough substance for some sort of message attempting to be conveyed While the one piece of conventional story telling that tied it all together just sort of fades until the very end Maybe that was a point and on an emotional level I can see the connection However it ultimately leaves the reader unsatisfied and wanting Sick is a comic that lives up to its name As I was halfway through part of me wished to escape to live in a bubble in hopes of not catching the sickness that was so visually represented in this book Of course a comic just about getting sick would be rather dull if there was not too it and here we see the physical sickness used as this allegorical take down of what is keeping our society from being truly healthy While it may not be as profound as the narrative wishes to be the twisted artwork is something to behold As we are in the heart of cold and flue season this represents in recent weeks

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