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Dark Night A True Batman Story[BOOKS] ✯ Dark Night A True Batman Story ✴ Paul Dini – Oaklandjobs.co.uk This is a Batman story like no other—the harrowing and elouent autobiographical tale of writer Paul Dini’s courageous struggle to overcome a desperate situation   The Caped Crusader has been the This is A True Kindle Ñ a Batman story like no other—the harrowing and elouent autobiographical tale of writer Paul Dini’s courageous Dark Night Kindle - struggle to overcome a desperate situation   The Caped Crusader has been the all abiding icon of justice and Night A True eBook ↠ authority for generations But in this surprising original graphic novel we see Batman in a new light—as the savior who helps a discouraged man recover from a brutal attack that left him unable to face the world In the s legendary writer Paul Dini had a flourishing career writing the hugely popular  Batman The Animated Series and  Tiny Toon Adventures Walking home one evening he was jumped and viciously beaten within an inch of his life His recovery process was arduous hampered by the imagined antics of the villains he was writing for television including the Joker Harley uinn and the Penguin But despite how bleak his circumstances were or perhaps because of it Dini also always imagined the Batman at his side chivvying him along during his darkest moments A gripping graphic memoir of one writer’s traumatic experience and his deep connection with his creative material Dark Night A True Batman Story is an original graphic novel that will resonate profoundly with fans Art by the incredible and talented Eduardo Risso BULLETS TRANSMETROPOLITAN. A Batman Story Like No Other Mainly because it's not about Batman at all but this guyIn case you don't know that's one of the most revered and beloved men in the comic industry Paul Dini Most people would recognize him for his work on the acclaimed Batman the Animated Series and as the co creator of Harley uinn And the stadium goes wildBut this isn't a superhero comic book It's a graphic novelization of Dini's deeply personal journey through a very dark period in his life He was robbed and badly beaten one night and the aftermath left him anxious depressed and floundering He starts with a small peek and his childhood and what led him into the industry to start with and then the months leading up to the attack Which consisted mostly of him trying to score with actresses who were only using him for his connections Poor guy I was honestly surprised that it packed as much of a punch as it did but the whole thing felt very personal and compelling By the halfway point I just wanted to reach into the comic and give him a hugIt's not my normal sort of read but I'm glad I picked it up And as much as I hate to admit it Sam really has the most fantastic review that gives all the behind the scenes details someone like me doesn't have If you want a in depth look at the reasons behind this comic he's got the goods Paul Dini’s darkest moment in his own words Creative TeamWriter Paul DiniIllustrator Eduardo Risso HE HAS BEEN AROUND MORE THAN YOU THINK Paul Dini the writer of this graphic novel which is a partial biography of a particular dark moment in his life has been around and maybe you have watched his animation screenwriting work and you haven’t realized itmost people know about his work on Batman The Animated Series where he doesn’t only wrote outstanding episodes but also he co create Harley uinn and even it’s very likely that you’re aware of his previous work on Tiny Toonsbut good ol’ Paul Dini I’m not worthy I’m not worthy has been writing for animation since the 70s writing for cartoons such like Tarzan Lord of the Jungle Flash Gordon Dungeons Dragons He Man and the Masters of the Universe GI Joe Transformers The Smurfs Star Wars Droids Star Wars The Ewoks and even Jem and I’m not covering all his workSo if you’re a fan of 80s cartoons it’s very likely that you watched than one animated episode written by him and you didn’t notice it since he was still to get famous due Tiny Toons and Batman The Animated Series where he later worked too on Superman The Animated Series Batman Beyond Justice League Animated Unlimited Static Shock Batman Brave the Bold Freakazoid Pinky and the Brain Duck Dodgers and Star Wars The Clone Warsand trust me I really am not covering everythingAnd of course this is only his animated screenwriting workSince he has written also a ton of comic books and graphic novelsBut no one has been intimate than this one HIS DARKEST MOMENT There has been a robberyThe victim was beaten to pulpNo one came to help himHe was left for deadHe was Paul DiniYes Paul Dini the nowadays famous writer due his great work in Batman The Animated Series and responsible of co creating Harley uinn along with Bruce Timm suffered an insidious street robbery at hands of two muggers where he was beaten so brutally that he needed reconstructive surgeryNope Batman didn’t show up to defend himLAPD never caught themAnd you can bet and understand that he was too shaken up after the attack that he almost uit to his dream jobwriting for animated TV showsFortunately and without doing any spoiler since it’s obvious that he didn’t uit but he was extremely close to it about writing for animated TV shows in this Dark Night along with the great artwork by Eduardo Risso you are taken to a disturbingly close seat to watch and read about a malevolent act that anybody can suffer any night or day you just need to be in the wrong moment in the wrong placebut after that Paul Dini show you the long and painful path to escape from there and making the right choiceto continue with your lifesince those awful mugger could taken his money and his physical health butas long you’re able to keep living your life with hope and joythey hadn’t win after allMoney can be replaced Wounds can heal But only you can stop to be a victim and becoming again the owner of your life A TRUE PAUL DINI STORY I’m always being impressed by Paul Dini’s writing work but here in this very book definitely he left me flabbergastedsince he doesn’t only describe the robbery incident but he’s also brutally honest about how was his life in that particular era of his life with several romantic failures showing all the shameful details and even too intimate acts that he did on himself that trust me they aren’t things that you are confortable to share with close friends even less with the whole world through this graphic novelvisceral unromantic honestPaul Dini ladies and gentlemenIt’s easy to make an autobiography telling to the audience about all your triumphs but when you don’t hesitate to make public your failures and shameful eventsit’s when you know that you accepted your own life with all the good and all the badand that’s not something that everybody is able to do IMAGINATION NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU Paul Dini had since he was a kid one of the most powerful weapons in lifeimaginationHe loved and still do cartoons especially Beany and Cecil it was awesome indeed and he never stop to imagine stuff and when life gets too real to him during that nasty robberyonly his imagination saved him to carry on with his lifeAnd the best of all was that it wasn’t a gritty revenge conducted by the Dark Knight to catch those dang muggers nopeyou CAN'T move on using revengeinstead he employed his fruitful own imagination with Batman and his colorful rogue gallery of vilains to give him relevant lessons about embracing life about hope about joy about that he wasn’t as alone as he thought that he wasAnd how his writing work has touch other lives in their own darkest moments bringing them hope and laughs when they need it the mostAlso in this graphic novel you can find out two great ideas by Paul Dini that he had for Batman The Animated Series but that they didn't got the green light to be developed so here is the only place that you'll read about them In 1993 Paul Dini was living the dream A lifelong Batman fan he was a writer on the landmark TV show Batman The Animated Series receiving critical acclaim and working for the likes of Steven Spielberg at Warner Animation But he wasn’t happy A loner by nature he had low self esteem and was making himself miserable chasing beautiful but shallow starlets who only gave him the time of day because of his connections And then one dark night he was brutally mugged almost dying from the encounter Dark Night A True Batman Story is an autobiographical comic that explores this time in Dini’s life and what Batman meant to him in the aftermath of such injustice Like most Batman fans who grew up in the ‘90s Paul Dini forever has a special place in my heart for giving us Batman The Animated Series and yes Kevin Conroy is still THE best Batman ever Not only has this guy contributed a major original character to the Batman universe Harley uinn co created with the awesome Bruce Timm but he’s also written the first two Arkham games still the best two in the series Mad Love one of the best Batman books ever and numerous first rate Batman comics; in short he is easily one of the greatest Batman writers of all time It’s been a few years though since a Paul Dini Batman comic so I was delighted to hear he was returning this year with an original Batman graphic novel and he doesn’t disappoint with Dark Night Let me get my minor criticism of this book out of the way first and I know it’s gonna make me sound callous but I’m being honest I enjoyed it but I wasn’t as enthralled all the way through as I’d hoped Some parts were even a little boring Even though it’s an important part of the story Dini chasing starlets unsuccessfully wasn’t very interesting to see once let alone a few times And maybe if I hadn’t heard most of this story on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast when Dini and his wife Misty Lee a real life Zatanna guested I would’ve been gripped But there it is That said I did really like most of the book and am extremely grateful for Dini to put himself through the ordeal of revisiting this painful part of his life to give us this I loved how he worked in the Batman cast to act as a Greek chorus throughout adding their perspective to certain parts of the story Batman giving his two cents in the aftermath of the mugging Joker encouraging his bad habits of excessive drinking and giving voice to his insecurities Two Face commenting on Dini’s badly damaged left side of his face It’s also morbidly fascinating to see such a tragedy befall Dini and watch him slowly stand back up Earlier when I said some parts were boring? The recovery is a bit dull even if real life recovery from physical and mental trauma isn’t exciting or uick there’s no moment when Dini figures it all out and he’s miraculously cured No he wallows in self pity for a while ditches work writing drinks too much hates himself There’s even shocking personal reveals that weren’t on the podcast that appear here What was really interesting was seeing how Dini a man who built his career on writing stories of Batman saving the innocent could reconcile the injustice of being mugged the thugs were never caught and having no one come to his aid not even someone on the street came over afterwards to call the police How could he keep writing Batman believing in the Dark Knight and human heroism when the stark reality is that the innocent get fucked over and there’s sometimes no justice whatsoever? Dini comes to the same conclusion anyone would that Batman is a source of inspiration to us rather than an actual protector how could he be anything else he’s a drawing and Dini uses the ideals Batman stands for to rise above his trauma and stand back up Mostly anyway it’s clear Dini’s still deeply affected by this mugging as it’s 23 years later and he feels the need to address it publicly Eduardo Risso’s art is very different from what you’d expect The lines are softer as are the watercolour washes and the imagery is realistic to suit the autobiographical subject matter I noticed that in the traumatic seuences the mugging and the cutting scene Risso went back to his classic 100 Bullets art style which has harsher lines lots of black ink and solid colours; overall a stylised cartoonish look I wonder if that choice was to make it easier for Dini to look at if he saw it as a comic book experience these are obviously very difficult moments for him to deal with if Risso had drawn it in a realistic way would that have tipped Dini over the edge and abandon the project altogether? I was also surprised not to see Batman or Joker depicted as The Animated Series versions of their characters given this time period when Dini was actively working on the show Maybe it was too on the nose? At any rate first class work from Risso as you’d expect Batman is a character with so much range and potential for writers and artists to draw on he wouldn’t have lasted 77 years if he wasn’t so adaptable and compelling In yet another variation Paul Dini uses the Dark Knight as a means of telling a very personal story that’s moving powerful and hopefully inspires and helps others in a similarly dark place to get themselves through it A great book with a heroic message Batman would be proud of Dark Night tells the author's story about how he was mugged and left for dead Paul Dini was a writer for Animaniacs and Batman The Animated Series He uses his characters to deal with his emotions as he recovers from the mugging and reintegrates himself to his life I love how each character has his own personality and how Dini interacts with them Eduardo Risso's art is gorgeous and dark He does a wonderful job of integrating DC's characters with real life Received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Paul Dini draws comics does animated tv with a focus on Batman which he was doing during the time in the nineties when one night he got brutally robbed and beaten his face shattered like Two Face? No Two face is a comics character A villain Or is he? I mean in Dini's life The point is sort of WWBD? What would Batman do? Man up dude What can you learn from this? How are the fantasy characters you inhabit finally going to inhabit you? I was not that interested in Dini's hopeless pursuit of actresses and his continual creation of fantasies out of the women he truly loves creations like Harley uinn and Ivy But that is part of the point isn't it that Dini is a regular guy who lives his life through his creations his fantasies besides therapy how can you learn how to grow up and live your life? But in this process of real life literature and comics still matter of course and Batman gets to be Dini's personal friend as he may also be for many readers in the way Dini describes hm Eduardo Risso whose work I absolutely loved in the crime opera 100 Bullets is wonderful here as well in very different ways personal not abstract at all This is a Goodreads nominated volume and much deserved It's maybe not uite a 40 for me but I liked it uite a bit Memoir comics by superhero artists This was a surprise Maybe because I borrowed it from the Library without knowing what it was When I started reading it I was like What the heck? Is this about a real person and it is Paul Dini to be exact Who's that? Oh you know the guy who basically made Batman the animated series what it was I'll be honest I was never a huge fan of Batman the animated series Nothing against it I'm not a huge fan of american animation Especially cartoons Just not my style of watching However I knew of Paul Dini Never heard he was nearly beaten to DEATH I was in shock reading this even though most people knew this had happened I did not It was shocking to me and I felt so sad reading about this poor innocent and seemingly nice guy going through such a dark part in his life What I liked Holy hell emotions hit high time in this one It's really hard to read and anyone who's been through shit can relate The art is fantastic and having so many cameos from different things was wonderful I really enjoyed the imagination scenes because I can relate when I write Also the ending was perfect and the hopeful boost you need in life What I didn't like The love relationship kind of drags That hurts the pacing just a tad bit It's really the only negative to this book but it's enough to drag it down just a bit but only a little Overall this was great Fantastic inside look to a man who went through a tragic event but came back swinging It was sad happy and powerful all in one package and glad Paul was willing to share these darker moments in his life Fear is a teacher the first one you ever had Scarecrow Batman The Animated Series As far as sophisticated cartoons intended for a child audience go the original Batman The Animated Series in my humble opinion has never been eualled It was my bedrock in childhood during the nineties It gave us the version of the caped crusader which I to this day still prefer above all others Its utilisation of his many villains to bring out Batman's own psychological hickups and occasional self doubt was a stroke of genius and helped make the character with his assortment of villains truly seem like a human of flesh and blood and not just a cartoon creationPaul Dini a co creator and writer of the show now gives an autobiographical account of a dark period in his life One night after a date gone wrong while walking home he gets brutally molested by two unsavoury characters Not only is his face beaten to a pulp reuiring reconstructive surgery but the emotional trauma resulting in depression anxiety PTSD and self destructive behaviour is immense In this graphic novel Dini bravely confronts his own psyche which even before his beating wasn't the most healthy or appealing one From his childhood onwards fear of the outside world was a constant A uiet socially isolated and bullied child Dini had to rely on imaginary characters and worlds to get him through the day This developed into a feeling of slight self loathing and inadeuacy as a grown man Sure he finds some solace in his hobbies an obsession with fantastical stories and toys being the main ones and him being one of the top writers working for the prestigious Warner Brothers Animation department but he longs for something emotionally tangible A woman's love for instance is seemingly unattainable for him The beating on that one fateful night merely amplifies those insecurities and Dini now is forced to overcome his fears And that is where the ingenious concept of the graphic novel comes in As a device to portray his own personal demons Dini has opted to use various Batman villains each symbolizing a distinct insecurity or negative emotion As his own mental coach he has to rely on Batman who in a figurative sense helps him get back on his feet It's a loving tribute to the character who while not physically real is a real source of inspiration for many around the world Dini of course never has completely shaken off this trauma but at least he managed to lead a functional life Eduardo Risso's artwork which I hadn't seen any of before is definitely impressive He gets to flex his creative muscles here and makes ample use of the freedom to alternate between various art styles The book as a result is simply gorgeous to behold In the final analysis Dark Night serves as a testament to the endurance of the human spirit Further it has the ability to speak to a large group of people A passing familiarity with the animated series or even Batman for that matter is not reuired to extract the essence out of it It has universal appeal That surely must be its greatest triumph Kudos to Vertigo for taking a chance on this one Highly recommended A brilliant tale of Paul Dini's struggle of overcoming demons and redemption Have worse things happened to people less important? Absolutely But that's not the point The point is that shit happens to everyone and we have to stand up just as Batman would have us do This has got to be one of the best books I've ever read I really identified with Dini in the opening of this book and while I haven't lived enough of my life to continue identifying with him I can definitely sympathize with himIncluding both a sense of reality and imagination with great art and an impactful message Dark Night is a really great story that is sure to stick with whoever reads it I would definitely recommend this to anyone but if you like autobiographies BatmanDC comics you don't really have to know anything about Batman or his rogues gallery but if you do it only makes the story better or are simply interested in this book I would highly suggest picking it up ASAP SUPER FAST REVIEWA beautiful inspiring true story that I will definitely remember Even if you don’t know much about Batman this book isn’t really about him but is about Dini and how working with the character helped him deal with some bad shit The art and storytelling are very interestingI don’t have anything bad to say about this book definitely recommended especially if you have awful things that haunt you in life55

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