Pod➽ [Download] ✤ Pod By Tobias Roote ➲ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Following on from The Pattern Ship 'POD' the second book in the series sees the newly sentient escape pod accidentally enhanced by Zeke's transformed Alacite continue to develop as an individual Despi Following on from The Pattern Ship 'Pod' the second book in the series sees the newly sentient escape Pod accidentally enhanced by Zeke's transformed Alacite continue to develop as an individual Despite Zirkos and Ship remaining missing the tiny AI continues to try and follow their instructions to assist the humans develop their technology As the power struggle between Fortress and Space Island continues on Earth Pod decides to await the outcome; concentrating instead on preparations to take on the real enemy the Nubl Coming soon What happened to Zirkos and Ship Look out for 'The Nubl Wars' the third book of 'The Pattern Universe' a story of aliens battling for supremacy. Great SeriesReally enjoyed this series especialally the concepts and Aliens Great fun time reading even if they are only good for a few hours reading The story continues with Zeke and the newly formed SC led by ex President Garner having to deal with the issues of a rogue faction led by Farris stealing the blueprints of many systems and continuing to design their own systems in a bid to take over the world and become the dominant powerMeanwhile POD has become sentient and is not uite aware that it is having to deal with the issues that humans have overcome through generations of upbringingThe book continues to be a fascinating story with internal conflicts raging between groups of humans on Earth some who are aware of the probable invasion from another race while most are just trying to bring all on Earth to a level playing field so that they can continue to build and reach the stars as a consortiumThe new projects and scientific discoveries continue to expand all things previously known and there is interaction from the alien race known as the NublLots going on to keep sci fi fans enthralled Before you read this book please make sure you read the first book in the series The Pattern Ship The Pattern Universe or this one won't make much senseOverall this is a good uick read science fiction series of Earth's first contact with another species Readers who enjoyed the first book should like a continuation of the story but the real material is short and there is a lot of filler in the story that should have been edited out The editing problems with the first book such as being comma'd to death and incomplete sentences are amplified in this version and really distract from the reading experience and take away a star in my reviewI did enjoy the continuation of the tale and will give #3 in the series a try when it becomes available Pod powerReading this book about the pod gives the reader a chance to understand what might happen if an artificial intelligence were to take over There would no doubt be good and bad happenings In this case the pod exists to help humanity against an unknown but vicious alien adversary The characters are fairly well developed and the story holds the attention of the reader Definitely worth taking time to read Good series This series is a blend of technical and tactical science fiction It is necessary to start with the first to understand the dilemma earth faces but each book is complete The personalities are well developed and interesting POD had a war to winPOD watched over Earth and helped Space Island build weapons to defend itself Then when the real enemy the Nubl appeared everyone came together to defeat them this time Entertaining and easy to read For those who like AI and nanobots combined this story is a good read It goes really fast Looking forward to the next installment in this series Another chapter in this great sagaBook 2 continues on the futuristic story of earth and space The fortress finally being defeated Thanks to Pod a new Earth army is formed and they ultimately clash with the Nubl Stay tuned for excitement As I read these books it's as if I'm standing right in the middle of the action It probably helps that I grew up on the Twilight Zone Outer Limits Star Trek and Lost in Space the originals There is never a dull moment I look forward to reading all of Tobias Roote's books Great adventure cliff hangerThe first two books blended Together nicelyThe characters were well developed and believableI really love ancient spaceship technology discovered by modern man and used Justin time to defeat aliens

Pod eBook ¼ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Pod
  • Tobias Roote
  • 20 July 2016
  • 9781497483248