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A Teens Guide to Getting Stuff Done✤ [Download] ➼ A Teens Guide to Getting Stuff Done By Jennifer Shannon ➶ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Do you procrastinate And if so what's your procrastination type In this fun and illustrated guide author Jennifer Shannon blends acceptance and commitment therapy ACT and cognitive behavioral strategi Do you procrastinate And if so what's your Guide to Kindle Ñ procrastination type In this fun and illustrated guide author Jennifer Shannon blends acceptance and commitment A Teens eBook Æ therapy ACT and cognitive behavioral strategies to help you recognize your procrastination habits discover the strengths of your uniue procrastination type and find the Teens Guide to Epub Þ motivation you need to meet important deadlines and reach your highest goalsIn the midst of modern day distractions like smartphones social media and endless Teens Guide to Getting Stuff PDF/EPUB or hours of movie and television streaming it's no wonder you procrastinate But despite what you may have heard procrastination doesn't make you a bad or lazy person In fact procrastination may even work for you sometimes creating a sense of urgency that can help you focus But if procrastination doesn't work for you it can get in the way of meeting your full potential in high school college your career and life So how can you get things done and be your very bestIn A Teen's Guide to Getting Things Done you'll discover your procrastination type warrior pleaserperfectionist or rebel as well as the uniue strengths inherent in each type If you're a warrior you love a good challenge but may not be able to complete tasks you find uninteresting If you're a pleaser you may be so concerned about disappointing others that you postpone doing something If you're a perfectionist you may put things off because you're worried about your work being judged by teachers parents or peers And finally if you're a rebel you're driven by a strong sense of independence By understanding your type and using the practical strategies laid out in each chapter of this book you'll be able to break the cycle of procrastination once and for allThis Teens Guide to Getting Stuff PDF/EPUB or isn't a manual on how to please your parents teachers professors or friends This is a book to help you understand why you procrastinate whether or not procrastination works for you and if not how to improve your work habits and really get things done By helping you uncover your own uniue strengths this book will help you master your to do list and your life. Chronic procrastinators don’t feel happy and proud about it Of course as a procrastinator you have likely been told that you’re lazy disorganized unmotivated maybe even stupid But procrastination is not a sign of weakness or moral failing It’s simply a human problem In this Book there are four types of procrastinators the perfectionist who has to get things right the warrior who must feel fully engaged the pleaser who must keep everyone happy the rebel who resists doing what others ask or assignYou don’t need to be just one you can even be a mixture of all four There’s always a link to a uiz so you can be sure what type you are or what mixture The author shows us a way to improve your ability to get things done In a younger age I was procrastinating so hard 🙈 I was the worst and my grades did fall But then I just tried some new things and it did really help me And this book would have probably helped me faster and earlier ;D Wish I had this book a little earlier on A good guide to identifying your barriers and types of a procrastinator one is How thinking pattern works and how to change it A fast and to the point read No shaming involved Would definitely recommend to my younger self I reuested this book on NetGalley because I used to be a terrible procrastinator but since starting university I've managed to overcome that character trait by myself Still this was a short book and I thought I'd give it a go in case it offered any pieces of advice that I hadn't previously encounteredDiscussing four procrastination types perfectionist pleaser warrior and rebel Jennifer Shannon gives a rundown of the aspects of each type including uizzes so that you can discover which type you personally fit into I found this interesting because I'm definitely a warrior needing to feel 100% engaged in a task to find the energy to complete it and I'd never heard of that before However when it comes to the advice for the rebel type it seems a little optimistic Back in secondary school I was definitely a rebel refusing to do the work because I didn't see the point in it but that just meant that I'd come up with creative ways to get out of doing the work and hardly ever got punished for it either The rebel in this book though still wants to succeed and do the work something that I feel most rebels won't relate to That being said the advice given for the other personality types might be cheesy but I'm sure it'll inspire a few teenagers to stop procrastinating and learn how to motivate themselves That's if they don't procrastinate reading the book I love self help books written for teens or kids because they get right to the point and you can read them in a day Feeling overwhelmed by my job and personal goals I browsed the library catalog under time management and this title came up Since I wasn't making a lot of progress on those personal goals and I'm a procrastination addict I checked it out Reading the book may have been another way for me to procrastinate but there were some gems here so I indulgedThe author talks about the four kinds of procrastinators the Perfectionist who needs to know everything first and won't start something if there's any possibility of failure that's me; the Warrior who won't start something if there's any possibility of boredom me again; the Pleaser who won't start something if it might piss someone off not me at all; and the Rebel who won't do anything that someone tells them to do not a problemKnowing your type and the reason why you do what you do or don't do you then weigh the pros and cons of procrastinating From there it's a matter of using various techniues to get started such as dividing the task into doable parts working on it for a short burst of time eliminating distractions and hitting the bull's eye rather than the target If like me you want to kick procrastination to the curb this book offers a uniue perspective and helpful tips Finished this book in one seat it is really easy to understand and follow along no jargon just useful advice for teenagers and adults alike The book deals with procrastination through the different points of view of four fictional characters Jordan Emily Athena and Tyler Each one representing a procrastinator type The perfectionist the pleaser the warrior and the rebel I think it is really easy to discover your types just by reading the book but in case needed there are links provided like with many other New Harbinger books so you can have access to uizzes and many other extras The last chapters are dedicated to give solutions tips and suggestions specifically for each type of procrastinatorGetting to know the different reasons why people procrastinate while following the stories and reactions of each character is what makes this books special and well suited for teens It is easy to feel identified with the characters For example Athena avoiding to tell her parents her plans for a gap year I found this book very practical and easy to approach and can see the potential for a workbook version I got my eArc from NetGalley Anyone who has a teenage or will one day have a teenager should pick up this book Not to mention the adult who is amazing at procrastinationThe author has the ability to break down procrastinators and list 4 general types and why they procrastinateThe author is able to keep it light and fun so teenagers will not be rolling their eyes as they read and adults will be able to look at themselves and create a better environment for themselves as wellThe author brings out the positive and is able to have people see the best in them and how to better accomplish life goals at a young age and keep into adulthood and the work placeThank you to Netgalley and the publisher Instant Help for the advance copy Inside you can find the break down of the four generalized types of procrastinators along with what can be some common root causes to this procrastination There are also tips on what can be done to overcome the issue and how to incorporate this work into an everyday life This book seems great for teens young adults and anyone else who can be described as a serial procrastinator much like myselfThis was the perfect pick me up I needed for battling my procrastination After completing this book I've learned that I am a WarriorPerfectionist hybrid procrastinator I have also begun to come to terms with the root of my procrastination and what I can do to become productive Received an advance readers copy in exchange for a fair review light fun and something every average teenager will be able to relate to Da better way of understanding teenagers for those who aren't teenagers ; I really think this book is gonna be helpfull beating procrastination but only if you really want to change your ways of doing thingsFor me sometimes I was a bit unsure of what would work for me as I fit into than one 'type' but I'm gonna try them all and see what works best for me This well intentioned book might help teens recognize what kind of procrastinator they are perfectionist rebel etc and discover some strategies to offset those procrastinating tendencies But I honestly cannot see many teens sticking with the text heavy format and eye roll inducing illustrations

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