A Gentlemans Surrender Surrender #2

A Gentlemans Surrender Surrender #2❮Epub❯ ❦ A Gentlemans Surrender Surrender #2 Author Mariel Grey – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Call her a romantic—or a fool Lady Moniue Cathdon is determined to marry for love After watching her parents tolerate an arranged betrothal life seems too short to be wasted on keeping up appearance Surrender Surrender Epub Ü Call her a romantic—or a fool Lady Moniue Cathdon is determined to marry for love After watching her parents tolerate an arranged betrothal life seems too short to be wasted on keeping up appearances After all what's the point of having a heart if one refuses to follow it With A Gentlemans eBook å a smile the devil himself might be proud of James Stanton is not what her mother would call a matrimonial prospect Still there's something about the young man that sends Lady Moniue's heart thumping around her chest and silences her voice of reason Unfortunately for Lady Moniue the stakes are high Gentlemans Surrender Surrender PDF Ë and young ladies of the ton make for very poor gamblers Especially when James Stanton is on the hunt for revenge and won't let an innocent woman—or his own passionate desires—get in the way of righting past wrongsIf you read this book and enjoyed it I would love for you recommend it to one friend who might also enjoy it. Full ReviewI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewLady Moniue is in her third season and feeling the pressure to find a match her mother wants her to find a titled man and her brother wants one with deep pockets When she meets the brash James Stanton she tries to dismiss him because of his lack of title James has been working behind the scenes to manipulate Moniue into a betrothal only to abandon her at the altar He is out for revenge because of how Moniue's mother destroyed his family Even as everything falls into place the plan starts to go awry as James finds himself truly falling in love with Moniue Love and revenge battle it out and only one can win Second in the Surrender series this can easily be read as a standalone as James and Moniue's relationship starts here but others continuing with the series will enjoy the many appearances of Lucy and Philip the couple from book one The beginning of the story starts with James working to set up his revenge against Moniue's family His plan is to buy up all of the family's debt then call it all in and then become betrothed to Moniue only to leave her at the altar It wasn't until around the 40% mark that Moniue and James start to spend any significant time together so while James was well known to me Moniue was of a background character The beginning felt drawn out with Moniue's constant refusal to consider James as a potential mate only to feel extremely rushed with their eventual declarations of true love They just didn't have the interactions or conversations needed to provide believability for their feelings  It was obvious that the author wanted to convey a feeling for the time period world events and historical characters were mentioned but interjected in a way that felt like awkward reciting in paragraphs All the regency boxes were checked with visits to Almack's Vauxhall White's and Hyde Park The characters would drop lingo from the time period too but their overall discourse had a modern feel All the regency components were there but the story never uite felt rooted in the time period  James' reason for revenge felt believable in the beginning he felt Moniue's mother caused his mother to die of a broken heart by having an affair with his father but as the story went on it started to become thinner It was oddly as was explained that James' motivation seemed and childish and with this part of the story being the center piece it caused me to like James less Moniue was never flushed out enough she wanted to marry nobility because her mother told her to and then she was suddenly in love with James; her heart desires and comprehensive personality were never uite clear Their conversations were also somewhat stilted causing the flow of the story to have a bit of a glitch y feel  A Gentleman's Surrender was a clean read that hit all the regency hallmarks and the author's writing was technically sound I didn't entirely jive with the author's writing style but regency clean reads aren't always prevalent in this day and age so if looking for that aspect maybe give this one a try I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis is book two in the 'Surrender' series I thought this was a standalone book Lady Moniue Cathdon is looking for love her mother is looking for her to get a title and her brother wants her to get a man with deep pockets So Moniue does seem to have people coming at her from different sides Then she meets James Stanton who she tries to get past but James is out for revenge against her family So James is out trying to get Moniue to marry him so that he can leave her at the alter for his revenge But they are both having a hard time fighting there feelings and both don't seem to want to stick with their plan Lady Moniue Cathdon is in the marriage mart however she is torn between marrying for love and marrying for security She doesn't want the type of marriage her parents had arranged and love less She finds the man who encompasses all she is looking for James Stanton but he has no status Little does Lady Moniue know that James has inserted himself in her life for revenge As truths come out and feelings play a big part in their decisions everything is about to crumble Fascinating this was a complex tale I liked that there was a lot of detail about the structure of society and the rights and wrongs Found Lady Moniue fascinating and a strong heroine Definitely will pick up from this author The sins of the parents can cause havoc on their offspring especially when the entire tale is not told James Stanton was in such a predicament His Mom on her deathbed made him swear to take revenge on the woman she swore had ruined her life But the James grew to knew Moniue and the rest of her family the he began to uestion himself and what he was going to do to this family Then he totally fell in love with Moniue and she with himWhen all the truths are finally revealed and they will shock you will the young lovers finally get married and live happily ever after or will the truths pull them apart?I loved both the books in this series if you love historical romance set in England in this time period which I definitely do then I highly recommend that you read both books Each can be read as a stand alone but the delightful characters are present in bothA Gentleman's Surrender My Impressions Pacing is medium to slow however the book is well written Initially both hero and heroine are uite insufferable for different reasons Lady Moniue is a bit snooty Mr Stanton is bitter and manipulative I about DNFed the book eh admittedly I’m a bit trigger happy sometimes Still it was interesting in a soap ish kinda way The hero and herione didn't invoke much empathy but I strangely wanted to know what would happen with the two of themThe Love Story Thankfully I decided to read on because the two characters developed uite nicely into a couple I could root for As they inched towards lovethe tension mushroomed like a balloon being inflated and Moniue’s family situation became increasingly precarious as things progressed and I found myself becoming anxious on her behalf I cringed at Stanton’s underhanded spying schemes and his use of innocent people to further his plansand the obvious misery that it caused him All this had me on the edge of my seatthinking Yikes This is going to be really bad when it blows but oh so entertaining to read Minor Beefs Not much to complain about here Both the hero and heroine irked me at first glance But since this worked itself out I won't uibble Also a few bits of prosedialogue were unnecessarily repetitive but not so much that it took away from the story Its just something I tend to notice because repetition is a pet peeve of mine Easily ignored if the book is engaging and this one isExtra Touch The author did a very realistic and surprisingly multi layered depiction of the time period which really helped me get into the story and to understand and eventually sympathize with the Duchess Lady Moniue and their family’s situation This attention to detail makes the story richer The social economic and even mild political structure is laid out and this makes it easier to grasp just how delicate Lady Moniue’s position is Kudos to the author I have a new found respect for writers who make the extra effort to capture the time period and the setting after having recently read or tried to read a historical romance that made absolutely no attempt to set a historical sceneRandom Thoughts Corkie the dog was hilariousLOL Meanwhile Lady Moniue's horse gets an honorable comic mention tee hee heeCliffhanger None really Everything was pretty much cleared up at the end However I got the distinction impression that there would be another book possibly telling Glennie's story Lady Moniue's brother I'd definitely read it if that is the caseThe Verdict Two Thumbs up A sweet historical romance with a little angst tossed in for good measure It is Lady Moniue's last season to find a husband People those days know that if one didn't get married in three seasons she'd be considered as a 'spinster' old maid Yikes So she is very determined to attend all the balls she has to make sure she gets the best titled man After attending a few balls she realized everyone who has pursued her in the last two seasons were either married or getting married There is one man that stood out among the ball's crowd James Stanton Problem is although wealthy he is not a titled man James Stanton needs to marry Lady Moniue he has to He promised his mother he would make Lady Moniue's mom pay for all the heartbreak they caused to his family He knows he'd get her to say yes but first he has to find a solution to Lady Moniue's standard of a 'titled man only'The author wove a realistic story of love friendship bethrothal and revenge with authentic dialogue and setting from the chosen time period There's just enough romance which I truly am grateful because I'm actually interested in reading about life and tradition in the early days Each character's story are intriguing definitely my reason for wanting to finish the book uicklyOne flaw my opinion is that spoiler view spoilerthe revenge part was easily resolved by Moniue's mom telling him the 'real' story It would have been better if it came from someone else not the mother That revelation just felt flat for me hide spoiler I haven't read a historical romance in a while and it felt like a breather from all the fantasy and contemporary romances I've been reading as of lateStory wise I can't say it's any different from some of the books I've read before both historical and contemporary But being a historical romance that this is the author definitely succeeded in making it sound and appear like the 1800 I felt like I was transported back in time as I read along From the dialogue the setting the theme the author did a magnificent job There's also consistency with the characters I was waiting for a slip when the characters went through several phase of emotions but that didn't happen Every one spoke and acted like 1800s people Of course it wasn't my generation and probably not even yours too so it was like the feeling when you get to watch 1800s films The only difference was that I saw this story in vivid colors instead of black and white In that aspect the cover helped a lot in conjuring up the proper image for meAside from the romance it's also a story of family and friendships And I always loved it when those two are included in a good story That said my favorite characters were the brother and the best friend I loved the brother's character because I didn't expect him to turn out to be the way he did And the best friend because she proved her worth as a friend It's my first time to read Mariel Grey and I enjoyed not just the story but also the smooth flow of her writing If you love historical romances I recommend this book for you Lady Moniue Cathdon sister of the Duke of Glenhurst was just finishing her third Season and had not yet chosen a husband In previous Seasons in which she had so many proposes now it seemed everyone had gone The worst was that her mother was pushing her to choose one from the nobilityUntil then Moniue thought important than having a husband from nobility her marriage should be for love but she didn't think the same way yet she didn't want displease her mother who still was undergoing a recovery from pneumonia But just at this time appears James StantonJames despite being British by birth has spent the last 20 years living in America with his parents and had no titleHe appealed to her greatly but also unnerved with his way so certain that she would marry him And James really did everything he could so his proposal wouldn't be ignoredBut than a simple propose for marriage there was a much stronger reason to James insist on that And about that many masks would fall SECRETS MYSTERIES REVENGEThe book has a lot of them in a very well narrated wayFurther the author brings exuisite research about Vauxhall Gardens Gentlemen's Club and Almack's Loved to know all those information5 STARS Uberreader's review of A Gentleman's Surrender by Mariel GreyMay 31 2016By Heather DanielleFirst and foremost this is a book about how people's secrets and lies not only affect their lives but the lives of others James Stanton believes he is avenging the insults done to his mother by her husband and another woman but before he can complete his plans both his conscience and love find him He falls in love with one of the innocents that will be injured by his mother's death bed reuest This book was an interesting read that will keep you captivated wanting to know if he will continue or if he will realize he is about to ruin not just his victims lives but his own I am assured that most romance fans will enjoy this book if for no other reason than love prevails but there is so much to this book It has a moral lesson in there that is never going to be out of dateThank you Ms Grey good moral lessons that are still engaging are in short supply lately I also want to thank Ms Grey and NetGalley for giving me a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review A Gentleman’s Surrender is a wonderful novel It’s a sad but romantic story of honor and revenge I fell in love with Moniue she’s a great character and her friendship with Lucy is refreshing Even though I tried not to like Stanton I couldn’t help myself He’s a lot of fun when he’s not plotting revengeDon’t miss A Gentleman’s Surrender but remember it’s a heart wrencherMoreAuthor Mariel GreySource I received an ARC of A Gentleman’s Surrender from it’s author Mariel Grey in exchange for an honest reviewPublisher Date January 1st 2016 by Mariel GreyGenre Historic RomanceISBN 2940152400991Pages 245Grade AAges 16Steam Adult | There’s some steamy kissing and thoughts but overall it’s a fairly chaste novelSetting London England 1804This Counts for these Challenges 2015 Let Me Count The Ways Reading Challenge 2015 New Authors Reading Challenge 2015 Historical Romance Reading ChallengeSeries Surrender #2