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My Radio Radio✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ My Radio Radio By Jessie van Eerden ⚣ – The members of Dunlap Fellowship of All Things in Common share everything from their meager incomes to the only functioning toilet in the community house— everything that is except secrets When Omi The members of Dunlap Fellowship of All Things in Common share everything from their meager incomes to the only functioning toilet in the community house— everything that is except secrets When Omi My Radio ePUB ✓ Ruth Wincott the youngest member of the disintegrating common purse community in this small Indiana town loses her only brother Woodrun she withdraws from everyone and fixates on a secret desire She wishes only for an extravagant headstone to mark Woodrun’s grave an expense that the strict parsimonious community can’t—or won’t—pay for In her loneliness Omi Ruth’s only ties to the world remain her National Geographic magazines and a new resident in the house Northrop an old man caught between living and dying maintained in a vegetative state by hospice careObserving everything with the keen eye of a girl with a photographic memory Omi Ruth finds herself learning to grieve in the company of unlikely strangers With the help of a homeless and pregnant Tracie Casteel a rebellious Amish boy named Spencer Frye and the smooth talking Vaughn Buey who works third shift at Dunlap’s RV plant Omi Ruth discovers that there are two things of which there is no shortage in the world’s common purse—love and loss. Love it My Radio Radio has some themes in common with Glorybound Van Eerden's previous novel clearly she has something to say about how her characters negotiate their own inheritance from the spiritual communities they grow up in But the two books go about things in such different ways I was halfway through this one before I made that connection While Glorybound spelled out the beginnings and endings of its characters' main arcs within a handful of pages My Radio Radio focuses instead on creating a character strong enough to keep all of the book's tensions in the air from the start with the result that the plot gets to make unexpected turns and be much lighter on its feet than you'd expect it to be It's ambitious and unusual and it totally works As with Glorybound I finished this book in about a day because I just couldn't put it downWhile there are some very adult ideas here to my mind this book has a lot in common with any great YA fiction a lot of faith in plot and a willingness to let characters speak their minds Not to mention real respect for the spiritual and moral dimensions of growing into early adulthood I admire writing that can be skillful and beautiful and speak to big ideas without pulling the reader out of the story itself and this author has a gift for striking that balance Can't wait to read her next one There are many elements that must be in a book before I call it amazing chiefly that I can't stop thinking about it MY RADIO RADIO got under my skin and all the characters but especially Omi Ruth Wincott and Tracie Casteel wormed their way into my heart This coming of age story set in a small town in Indiana at the Dunlap Fellowship of All Things in Common was beautifully written with layer upon layer of emotion revealing what life was like for the people living in the poor religious community where everything was shared Omi Ruth is dealing with her brother's death when beautiful sixteen year old Tracie Casteel shows up pregnant and looking for a home Tracie's bleached hair hoop earrings and boots that have walked all the way from Detroit captivate Omni Ruth whose only link to the outside world is National Geographic Magazine with all the pages showing nudity torn out With Tracie's help Omni Ruth deals with her grief and budding adolescence while one by one the secrets are revealed in this place where life is supposed to be simple are revealed This is a beautifully written and fresh take on the coming of age story Jessie Van Eerden’s writing is not experienced so much as reading but like listening to music with your eyes Her language her language is so carefully and perfectly chosen and her characters are full of life and soul A coming of age story My Radio Radio takes the young narrator Omi Ruth on a literary journey from age twelve to thirteen death through death and rebirth naivete toward a sort of wisdom It's 1986 Omi lives in a communal small town Indiana church calls her parents by name and knows nothing of normal familial love Her story is one of loss not properly grieved and yearning not fully understood This story surprises and at times disturbs Beautifully written the novel will makes it readers think as well as empathize with Omi's confusion suffering and ultimately new hope While set in Indiana this book feels like the best Appalachian fiction out there It has that same down home something ugly beneath the surface tone and looks through a window into the darkness with eyes that make out shapes that could be trees or monsters It's a poetic novel and a thoughtful one Definitely worth reading Thank God my husband came across this gifted writer in Image Journal And that he read Glorybound and then My Radio Radio and was so moved by both novels that I was curious and read both back to back In my opinion My Radio Radio is the strongest of the two The characters' layered lives are so earthy and RAW flawed fractured and in most cases darkened and yet LIGHT  Even if you don't like or are repulsed by a character in most cases you wish you could hold their hand for a moment once Van Eerden has peeled back the external to reveal what is hidden  It's a story of life's fragility held together with grace and redemption and the hope of new beginnings And the actual writing and selections of words if you are a lover of words Van Eerden at times will make you weep  She has the gift Jessie van Eerden has achieved something remarkable with this book Readers are invited into the home of a religious commune that has seen brighter days and are treated to the coming of age in the best and most complicated sense of young Omi Ruth The plot is intriguing and at times heart wrenching We're also given real moments of joy as experienced by Omi Van Eerden's prose is somehow both tough and delicate while maintaining a beautiful lyrical sensibility uick read but the style takes some getting used to it hurts and it heals please read this book it's important

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  • Paperback
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  • My Radio Radio
  • Jessie van Eerden
  • 23 May 2016
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