Shadows of the Highridge

Shadows of the Highridge❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Shadows of the Highridge Author Jay Swanson – Moving along the soil is the uickest way to die; for Tolly to survive she must learn to stay silent Life on farms like hers was difficult enough in the face of plague and a decade of drought but somet Moving along the soil is the uickest way to die; for Tolly to survive she must learn to stay silent Life on farms like hers was difficult enough in the face of plague and a decade of drought but something worse has come to the foothills under the Highridge Mountains Something that will destroy everything she loves Mere miles away Vanig's search for water to revive Shadows of ePUB ✓ his farm is cut short when soldiers arrive bearing dark news of disaster striking farms throughout the region and they suspect he is the root cause of it all Those suspicions spike when a disheveled warrior appears hundreds of miles from home and takes Vanig hostage Death looms in the Shadows of the Highridge. ARC provided by author because he's a gentleman and a scholarShadows of Highridge is a tight action packed story set in the foothills of the Highridge Mountains It follows a bright evolving cast of characters who are rarely what they seem to be on the surface and unravel piece by piece throughout the story Tolly a farmgirl watches as her family is brutalized; helpless scared she flees for her life Vanig is a drought stricken farmer who lost his family previously searching for water when he is approached by mercenaries sent to apprehend him for crimes he didn't commit Salisir is a mysterious soldier from a far away land appearing at a suspicious time and getting rolled into the groupOh and did I mention there are Tremors style groundworms? Yeah there's giant effing wormsJay's writing grows with each piece I read from him and in the case of this book the characterization and action are in the forefront Each of the various people in the book have depth evolve and slowly reveal the pieces that make them who they are None of the main characters seem to lack an OHHHH moment as their motivations past actions motivations etc are revealed sometimes out of left field and in complete surprise Jay thought these characters through gave them reasons for their actions explanations as to why they acted and spoke the way they did This is the backbone of his story and is what really drives the point forwardAdditionally there is AMPLE high energy action scenes chases escapes puzzle solving and very dire situations While the ancillary characters died with abandon and the main characters had a hint of plot armor spoiler not all of them every one of these scenes was nail biting and Jay handles his suspense extremely well The characters drove the plot but the suspense and action kept the book exciting and gave great changes of paceJay is growing as a writer and I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've read from him thus far He's pushing some boundaries with his crowdsourced writing and the end products are a lot of fun and the physical books are gorgeous of nice uality and something I proudly display on my shelves I'm excited to watch as he continues to develop and as his world continues to evolve Anyone looking for a uick exciting read with really great characters should grab this one up while they can Full disclosure the author sent me a free copy for reviewThe characters are all really strong This is a short book so you'd expect the characters to not be very fleshed out or distinct from one another Your expectation would be wrong I definitely fell in love with Tolly she's young and starts out kinda whiny but she had a hidden steel core and I definitely want to know about her Vanig is wrestling with his own set of demons and has a lot of character growth This is a short book and thus a pretty uick read That said a whole lot of action and explanation takes place in only a few hundred pages over less than a week and maybe only 20 suare miles It's a tightly contained story that serves its purpose wellI don't normally do horror or suspense and I would probably describe this book as very suspenseful fantasy with a dash of horror I was genuinely creeped out in several places but nothing unbearable no nightmares All in all it's an enjoyable read and a good introduction to Jay's world which given a few mentions in this book I suspect is our own world in the distant future There's a good blend of fantasy and science as well which was refreshing and nerdy Death looms in the shadows of the Highridge phrase summarizes the entire bookJay Swanson in only 188 pages delivers a thrilling and compelling storyFast paced with scary and graphic scenes deep emotions deadly monsters an old farmer and his sister a lonely farm girl and a mysterious soldier make Shadows Of The Highridge a real page turner The Author writes beautifully each character is a universe the scenes are plagued with action and emotions that made me cringe and crySolid 5 star Book I'm definitely going to check other titles by this AuthorHighly RecommendedI received a Free copy in exchange for an Honest Review I really enjoyed this book It had huge man eating worms that can hear you when you walk on the ground This made for some really tense scenes The characters could only step on rocks or risk being heard and eaten by the giant worm monsters This book had a ton of really intense scenes involving survival and it made for a fun readI also really liked getting to know the character Brin Salisir He's a mysterious character from Jay's phenomenal Into The Nanten books Although I got to now Salisir in Nanten book 2 Fall of the Arbor King this was a cool slice of his life from before those books I loved seeing him start as a mysterious character in this book and then have and revealed about him as he formed relationships with the other characters If Jay writes books like this hint hint I will jump at the chance to read about Salisir But my very favorite thing about this book was the dialogue Yes I wanted to read it because it's a fantasy story with magic and crazy beasts the characters have to fight but I have to say that the dialogue was the highlight for me It was what I left the book appreciating the most As the characters went through many life and death trials they got to know each other They taught things to each other They learned things about themselves They weren't just characters to me any Now they were real people whose journey I was totally invested in The great dialogue made this book come alive for me Even though this is a dark book I laughed and smiled as the characters brought a little joy to each other with witty dialogue as they escaped one peril only to stumble upon anotherGet this book for the awesome fights between farmers soldiers warriors and worms Get this book to gain insight into the world of the Nanten and its many mysteries Get this book to experience of the great Brin Salisir in a time before he graced the pages of Into the Nanten books one and two But most of all get this book to hang out with richly rendered characters that have a lot to figure out about the world around them strangers that have barged into their lives massive deadly creatures and most importantly themselves as they do all within their power just to survive I loved this book Especially the great dialogue