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Miecz przeznaczenia❮EPUB❯ ✻ Miecz przeznaczenia ✶ Author Andrzej Sapkowski – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The Witcher returns in this action packed seuel to The Last Wish in the series that inspired The Witcher video gamesGeralt is a witcher a man whose magic powers enhanced by long training and a mysteri The Witcher returns in this action packed seuel to The Last Wish in the series that inspired The Witcher video gamesGeralt is a witcher a man whose magic powers enhanced by long training and a mysterious elixir have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin Yet he is no ordinary murderer his targets are the multifarious monsters and vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent He roams the country seeking assignments but gradually comes to realize that while some of his uarry are unremittingly vile vicious grotesues others are the victims of sin evil or simple naivetyIn this collection of short stories following the adventures of the hit collection The Last Wish join Geralt as he battles monsters demons and prejudices alike. Much like The Last Wish before Sword of Destiny is a collection of short stories following a talented witcher called Geralt of Rivia Although you can start the series with Blood of Elves which is where the full length novels commence I can't recommend enough that even though a handful of these short stories are hit and miss that they will add considerable depth to the future narrative arcsThe Last Wish featured mostly isolated stories with the Witcher tackling a certain monstrosity for a set payment He travels around the world to where his peculiar killing and magic techniues are needed to tackle a problem and individuals will hire him In the first book apart from a couple of brief interludes there were no recurring characters It was solely about a certain adventure at one end of the world and then another a thousand miles away Sword of Destiny features a handful of main characters from the series who become fleshed out as there presence recurs Geralt's friend and lady loving bard Dandelion his mysterious sorceress love interest Yennefer and a potential child of destiny called Ciri If you've played The Witcher computer games I imagine you a familiar with these characters the sort of missions set and the monsters the Witcher is assigned to eradicate and how beautiful and vast this created world is I found the stories in The Last Wish consistent but two or three of my favourites are from this entry If you decide to read the short story collections first I'd truly recommend starting with The Last Wish and not Sword of Destiny Two stories in The Witcher #1 one including Yennefer and one including a ueen and a Princess add huge depth to the action and events that occur in this collection especially with certain relationship complexitiesThe Witcher tales are exciting and addictive to say that a story can be finished in about half an hour Sapkowski doesn't dumb down the world and there are a plethora of complex characters and demons throughout these pages My favourite story is The Bounds of Reason and it features about twenty five different well crafted characters who set off on a mission to kill a wounded dragon I found this narrative exceptional unpredictable thrilling with a hell of a twist at the end This sets Sword of Destiny up brilliantly I won't go into the details of the stories too much as it might approach spoiler territory I will confirm that these tales feature many fantasy races as well as mermaids and underwater warriors showdowns with sorcerers a group trying to trace a doppleganger and also meeting Ciri It features monster hunting of course but not as much and as freuent as The Last Wish Each The Last Wish story played like a level on the Witcher games These are less standalone and cleverly building up for the full narrative which will start with Blood of Elves I adored The Bounds of Reason A Little Sacrifice and Sword of Destiny Eternal Flame and A Share of Ice were very average The final story Something More I really struggled with initially It follows two timelines as Geralt in a fevered state and I sometimes got confused where and when we were If it was a full length story I wouldn't have finished it but I did and I'm glad I fought through as the ending is highly satisfying with setting up what can possible happen in the next outings I decided to read all of the Witcher books before the TV series is released and I am glad that I have taken on this venture I've read the first two books within four days and I can't wait to move on further I often struggle with short stories but I can recommend these highly The Bound of Reason is one of the top two finest short stories I've ever read alongside Sebastian De Castell The Fox and the Bowman Library 6 monthsOnline library 8 monthsLocal bookstore what's witchy?Non local bookstore sold out random assorted paperbacksMe a hardcover addict hmmm Fck Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺In the Sword of Destiny there is no The Voice of Reason chapters but the action seems to flow somehow even without them because in this short stories book there is no let’s say “time travelling” between the stories They happen thank God at almost the same time in a continuous present Except for the last story that got me a bit confused I don't really do good with stories that leap from one time to the other without telling me EXACTLY what the bloody hell they're about to doThere are also six stories here1 The Bounds of Reason 355 ⭐2 A Shard of Ice 55 ⭐3 Eternal Flame 45 ⭐4 A Little Sacrifice 45 ⭐5 The Sword of Destiny 55 ⭐6 Something More 55 ⭐Total rating for Sword of Destiny 4415 ⭐ “Destiny has many faces Mine is beautiful on the outside and hideous on the inside” Here the chapters are longer it seems and also there is a certain political touch to it even almost invisible I tended to get a bit lost sometimes but got right back when it came to a good old action scene winksI especially enjoyed A Shard of Ice The story is based on HC Andersen’s tale The Snow ueen which is one of my favourite fairy tales ever So of course I enjoyed Mr Sapkowski’s reinterpretation of it The same goes for that tiny part in The Sword of Destiny where Frexinet’s story is inspired by The Wild Swans fairy tale Dziękuję bardzo panie Sapkowski I really needed that Also there was a Little Mermaid reinterpretation in A Little Sacrifice that I enjoyed too This book was hardcore Andersen inspired apparentlyApart from that I realised that I’m not Yennefer’s biggest fan it tends to repel me somehow but I don’t entirely dislike her She’s just tough to love I guess We also get to meet Ciri in this book and hey that’s what I was waiting for I also must say that her reunion with Geralt is waaay different from the one in the TV show and it is ten times better I'd sayBook styled Uh oh I think my boyfriend Geralt is on strike I mean why else would the Most Deliciously Scrumptious Witcher Ever aka the Super Hot if Slightly Mutant Monster Slayer MDSWEakatSHiSMMS™ butcher such a ridiculously low amount of supernatural beasts in this volume? Well I guess it is also possible that his evil boring twin took over while I was um otherwise engaged with some of my other harem um boarders and stuff Or maybe he was abducted by aliens submitted to vigorous brain reprogramming sessions and then shipped back to us via Expedited Shrimp Express ESE™? Who the fish knows? In any case there is way too little delicious slaughter here and way too much pondering on the meaning of life destiny blah blah blah and all that crap Not to mention the inordinate amount of Suicide Inducing Lovey Dovey Crap SILDC™ one has to bravely endure while reading this book IndeedOkay so there's some really good err what's the word for this? Oh yes I remember now stuff is the technical term I'm looking for So yes there is definitely some good stuff here a little bit of intrigue a pinch of adventure a dash of Let's Gleefully Hack at Things LGHaT™ a speck of humor a drop of shenanigans and a soupçon of my homicidally sexy boyfriend Alas unfortunately and stuff sufficient to make this short story collection as yummilicious as The Last Wish this wasn't Most of the stories begin stupendously enough I'll give you that my Little Barnacles One opens with a basilisk free warrior women and crayfish Which got me all excite because coming across my freshwater cousins in books always makes my exoskeleton tingle and stuff Another story begins with tentacles serrated claws and mountains of exploding trash Which brought back fond memories of my past life as Marjory the Trash Heap Ah good timesThen there is the story that kicks off with a delightfully capricious mermaid and later introduces super um friendly sea creatures And then the story that starts with most um welcoming monsters And severed limbs Oh and let's not forget the one with the dryads So you see all the stories in this collection begin uite gloriously indeed The problem is most of them then proceed to deflate like the proverbial if bloody shrimping soufflé Because too many pointless ramblings and endless dialogues not enough blood shedding Because too much allergy inducing relationship drama not enough action And don't get me started on Yennefer Actually no please DO get me started on her To think I locked her up in my harem kindly offered her asylum after reading The Last Wish She was cool She was cunning She was badass She was hot She was mine But now? It's pretty obvious the aliens kidnapped and then brainwashed her like they did Geralt Why else would she act like such an exasperatingly selfish—or is it selfishly exasperating? I forget—bitch? And the angst Bloody stinking fish the angst There's enough of it here to feed a battalion of Thoroughly Frustrated New Adult Fangirls TFNAF™ Yeah or lessBut hey it's not ALL bad view spoiler Just so you know I deny ever writing what you are about to read It only exists in your alcohol drenched little head You shouldn't drink and read you know It's not the most sensible behavior you know Follow my example Drink chamomile tea at all timesview spoilerThat detector of yours is obviously broken Young Man of the Silly Costume hide spoiler This is a second collection of short stories featuring Geralt of Rivia If I understand correctly it was written before The Last Wish but chronologically comes after that one The stories of this anthology are longer and less funny although one of them can be considered to be entirely humorous As most of the people already know Geralt is a witcher This means he hunts monsters for living He is also considered to be a mutant by many as his training included undergoing some chemical herbs and magical treatment that left him not uite human So what does the guy do in this anthology? He is being lovesick he is madly in love with Yennefer he does his damned to escape what he thinks is his destiny he follows his Codex which does not allow him to kill intelligent monsters Have you notice something is missing in this description? Exactly the monster hunter does everything but hunting monsters This makes even one of the characters wonder how the heck he made his living with his nonexistent work related income; it feels kind of like thisUnsurprisingly Geralt is broke most of the time I would like to talk about the love part of the book What is a cornerstone cliché of a romance novel? The one without which the whole genre would not exists at all? It is a standard situation when two people are deeply in love with each other but both of them keep creating obstacles that prevent them from being together knowing exactly what they are doing I mean imagine two people meet each other fall in love get married right away within a couple of pages and fall into a standard married routine Who in the right mind would read such a boring book? Geralt and Yennefer is exactly such couple The troubles they go to NOT be with each other boggle the mind As you might guess these situations feel a little old They felt old during Shakespeare time actually At least in the Great Bard's tale it were families that kept the kids separated It was not a bad anthology despite my criticism but it did resulted in a lower rating by half a star I am also willing to cut some slack due to a fact that it was the first written installment of the series The next book promptly goes to my to read shelf Review of 2 books “The Last Wish” and “The Sword of DestinyIt’s been a while since I’ve indulged in some sword and sorcery and I’m happy to have come upon a trailer of “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt” on Youtube It’s visually stunning and highly fascinating I wanted to learn about the game and to cut this story short I guess you know where this is going anyway discovered Andrzej Sapkowski’s written wonders I’m sure the games are awesome but I’m uite glad that I can immerse myself in The Witcher universe through my preferred medium“The Last Wish” and “The Sword of Destiny” are each a collection of short inter connected stories that read very much like a character study A study of the witcher Geralt of Rivia and his tormented relationship with the concept of destiny The stories are nonlinear but the links are easy to follow and not every story turns out the way you might think or expectIt's really hard for me to convey the depth of these collection of stories They have a range of tone humor romance adventure intrigue that is amazing The writing is contemporary and yet has a resonance that feels timeless It reminds me of Tolkien in that there is a depth to the world Sapkowski has created that makes you feel like it's been around for a very long time The books rank right up there amidst the fantasy genre as most immersive and entertaining Sapkowski has an interesting way of setting up a story according to traditional fantasy and fairy tale fashion then allowing the darkest facets of our own world bleed through the pages Complicated uestions about morality religion diversity progress and love are incorporated into the stories and the charactersI fell in love with Geralt and his storyand he never disappoints with his perspective or his choices He is relatable in a way that he is not the hyper self righteous paragon of justice like many fantasy protagonists He's merely a tradesman of an albeit interesting line of work trying somewhat desperately to keep his head above water and do the right thing There's something of us all in Geralt in that respectI find the stories well written suspenseful and engaging The characters are diverse colorful and relatable One of the treasures of Sapkowski's style is how much of the plot is revealed through character interactions Conversations flow naturally yet give all the necessary exposition and world building The characters are interesting believable and three dimensional no matter how small their role The stories are at times bleak and grim and yet there is an odd sense of whimsy like you might find in a classic Grimm's fairy tale They can be comical or tragic but never contrivedOverall these are highly satisfying reads and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a penchant for tough and gritty heroes who slay monsters and protect even the dumbest jerks from themselves with wisdom dry wit swordplay and a grounded sense of realism Now I'm doubly excited to move on to the main series I read this book in swedish called Ödets Svärd Sword of Destiny and let me just say;WOW Sapkowski you f ing ruleIt doesn't seem like the Swedish publishers will publish any Sapkowskibooks and all I can say is; Your Loss manLuckily the Witcher Saga is available in EnglishEverything about this book is awesome from the characters to the world to the humor and the fighting scenes Geralt is a true badass although he tries not to act like one And his kind of tragic love story with Yennefer really gets to you unless you are a ghoul or something and then Geralt will find you and destroy youSo if you haven't yet read any Andrzej Sapkowski do it now Yesterday if you could You wont regret it 4 STARS destined for great things ★★★★✩ This book is for you if high fantasy with room for humour and modernised language suits your tastes Be prepared for a lot of angsty romance and badass fighting scenes ⤐ PrefaceCan we please collectively complain to Netflix for taking off The Witcher soundtrack of Spotify? I literally need to listen to Toss a coin to your witcher until I shout it from my grave UPDATE It seems our collective karening has helped I've not only enjoyed the original but also this amazing cover by the incredibly talented Orletta Vicover⤐ OverallDifferent from The Last Wish in its style of adventures but still very enjoyable this collection of short stories is less a seuence of cases as was the previous book but of a deep dive into what shape and traits Geralt's character has which is very useful considering I've not read the following books or played the gameA close up on the witcher characters is the unofficial title of Sword of Destiny book I swear It was very enjoyable to remeet with the men and women I came to love in The Last Wish They are now a bit less of a mystery and like old friends to meWorld building It was of a world deepening in my experience The political dynamics became a bit clearer as did the ethnic diversity which leads to an overall improved understanding of the worldThe arch of suspense Hmm in Henry Cavill's voiceSome of the stories were really exciting and others kinda had me skimming the pages for dialogue This is probably my biggest point of critiue Still a page turner overallYou will find me in bed inhaling the entire Witcher Season Oh and harassing both Netflix and Spotify on Twitter for obvious reasons⤐ What’s happening ‘Doubts Only evil sir never has any But no one can escape his destiny’ Whether he knows it or not Geralt of Rivia is getting closer to his fate with every step he takes in this unusual but enlightening collection of short stories Dragons mermaids dopplers and dryads this book challenges him in very untypical ways Con⇢ the monsters are getting bigger⇢ destiny has fangs not feathers⇢ incompetent morons everywherePro⇢ dandelion⇢ yennefer⇢ angsty romance writing uality easy of reading 5 pace 35 plotstory in general 4 plot development 35 characters 5 enjoyability 4 insightfulness 3 The Bounds of Reason ⭐️⭐️⭐️ DRAGONS and a shocking twistA Shard of Ice ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yennefer and Geralt angst with hints of a certain infamous stuffed unicorn 🦄 Eternal Flame ⭐️⭐️⭐️ An intro to Dudu and DopplersA Little Sacrifice ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mermaids love and sea monstersThe Sword of Destiny ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A lost princess Dryads and the bonds of destiny Something More ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The fall of a kingdom and a law of surpriseI really enjoyed this short story collection so than the first The Last Wish I think it helped that I had a better grounding in the lore and history of the world and was less put off by the odd time jumps and pacing I will say that the second half is a lot snappier in pace and introduces the wonderful Ciri which helped propel this to a 4 star read for meAs always I love Yennefer and Geralt I love the complexity to their relationship often with years in between their meetings yet the undeniable love they share for each other Destiny and bind them together and their exchanges are always a delight to read I’m really excited to dive into the ‘proper’ novels in 2020 now that I feel I have a good background knowledge to our heroes Collection of stories Some were good others not so good

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