Follow Me!

Follow Me!❴Ebook❵ ➠ Follow Me! Author Ellie Sandall – Lemurs follow the leader into—and out of—trouble in this simple engaging picture book that children will love playing along withWide eyed lemurs follow follow follow their king across a colorful l Lemurs follow the leader into—and out of—trouble in this simple engaging picture book that children will love playing along withWide eyed lemurs follow follow follow their king across a colorful landscape as they find things to chew things to munch and things to have for their lunch; things to hunt things to chase things to scare and things to race After narrowly escaping a crocodile and becoming someone else’s lunch the lemurs settle down for a well deserved nap Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Young children will love chasing hunting and racing just like a lemur in this playful book that will inspire plenty of games before naptime. Terrific illustrations but really boring Dear worldIf for whatever reason you cannot leave the idea of leader ungendered as Sandall did then please use the correct gender all lemurs are female dominant and mostly matrilineal Fun fact so are cats including lions and giraffesThanks for giving the girls their dueStill loving the whole adult Not Otherwise Specified thingLibrary copy A fast paced jazzy little book from the author of a storytime hit Everybunny Dance The text is zippy and the story is over fast but it packs a lot of charm into its pages of lemurs going for a little adventure then taking a well earned nap Okay cute And my son likes lemurs so bonus BUT he had so many damn annoying uestions about this book that I was so glad when it came due at the library Why is the lemur wearing a crown? uh maybe he's the king? Why are they on cactuses? good uestion son What IS that? An alicrocodilegator? I have no clue why are they sleeping in a big pile? Why WHY WHY?? Some books have why's I can answer This one doesn't My son is increasingly critical of the way books are drawn He takes fault with so many artistic decisions My attempts at deflecting Why do you think he has on a crown? are falling flat I asked YOU mommy Attempts to get him to use your imagination or guess? or well the artist just wanted to are failing and often And the uestions Never Change Every time we read the book he becomes upset about my relaxed shrugging answers The kid wants answers and he wants them now Ugh cute book if your son isn't like mine and is fine not asking uestions lol I read Follow Me written and illustrated by Ellie Sandall as a possible 2018 Caldecott contender I give this a 4 for text and a 4 for illustrationsI love that the characters here are lemurs a teachable moment for students In terms of text I love the flow the fun the movement the rhyme and the repetition here Follow me follow me follow me There are lots of fun things to look for count and talk about in both the text and the illustrations Reading this could lead to a fun game of Follow the Leader The illustrations are colorful and vibrant and fluent The reader is compelled to glide from page to page via these illustrations Even the use of font size and density add to the story's meaningHighly recommended What a fantastic read aloud Love the lemurs and the playful swooping text The lemur wakes up and wants his friends to follow him along He shows them places to hunt places to climb places to eat and After escaping a crocodile they become tired and the lemur brings them back to their tree so they can sleepThe lemur is confident and a leader because he shows the rest of his lemur friends where to go He didn’t panic too much when they ran into an alligator and got them all away before being eaten The illustrations were detailed yet simple and consisted of the lemur his other lemur friends and the plants around them The font is easy to read because it’s bolded and clear and follows the lemur as he moves across the page I like that the words rhyme because it adds a whimsical and fun mood towards the story The text structure is chronological because he discusses places in order of where to go until they end up back homeI can use this book to start into a unit about African animals or specifically a lesson on lemurs We can talk about how lemurs stay together like they did in the story and how a group of them is called a conspiracy Cute illustration but it was a boring story and nothing interesting happened after 'following' They live in the Madagascar island but they were eating cacti in the book I don't think there are cacti there also they live in a group but they don't sleep in a big pile like this book Yes it is just a story book but I prefer to be based on their actual life so that it won't give children an assumption that they live in a desert for instance My child loves lemurs so it was a big disappointment after we read it together I am so excited to adapt a rhythm and actions to accompany the words of Follow Me I can absolutely see this adventure being a hit at story time Not only do I anticipate that the kiddos will love the book but when put to a rhythm and they're able to actually follow the leader laughter is sure to be heard and oodles of fun shall be had I believe that this story time experience shall become a regular reuest Fun rhyming book that takes a group of lemurs from their home in a tree at the beginning of the day through all sorts of activities and back to the tree for restAlong the way we get lots of repetition of Follow MeAgree with others that if reading this in a group it would be fun to pair with a game of Follow the Leader

Follow Me! ePUB ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Follow Me!
  • Ellie Sandall
  • 02 December 2016
  • 9781481471473