The Ghost of Red Fields (Soldier Sons, #1)

The Ghost of Red Fields (Soldier Sons, #1)[BOOKS] ✸ The Ghost of Red Fields (Soldier Sons, #1) Author Samantha Stemler – In a blasted land desecrated by the twisted science of a ruthless empire a hopeful Rebellion has taken root at last under the banner of the Companions As victory draws near the true horror of the Atho In a blasted land desecrated by of Red PDF º the twisted science of a ruthless empire a hopeful Rebellion has taken root at last under the banner of the Companions As victory draws near the true horror of the Athorite empire emerges as monstrous new warriors appear Known only as the Soldier Sons they are the vanguard rud to be the enemy’s invincible weapons These creatures threaten to undo all that the Companions have achieved As three The Ghost PDF/EPUB or of the Companion’s best soldiers struggle to confront these nightmarish demons they realize their only hope may be a mysterious and vengeful Athorite traitor—their new commander. With so many reading options and too little time I'm a bit wary of getting into anything that is part of a series just now but this was definitely worth dipping my toes into and I think it's got me hookedThe book starts with vivid action The atmosphere and details made me think of a cutscene in a game the writing bringing a brief moment to life and twisting time so I envisioned parts of it almost in slow motion The use of language gave me a good feeling and still I found myself pleasantly surprised as I pushed on What follows is impressiveStemler has created a superb universe and delivers it well A dark war torn place that unfolds effortlessly as the chapters progress The descriptions are measured and elegant the author offering up simple concepts that can be painted with few words and yet are clever enough to add a lot of depth to the world in such a short spaceThe characters are given much room to develop and they do this well There is an impressive blend of warmth and darkness coursing through those we encounter Zensor the main character in this book has a glorious richness to his darkness Okay so this isn't the first story with a troubled hero but he is interesting than most he's an inverse of the cliched approach by having his demons near the surface yet keeping them subdued and controlledThe plot may not offer much in the way of twists or surprises but the writing delivers with aplomb There's a care here it feels crafted rather than just written There's attention to detail in the components of this book and good proofreading too that result in something well worth readingThis book works well as a standalone although it does leave a sense of anticipation for what will follow Let the darkness keep comingI received a complimentary copy of this book through First Reads Gripping Stemler knows how to pull the reader in make them beg for Good Book Enjoyable to read Stemler does a good job describing the scenes and characters It is obvious there is story to tell and I am hooked Get me the next one This is a terrific book In the spirit of full disclosure Sam asked me to read it and give her my notes on edits I did that but I found myself highlighted many phrases I might use in my own writing This is one talented authorSo on to the story Rather than repeat the blurb I'll just say Sam takes you into this fascinating dark and foreign world and paints it so clearly you know exactly where you are The brooding main male character slowly emerges over time and we begin to understand and care about him But he's fascinating from the get go Sam mixes narrative action and dialog in just the right proportions to keep the story moving I often found my jaw drop at her skill I'm jealousIf you like a dark fantasy world with lots of action and brilliant writing this is the book for you I cannot WAIT to read in this series There's something about a tough male lead and a tough female lead that just make a story for me Zensor is the uintessential tough sexy mysterious guy kicking butt and taking names and Salia is the lady warrior that won't take his crap There's a little bit of romance with Salia and her comrade Lenst a lot of tension between all the fighters and a bloody battle capping off the end Loved it Well written well executed a great find At99 cents on I wasn't expecting much from this book but I was really surprised This book is a uick and easy read I read it in one sitting and downloaded the next three once I finished There was good build up and a great battle at the end that makes you want It's smaller scale than a lot of fantasy war books personal and it feels like you get into the characters heads not just armies vs armies bombs exploding etc I'm excited to see what happens next