Bite Me Dom Vs Domme #1

Bite Me Dom Vs Domme #1[Reading] ➮ Bite Me Dom Vs Domme #1 ➶ Cynthia Dane – Two Billionaires Two Dominants One Drunken Bet IAN MATHERS That feisty blonde making my life hell is Kathryn a woman who seduced me twelve years ago Seduced and left me in one of the most embarrassing Two Billionaires Two Dominants One Drunken Bet IAN Dom Vs PDF/EPUB  MATHERS That feisty Bite Me PDF \ blonde making my life hell is Kathryn a woman who seduced me Me Dom Vs Epub á twelve years ago Seduced and left me in one of the most embarrassing situations of my life I don't hold a grudge Not really How can I when I still find myself staring at her every time she's around How can I want her to leave my presence when all I think about is her watching my every move studying me wanting me Oh I still want her I need to have her like the world needs the sun There's just one problem She's a Domme I have no idea how to seduce a woman I refuse to let control me KATHRYN ALISON Ian is smug condescending and so stupidly handsome that I can't stop thinking about him as we work together When the sparks fly so hot that we finally get what we've wanted for the longest decade ever I make the greatest mistake of my life I propose a friendly wager that sees the loser submitting to the other for a night I never anticipated losing. 🎁 FREE on iBooks today 8262019 🎁 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I can honestly say that I will be reading books by Cynthia Dane especially the Dom Vs Domme series Bite Me is a well written intense uniue and captivating Billionaire Romance with an interesting story line and great characters How can a Dom and a Domme make a relationship work? Well when your Ian Mathers and Kathryn Alison it's a bit easier then you would think Kathryn and Ian have a bit of history together you see twelve years earlier they were at one of his father's parties they danced together and then disappeared together only for things to not go according to plan Fast forward to the present and they are now working together on a project that both fathers are hoping is a success There is a tiny wrench throw into mix only one of their proposals is going to be accepted for the project they are working on so what do they dothey make a friendly wager Whomever's proposal isn't accepted they must submit to the other NOW LET THE FUN BEGINThis was a great read with a lot of hot sex scenes along with some laugh out loud scenes I think this is a great start to a new series oh and you get to see some Doms and their subs from His Domination The Absolute Trilogy and The Billion Dollar Contract The Executive Collectionalso purchased from Can Kathryn and Ian possibly be fated for one anotherWow Cynthia writes a story where you feel the turmoil between Kathryn and Ian as they circle around one another each knowing that there is no meeting in the middle with who they are or is there? I turned the pages as I read the two interact sometimes chuckling and sometimes fanning myself An enjoyable read It wasn't what I expected but it was gooood Pretty good This story was pretty good Well written by the author The story written from both his and her side was different Can’t wait to see how book 2 is A Review of Bite Me by Cynthia DaneWho will out dom the other? 5 starsThis is the first book in a new series and Wow The way the characters talk to the author is something I haven't seen before but I kinda think I like it We first meet Kathryn and Ian when they are working together with prospective sellers of The Grand Ian's family wants to buy the hotel and remodel it but they also want to turn it into a cultural center which is where Kathryn's family comes into the scene Ian and Kathryn have known each other for most of their lives since both are from wealthy families They move in the same circles both in the business world and in the Dominant world They actually tried to hook up when Kathryn was fifteen but Ian got a little too excited and never made it to home base so she ran They have tried to avoid each other ever since as much as possible and never talked about itIan says he doesn't hold a grudge for that long ago failure but he still wants her even though she is a Domme and he has no intentions of letting her control him Now that they have to work together for the next couple of weeks will they be able to get through it without killing each other? Kathryn sees Ian as smug condescending and ridiculously handsome and she can't stop thinking about their first sexual attempt When the sparks fly so hot that we finally get what we've wanted for the longest decade ever I make the greatest mistake of my life I propose a friendly wager that sees the loser submitting to the other for a night I never anticipated losingWhat happens when Kathryn loses the bet and has to submit to Ian? Will she follow through? What is really going on in Kathryn's mind? This book ends on a cliffhanger but the next book is already out so I look forward to reading it as soon as possible to find out what happens Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review A cool surprise this one Very hot funny and goes through lots of changesIan and Kathryn are both alpha people yet there is a memory from a horny and embarrassing moment together as teenagers that lingers between themThe novel sports a very casual style that constantly talks to the reader I can't say I like that too much but it remarkably improved when the characters concentrated on their inner dialogue Either the business presentation they have to prepare together or the social gatherings they face everything is shown in an interesting way I particularly liked Ian's conversations with his smart witty motherI really liked that past indiscretion and how it influenced their reactions to each other They battle that impossible attraction after all they are Dom and Domme When they finally acknowledge that they want each other it was so exciting Even so the completely hot scenes that followedActually the original premise of two domineering personalities colliding into a satisfactory relationship works really well because the author has thought of all the problems arising from this uniue situation she has created a strong couple that veer in opposite directions yet share an incredibly explosive chemistry I enjoyed their work towards a common goal for the Strand project The double perspective was a lot of fun and the descriptions of their intimate times were full of fireThen then the real challenge begins My mind was blown with the full force of its gritty twisted sensuality From a fun bet it goes to a life changing evolution for Katie and a real duel for Ian Wow the emotional depth has only been tapped and I'm than willing to push my boundaries along with Katie Fight You part 2 is a must now The book started off so well I loved how it involved a competition between a dom vs domme I've never read a book with a domme and I absolutely loved it The control confidence and power Kathryn held was so different to what I've seen in other books This type of book makes me think that I'm of a feminist than I thought at least in the bedroom I loved Kathryn and Ian for a significant part of the book They were hooked on each other and by reading their thoughts it seemed like they were madly in love The sex was hot between the two when bdsm was not involved I tend to find that to kill the romance of a story It changes who the characters are too much for me I'm really hoping to fall back in love with them before the trilogy ends SpoilerI was so mad when Kathryn didn't win the competition I wanted to see a domme in charge I haven't found a book with that in it yet Her falling prey into the submissive role pissed me off I loved seeing the female holding control Her reminding herself that she had some control through the safe word made it a little easier to read but then Ian basically manipulated her into retracting it when she tried using it I am glad she at least had a difficult time with it I'm really nervous about the second book I cheated and read the summaries and reviews I'm really curious to see what the 3rd book holds Hopefully I don't suffer too much throughout the second I'm hoping the third book has the outcome that I'm looking for This is Part 1 of a Trilogy and the story is intriguing right from the very start Ian and Kathryn have a past an experience that is always in the forefront of their minds A joint business proposition brings the two together but there is a problem the current owners will only accept one proposal so they end up having to compete against each other Both Kathryn and Ian are into the Lifestyle she is a Domme and he is a Dom – nothing could ever happen between them because they want completely different things from each other Nevertheless they agree that the loser in this business transaction will submit completely to the other person for one night Although Kathryn gives an exemplary presentation she loses Kathryn is at odds with herself – can she submit; she knows if she is ever going to submit Ian is the only man she can trust But the evening freaks Kathryn out; she feels violated angry betrayed and frustrated but only because her body and mind are at odds with each other – will Ian think of her differently now? Even so Kathryn wants to find out who she really is The story has lots of interesting twists and turns throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review