No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should

No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should✾ [EPUB] ✶ No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should By Erin Sandlin ❦ – My love of canine kind verges on and sometimes leaps the brink into the ridiculous Growing up my family dogs were always particularly rotten but also infinitely good Having them in my life has both en My love of canine kind verges on and Has Such Kindle Ö sometimes leaps the brink into the ridiculous Growing up my family dogs were always particularly rotten but also infinitely good Having them in my life has both enriched and enlivened my days as well as offered me uniue perspectives on No One PDF/EPUB ² a variety of topics As both a writer and an anthropologist I have long been fascinated by the dog's role in human cultural evolution Forming half of this particular commensal dynamic dogs have changed with us as a species They have traveled vast distances endured the hardships of new One Has Such PDF/EPUB ã climates and environmental conditions and witnessed the birth of agriculture and domestic animal husbandry Perhaps they even played a crucial role in the success of some ventures thanks to the uniue bond they shared with their humansOver the centuries they have remained our stalwart companions absorbing breed shifting and One Has Such a Dog, ePUB ✓ blending with grace However I think that at its core our relationship with dogs and our mutual needs have not changed all that much in the millennia we've travelled together We look to them for comfort companionship help in a variety of tasks from Service aides Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement to work in the fields of herding and ranching They are always there ready to help All they ask is that their needs be met food shelter and perhaps a little affectionThis unlikely alliance between a feared predator and our ancestors is perhaps understandable than one might first suppose Within these essays I explore a variety of topics from silly personal rituals to scientific advancements in our understanding of canine physiology human cultural evolution and even the similarities between the two species One Has Such a Dog, ePUB ✓ from hierarchical group formation to neurobiology I'm so pleased to share my experiences and my curiosity with you With hope this will inspire you to chronicle your own journey with a Person of Importance and Great WorthAs we say in this household No one has such a dog and no one should But we do May everyone be as lucky. Something of a cross between scientist storyteller and poet Erin Sandlin gets inside the dog’s mind and tells us the dog’s thoughts which come across as being humorous while simultaneously crying truth Sandlin reminds us that it is we who need the dog to take care of us rather than it being the other way around I hate to use cliche but it truly was a page turner well in my case a page scroller This is the type of writing that reminds me why I love to readAs I read the first one third of the book there was a smile plastered on my face that grew with the number of pages I read Such an enjoyable read I found myself laughing out loud freuently Anyone who has ever owned a dog will relate and relate in a positive happy way the way one does when she is actually watching a dog being a dog The text is as mesmerizing as dogs are themselves It is a happy happy diversion Read when you are with or without your dog With your dog you can smile down at him or her and say “Yes You do that too Why do you do that By the way Sandlin might answer that uestion And please don’t ever change” Without your furry friend you will be reminded of how they make you feel when they are thereThe remainder of the book provided loads of interesting information about dogs that I for one didn’t previously know and stories of love life and departure The latter stories could at times tug at the heart but were never uncoupled with the joy and celebration of the journey together Sandlin’s insight into what dogs really are but cannot be known by modern humans to be because of the way man has “handicapped” them were both interesting and thought provoking I found that some parts of the book are indeed sad because of the love which sometimes hurts but the emotion whether happy playful humorous serious or sad is real and tugs at the heart in a positive wayThis collection of essays serves as a reminder of why we got the damn dog in the first place and why we’d do it again a million times over This was a tremendously pleasant read and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has ever owned a dog or has ever wanted to Sandlin brings a uniue voice part scholar part humour essayist to an age old topic how awesome are dogs There are the funny stories we all have about uirky dogs hording socks or pacifiers with my pit bull and opening doors or turning on the faucet in the case of my boxer You find yourself laughing right along with their antics and wanting to shout “mine too I know just what you mean” But the book is so much than funny dog stories Sandlin explores the sciences behind dog behaviors and our co evolution bringing an anthropologist’s sensitivity and context for an enlightening but very accessible read You’re left feeling in the know and that knowledge matters We’re also introduced to the dogs or “Persons of Importance and Great Worth” in Sandlin’s life and her mother’s curiously hilarious terms for them Parts of the book are truly saddening as anyone who has lost a fur baby knows all too well but Sandlin leaves you with a feeling of peace because dogs don’t need to live as long as we do to learn everything they need to know People are much slower learners as any dog who has taken on a human as a pet can tell you I’ve never before set out to read a book about dogs scientific or humorous so I can only liken it to the difficulty of any non fiction writer in keeping the reader engaged avoiding the pitfalls of academic boredom or too “cutesy” anecdotes What Sandlin accomplishes in nothing less than a captivating journey of thought and emotion one that is satisfyingly whole And while I am a dog person Sandlin’s prose is so lovely I’d be happy to read anything she writes on any topic Cristel Orrand Author of Khayal and The Amalgamist This book is the perfect mix of fact and wit for anyone who has ever truly loved a dog or knows the joy of being owned by a dog The essays are short and sweet but they all come together with a flow that moves you through the stories without it feeling choppy The various dogs mentioned in the stories all have a personality and a life of their own that very easily brought to mind dogs from my past who were similarMy favorite parts of these essays were the little fun trivia facts that mixed scientific studies of dogs and humans The author has definitely done her research but it was mixed seamlessly into each narrative so that the sentimentality of each story wasn't lost in dataMy one small complaint and it is very minor was that the end of the book was rather abrupt maybe that's because I wanted to know about these furry friends I've had a wonderful Southern California rainy afternoon going through the essays in this heart warming creative book It is sheer self indulgent luxury to read the thoughts of this writer who clearly knows her way around the myriad reasons so many people love their dog If you have or have had a dog who is a central part of your life then this collection is for you You'll find yourself relating to many dog antics in this book; it will leave you both wanting to share your current dog stories and waxing nostalgic on one now dearly departed Because this is a collection there is the great largess for the reader to pause and reflect between essays This is a book to be savored read again and recommended to friends Iloved this book A beautifully philosophical look at our favourite furry companions I read it with one hand rubbing my own snoring pup who lay stretched beside me on the couch It made me laugh it made me reflect on past and long gone pets and it opened my eyes to why we love our doggy friends so much The author knows her dogs her essays demonstrate a keen insight into the psyche of the dog in his interaction with his human family A must have for all dog lovers