Nowhere Men, Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death

Nowhere Men, Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death[PDF / Epub] ✩ Nowhere Men, Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death ☉ Eric Stephenson – Science is the new Rock ‘N’ RollSo said Dade Ellis Simon Grimshaw Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement As th Science is Vol. 1: PDF/EPUB ✓ the new Rock ‘N’ RollSo said Dade Ellis Simon Grimshaw Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement As the research supergroup World Corp they became the most celebrated scientists of all Nowhere Men, PDF/EPUB ² time They changed the world and we loved them for it But where did it all go wrong And when progress is made at any and all cost who ultimately pays the price Collecting Nowhere Men . sometime in the future science is the new rock 'n' roll a Fab Four of science idols build an amazing company together and their inventions help to change the world in kaleidoscopic fashion Nowhere Men explores their various fates and those transformed by their ideasthis reuired a much larger suspension of disbelief than I'm used to as I can often casually accept weird alternate worlds that include zombies superheroes and president trump but for some reason it was really hard to swallow the idea that the youth not to mention the rest of the world's population would adulate scientists to the point of elevating them to Beatles level status LOL yeah right but eventually I just had to accept it because that basic idea permeates every level of the story I sort of wish it hadn't because it created many an eye rollEric Stephenson is rather brilliant and that brilliance is amply illustrated by his storytelling if not necessarily his ideas he plays with time and narrative in exciting and interesting ways but always makes certain his puzzle pieces fit into a recognizable picture the story shifts radically chapter by chapter and includes a lot of text such as various magazine articles interviews even an exhaustive Year End Best Of list; all of that is handled well a central part of the story follows the trials and tribulations of a group of space station scientists who are exposed to a toxin that evolves them into beings with strange powers; this familiar idea shades of both Fantastic Four and Inhumans is handled very well and is the strongest part of the storythe art by Nate Bellegarde is mainly top notch unfortunately that does not include his work with faces which for the most part all share a kind of unattractive constipated lookoverall Nowhere Men is creative and compelling I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion of the story Let me take you down ‘cos that’s where Nowhere Men’s taken me after reading itFour hippy scientists are apparently “rock stars” for their amazing research or something They create World Corp that becomes the world’s biggest corporation yup we’re in simpleton land already Fast forward to the present We’re on board a space station and the crew are sick with some unknown disease The hippy scientists broke up because the wooorrrllld is rooooounnnd nah it was about money or something stupid The space station crashes Somehow this is all connected and is supposed to mean somethingNowhere Men is the dumbest “science” themed book ever There’s no actual science just people standing in labs talking about who’s boning who and other peoples’ appearances Then we’re repeatedly told “science is the new rock ‘n’ roll” – did Eric Stephenson also come up with those lame posters you see in school libraries like “Hey Kids Reading Is COOL”?Do we see what the fruits of all this amazing science is? No Do we ever see whatever they did being used in the wider world? No How exactly did they change the world with their work? No clue Totally unconvincing “scientists”And let’s dispel this notion that this has anything to do with The Beatles The title the fact that a couple scientists are deliberately made to look like John and Paul and that mega naff “science is the new rock ‘n’ roll” motto so you’re told to believe these scientists are considered rock stars even though there’s no reason given as to why are the only things tying in to this idiotic ideaBut the real problems of Nowhere Men are that I read a full six issue arc and still have no idea a what the story is supposed to be b who the characters actually are c how the characters connect and d massive pacing issues that means the story is told at a sluggish crawl Stephenson is a shockingly incapable writer totally unable to juggle the various storylines he’s got going on – the flashbacks and the two threads in the present He pastes huge chunks of texts on every page and still can’t get the basics of competent storytelling down Exposition litters the comic entirely and none of it is engagingIn addition he thought it was a good idea to include faux magazinenewspaper articles and profiles on the characters slotted throughout the book These boring and gimmicky page length blocks of text add absolutely nothing to what we already know and after the first few I just stopped bothering reading them And really profiles on the characters? Do I need to know what Scientist A’s of course I didn’t retain their names favourite Beatles song is? It’s so irrelevant and it slows an already lethargic story even further Stop telling us who the characters are and SHOW us Stephenson Also when I pick up a comic I want to read a comic not a magazine or newspaper – that’s why duh I picked up a comicEven if Stephenson were a decent writer I’m not sure Nowhere Men would be worth reading anyway There’s a Stargate there’s the mad scientists creating monstrosities in the secret lab like The Manhattan Projects there are people transformed in space into superheroes like the Fantastic Four – everything in here has already been done and done better elsewhere Why bother with Nowhere Men?Good gravy what a mess Nowhere Men was a convoluted disaster full of things that looked like story and characters but felt like neither How does a sloppy writer like Eric Stephenson get published by Image? Oh that’s right he’s the publisher of Image Well Nowhere Men is possibly the worst Image comic I’ve ever read No wonder it got cancelled so soonA fate worse than death? Reading Nowhere Men This one started off with a ton of potential then just got way too wordy for me That makes me sound like a troglodyte but no it just had way too much going on The stuff all looked very good art and graphic wise the little info things included like fake newspaper articles and magazine covers was cool but kinda pulls you out of the immersion when you have to read so very carefullyPremise is something like what if the Beatles had been 4 scientists instead of musicians? But not exactly because one of them has a Beatles song as his favourite However a few of the characters look strikingly like John and Paul John is the practical one Paul is the one who wants to make and I'm trying to figure out which one is George I think the one who learned to use his 3rd eye and took a lot of LSD but that's Syd Barrett than Harrison which would make Ringo the moral compass? So ya not a fully formed theory but if so then this writer is NOT a Wings fan and worships at the altar of LennonBack to things these 4 dudes start a huge science company the Apple of science mixed with the domination of Microsoft and the ubiuitousness of Coca Cola So a HUGE company They make big discoveries and inventions get rich and shit falls apart in less than 10yrsmaybe this IS the Beatles after all?Anyhow one of the main things they did was send 12 people into space after they bought the ISS and staged a crash so that no one was supposed to know that the Space Station was still in orbit There the people are pretty much black ops secrecy level and they get some kind of infection and instead of sit around waiting to die one of them invents a teleportation device like the one in Stargate and escape as the station explodes not all of them make it I thinkThe infection ranges from no noticeable changes to full out mutations and they arrive back on Earth and other placesthen the guys who started the company decide they need to get hold of these survivors and it's John VS Paul Ringo siding with John after waking from a long coma where he gains George's power of the 3rd eye and Telepathy Holy Fuck I sound like a stonerAnyhoo the volume ends with them all scattered about to see what happensI skimmed the last few pages because shit just got RIDICULOUS STUPID I couldn't handle itThis seemed like a potential for cool ideas but I do think if this is all some Beatlemaniac's fan fiction pretending to be a comic then well done sirs That would actually be cooler than a backwards playing record with Satanic MessagesEnter at your own riskI think this may be Grant Morrison's new favourite book thoughI may re read whilst under the influence of something More reviews and no fluff on the blog Nowhere Men is an intelligently written nuanced and very intriguing book that perfectly makes use of the graphic novel format I was enthralled from the first few pages and consider it one of the best graphic novels I have readThe story starts in a very 1960s feeling America but clearly an alternate universe where four men hailed as the hope of the future as brilliant young scientists start a corporation with a ludicrously simple goal born of idealistic youth to make life better for everyone But as the book progresses dissent conflicting goals and the changes wrought by the onset of maturity hubris and even greed causes the group to fracture into separate fiefdoms Separate they will fight each other to the point that one will set into motion a devastating event horizon that will forever change the world they sought to make betterRight from the beginning the intriguing notion of what the world would be like if scientists rather than rock stars became the media obsession The four young scientists dressed in 1960s floppy haired splendor at the beginning are compared to the Beatles And like the Beatles in the 1970s each goes very separate ways in an era of drugs and pleasure Two stay good friends one drops out altogether in a haze of drugs and psychoanalysis and the last becomes a megalomaniacThe story alternates through time periods though the main arc throughout is what is happening in current time Additional characters affected by the Machiavellian machinations of the scientists bring context to the larger story through their own personal struggles Yes as with any story focusing on scientists it does veer very much into 'science gone wrong' dead end alley But when you start a story with brilliant idealistic scientists who gather together to make the world a better place you know it will probably go very wrong Fortunately there are no evil moustachioed twirlers to cheapen the plot And the actions of each of the four scientists truly baffles the others as they subconsciously battle to outdo achievements or even stop potentially dangerous actionsAlong with the layered story is a graphical presentation that is a marvel as a reader I can see how much work went into this book It's not just a story with some pictures Serious design work went into different types of presentations to help disseminate the world building and character growth Unlike similar efforts by well known comic artists such as Alan Moore and the mess that is the Black Dossier the factoids newspaper clippings profiles business documents blue prints magazine covers book excerpts etc are well integrated have great writing and illustrations and are set up to look very real Fonts design even interviews really look the part Paper with foxing on the sides from book pages friendly adverts of the products the scientists created even fashion spreads of scientists dressed up as supermodels it all works spectacularly And the back stories presented further shape the story and understanding of the characters and worldThe illustrations for the panels of the graphic novel are well done clean and clinical as befitting a book about science There are no glitzy rainbow explosions of colors or hyperactive lens flares off metal rim glasses The illustrations are in color and further the story perfectly with emotion and gravitas intactI also appreciated the interesting references in the book From Donald Fagan's album Kamakiriad an album about driving into the future to a very 1960s type of interview with a presenter greatly resembling Dick Cavett Even the X Men a fundamental aspect of the story are casually thrown out there As well the writing for the magazinesbooksetc are amazingly well done and representative of the medium I really have to give kudos to the authors who wrote the supplementary material for meticulously researching those mediums and then creating the style of writing so perfectlyIt is interesting for me that I had just read Avi's graphic novel City of Light City of Dark and mourned the complete waste of the graphic novel format for that story And here in Nowhere Men I have such an excellent example of what happens when creative minds get together to tell an interesting story in a very visual formatReceived as an ARC from the publisher Also available on the WondrousBooks blog I will go with No This is one of those books where the characters are over hyping themselves and each other because otherwise it would be hard for the reader to realize that something supposedly important is happeningOh these guys are rockstars He is a legend Their research changed the world Okay then if the author made his characters call each other brilliant then we must be reading about truly amazing individuals NotNowhere Men is a very confusing messy and unconvincing attempt at sci fi There is no science anywhere in the entire volume just a bunch of characters that make things happen and you are supposed to buy into the idea that they did it thanks to science However considering that the author doesn't bother to give any information about the level of actual technological development in this world or on where humanity was before the science Beatles came into the picture this so called science could as well be magic for all the reader knowsThere is a large jumble of seemingly important individuals including 4 interchangeable scientist gods who did something and then something happened and some substance was created somehow Sometime in the past someone somehow decided to put it on a spaceship for some reason which created some kind of a virus which is not actually a virus Now you know as much as I do having read the first volumeIf you stripped the story to its bare bones you would find a striking resemblance to the Fantastic 4 including the design of the characters on the space ship The science rockstars remain a mystery as does their importance however the reader must be aware that even though they seem like a bunch of suabbling greedy old assholes apparently all of them are geniusesIt's really hard to find any characters to care about or to be convinced to believe in any part of the story The self explanatory articles and interviews with the characters don't help On the contrary they make the story even dragged out and they nudge the reader into the land of Who cares?The part that I did like or less was the art It was solid well made and comforting I was glad to see that they didn't go for anything experimental because that would have added to the overall ridiculousness of the volume Thanks Nowhere Men see you never  A very different and enjoyable book which I'm really looking forward to delving into It's like manhattan projects about four genius scientists who were like the Beatles of science in the 70's One of them becomes greedy and creates a virus which starts evolving people into creatures with powers Som really cool characters in this and all of them easily defined making it easier to follow Science is the new rock and rollThe story begins in the 60s where a young group of four scientists is compared with Beatles We are introduced to four idealistic characters who have distinguished themselves in the field of science and created a corporation jointly to make the world a better placeThe story line alternates between various periods of time and space which can make all the reading somewhat confusing But overall I believe that there are several very interesting ideas behind this comicFirst can you imagine a world in which society sees scientists as public figures? With fans? With an immediate impact in the media? This hypothesis is spectacular for me I live in Portugal and news reports are filled with football news To me it makes some confusion because all they do is play football they have no importance in the practical life of anyone But scientists? YupSecond the focus given on the changes of ideals that we suffer lifelong We all go through an age in which we were very idealistic and then we evolve to realistic or unrealistic ideas In this comic social and media pressure individual growth and experiences with hallucinogens promote conflict in the group of scientists making it unforgiving The four separate Two remain friends other surrender to drugs and another becomes megalomaniacThird what is the long term impact of the scientific developments we are experiencing? This comic focuses on the negative aspects of science and its conseuences What price are we willing to pay for the scientific advances achieved?I enjoyed the graphics but I believe that the media magazine books interviews was too extense I believe it ended up cutting the pace of the story that was faster For the rest the concept was for me very well used# I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review# This volume has a fascinating premise what if the Beatles or people very like them were rock and roll super scientist stars? There's also lots of fancy use of unusual storytelling techniues Unfortunately Nowhere Men never really fulfills it potential To start with the story makes constant use of flashbacks and different time periods which I'd usually love but it's largely incomprehensible here as you struggle again and again to figure out what's going on when I think this problem was made worse by the lack of chapter dividers in the TPB which turned it all into one muddy flow Then we come to the text pieces ads where are constant in the comic Neither of them added much to the story and the text pieces were entirely dull Finally you get to the plot and minus all these tricks it's OK As for the characters the four super scientists are interesting but the 12 characters who fill out the B plot have almost no characterizationSo a bold worthwhile failure for me I'm frankly astounded it continues to get so much great attention I was skimming the text pieces by halfway through the book and by the time I got to the inconclusive ending I was skimming the rest of the comic too Collecting the first six issues of the comic this is a dense and sometimes complicated read But in a good way The genre is sci fi with the primary focus on “rock star” scientists and what they’ve done to improve the world It covers a virus mutations space stations and teleportation It’s a very detailed story with a few twists and some interesting characters As a whole it reminded me of Watchmen not only with some of the plot but also the way the panels were interspersed with articles that delved deeper into the characters and back story along with ads art and news stories As a whole Nowhere Men isn’t for everyone but it will appeal to those into the science side of sci fi and anyone wanting a deep character driven plot This is hands down one of the coolest and most original graphic novels that I have read in a while Brilliant science fiction that refers to the Fab Four while also reminding me of the Fantastic Four The art is absolutely first rateAnd though I loved the interviews and magazine articles and such that pepper the book giving us a real pop culture feel for these characters towards the end of the book it felt a teensy bit over done as it kinda messed up the pacing of the story That would be my only criticism that and the fact that we are left wanting

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