Fear Mountain

Fear Mountain❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Fear Mountain Author Mike Dellosso – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Billy Harding is a momma’s boy He’s a disappointment to his dad and his brothers So when Billy reluctantly agrees to go on a hunting trip he has no expectation to prove anything But when his grand Billy Harding is a momma’s boy He’s a disappointment to his dad and his brothers So when Billy reluctantly agrees to go on a hunting trip he has no expectation to prove anything But when his grandfather father and older brother are taken captive by an enemy sinister than any Billy could imagine he finds himself as their only hope Can Billy conuer his own fears and doubts and find the courage to become the man his family needs Set in post WWII western Maine Fear Mountain will take you on a journey of discovery and thrills that will keep you both intrigued and far from the woods LONELY HOUSE COVER EDITION Fear Mountain will be available in four different covers designed by four different graphic artists The content of each edition is the same Only the cover art is different This LONELY HOUSE EDITION was designed by Tim Serdynski Tim is a husband and father and has always loved creating and manipulating images for album covers and posters He is also a singersongwriter has recorded three albums and has toured all over the US Information on all three of Tim's creative avenues can be found on his website wwwtimserdynskicom ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mike Dellosso is the author of nine full length novels a husband father conference speaker and healthcare worker He and his wife have four biological daughters and have begun the journey to adopt a fifth daughter % OF THE PROCEEDS OF THIS BOOK WILL GO TOWARD THE ADOPTION EXPENSES Learn about Mike on his website wwwmikedellossobookscom and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Powerful Story Fear Mountain is an apt title for this book Very apt I have read every single one of Mike's books and he is an exceptional writer Very moving writer This book than proves that Written in the first person from Billy's point of view we find him alone on Fear Mountain after 3 members of his family are taken and lost Billy has some hard decisions to make decisions that will impact the rest of his life and give it new meaning Will he trust God? Completely and without reservation?You really should read this book Wow This book had my heart racing from start to finish It was such a thriller and so incredible The author is very descriptive but does not bore you It makes everything so much exciting I am usually a tough critic when it comes to thrillers but not with this book If you don't know at least some German this book might be a bit difficult to follow but for me having taken German in Highschool and becoming obsessed with it that's what I loved the most A definite must read A great read Billy's story is a lot than just overcoming fear and saving his family It's also about the evil in this world It's about God's love and learning to have faith and trust him completely A very suspenseful read that was hard to put down even for a few minutes “Fear and trust are funny things One can trust in his heart really trust that God is sovereign and able to do miraculous things through every day men and women in the direst situations but reason and logic demand that the mind experience fear fear of pain of loss of death” Mike Dellosso delivers another home run with “Fear Mountain” a novel he recently released to help his family’s adoption journey They hope to bring home a teen age girl from Eastern Europe and the proceeds of this book’s sales help them in their uest So buying this book is a win win — you get a great piece of fiction to read AND you help a young girl join her forever familyBut back to the book “Fear Mountain” told from the perspective of 17 year old Billy Harding during the post WWII era finds Billy and his brother father and grandfather on their annual hunting trip on Bear Mountain — known as Fear Mountain by the locals However Billy doesn’t really want to be there because he can’t possibly be different than his dad and brother Henry They love to farm and hunt and do “all things manly” Billy loves to read and learn and hopes to maybe be a preacher one day He has a way overactive imagination and is afraid of everything especially the woodsOne night during this hunting trip his grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimer’s goes missing What follows is a crazy heart pumping scary tale I’m not going to talk much about the plot because I don’t want to give away anything but it’s incredibleAnd Billy self proclaimed scaredy cat finds himself in the position of having to save his family He must learn to dig down and find the strength and faith to rescue themDellosso’s writing is very descriptive An example “Looking up into the abyss that sprawled above us watching the darkness enclose and swallow the flashlight’s beam much like an octopus envelopes its prey in a tangle of tentacles and slowly steadily draws the helpless victim toward its beaklike mouth ” He’s such a descriptive writer you will feel like you are right in the middle of the action Dellosso also makes several references to Biblical characters like Sampson and Daniel but in almost a humorous manner in the middle of a stressful situation“Fear Mountain” is a novel of prayer faith rescue uestioning if a person can change listening to our calling overcoming fear and trust — can Billy trust the stranger Peter who mysteriously appears and importantly can he trust God? It reminds us God is always in control as does this uote “But our God is a God of order and the sun always rises pushing back the darkness and giving way to hope and a new beginning a new day”This book will intrigue you right from the beginning and leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end One small disclaimer though there is violence in this book — uite a bit of itI always enjoy the twists and turns Dellosso offers in his novels Five stars out of five I really enjoyed the book It wasn't really what I thought the story might be about There is alot to the story and alot of details on the main characters thoughts It was another story that made me mad and sad all at the same time I think this is the second book I've read this year that has made my heart pound and shivers run up and down my back as I read the end I'm shocked by this story The profoundness the realness the spiritual lessons the characterseverything AmazingSo at the beginning when Billy and Henry Harding hurry into the woods to find their lost father and grandfather it seems like not much would happen They'll be stranded on the mountain searching forever until they find them again I mean the writing was amazing from the start but I had no idea what to expectBut wowzers This will throw you for a loop completely It is set just after the Second World War That setting is superb and plays a big part in the story later on Billy's character is wonderful and readers get so much out of his thoughts because the book is written from his first person POV This is a suspense story Your heart will race You will sit on the edge of your sit You will have no idea what is going to happen next This is a detailed story You feel the worry that Billy experiences You imagine the scenes he sees You feel the pain of the beatings I can't get over the writingI was slightly spectacle when Peter came in It took me a moment to figure out what he was but once I did the story flowed better Of course people may have controversial thoughts concerning that but in general I thought it was written beautifully And the focus at the end on trust was wonderful Do we really trust God?A couple times the call of nature mentions made me slightly annoyed Yeah so it IS realistic but we don't have to know that Haha The beginning part when it talked about it I was the most botheredGo read this because you won't be disappointed There are supernatural elements but I believe they are overall accurate and some fantasy stuff concerning the Germans I'm still astounded by this book and I think it will stick with me for awhile I just completed this adventure in two days I COULD NOT put it down Luckily the holidays allowed for the time because I would have gone nuts with anticipation I'm a recent big fan of Mike Dellosso's books this I have to say kept my heart racing from start to finish like no others I love how Mike gets right into the storyno opening fluff From the time Billy wakes up the mystery is afoot This story also made me uncomfortable than others in a good way sweating suirming through the detailed accounts of the character's agony SPOILER ALERT The way Peter suffered in the place of Billy's familywhat a perfect parallel to Christ's sacrifice Also the way we are called to trust in him even when we can only see darkness want to act out of impatience or our worldly sense of urgency It really spoke to convicted me I say this without hyperbole that Fear Mountain kept me on the edge heart racing from cover to cover A real thriller in my book Mike Dellosso does not disappoint 25 stars This was my least book from Delloss I thought it for kind of depressing rather tthan suspenseful