Among the Ruins

Among the Ruins➶ [Reading] ➸ Among the Ruins By Stephen Williams ➫ – When Ryan and his crew kidnap Edric Samuels the teenage son of a billionaire it doesn’t take long for fractures to appear in their carefully constructed plan The walls close in and the once good fri When Ryan and his crew kidnap Edric Samuels the teenage son of a billionaire it doesn’t take long for fractures to appear in their carefully constructed plan Among the PDF/EPUB or The walls close in and the once good friends are suddenly at each other’s throats Things look bad—but they’re about to get a whole lot worse Edric is not an ideal prisoner and soon pacifying the boy is their only option Sometimes they use a needle other times their fists But what his captors don’t know is that each time he falls down the rabbit hole Edric’s nightmares are training him to be a killing machine Are these hallucinations from the drugs or are they something much darker Once set on this path of revenge Edric won’t stop until his enemies are hollow shells of blood and bone. This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest reviewAmong the Ruins is uniue It's a bit of a horror story with some fantasyGreek mythology In hindsight I think having read the Iliad would have been helpful but it's by no means necessary to enjoy this bookRyan and his buddies are broke and desperate So they hatch a plan to kidnap a billionaire's son and hold him for ransom Pretty much right from the get go cracks begin to form in their plan They succeed in getting the teen to their hideout but once there tensions are high and the friends start to fight among themselves The teenager they kidnap Edric which by the way means wealth and fortune is being kept drugged while held captive However whenever he is under he visits an otherworldly place where the man who seemingly lives there offers to train him to kill his captors Edric becomes adept at fighting and uickly develops a blood lust I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen once he tried to put his training to useThe only reason I didn't give this one 5 stars was because it was a bit slow at times There's even a part in the middle where one of the kidnappers Ryan and his pregnant wife have long drawn out sex I understand what Williams was trying to accomplish but it didn't really work for me Ryan is a murderer as well as a kidnapper Yet he's the only one of the group that somehow seems to have a bit of a conscience The book is told through both Edric and Ryan's POV so the reader is supposed to feel a bit of sympathy I think for Ryan However even though Ryan is hoping to get the ransom money in order to take care of his unborn child I never really could feel sympathy for him Having him make love to his wife in a tender and loving manner is meant to make the reader care for the couple even but it just didn't work for me Instead I just wanted the sex to be over with so we could get back to the storyObviously this is just my opinion and some people may enjoy this interlude but it just slowed down the story for me Other than that once Edric decides to finally put his training to use and fight back this book becomes super fast paced and absolutely filled with gore That's what I was wanting and the end definitely delivers Overall I really enjoyed this one It's a bloody and gory fresh take on a kidnapping story that keeps you guessing until the very end The premise of this book is sneaky coolA small crew of young idiots kidnap a wealthy man's son without a serious plan so they end up stranded in the woods with their prey with nothing else to do than beat on him and turn against one another? Cliché you say? You might be rightEXCCCEEEPPPT for a clever twist the the crew beats up young Edric and pumps drugs into his system the haunted he becomes by a creature that turns him into a violent and resourceful psychopath himself Another thing that makes AMONG THE RUINS really cool is that it features a group of young men acting out on their tough guy fantasies They think they're smarter than the system they see themselves as predators until they get too far into the jungle They're not boring hopeless cons which I appreciated By making his protagonists a little thick between the ears and his wealthy hostage nuanced and believable Stephen Williams muddled the lines of morals which I can appreciate tooSure the execution gets a little shoddy at times The dialogue is always overdoing the exposition a little Asclepius tells Edric I'm molding you for my own purpose about 100 pages into him molding Edric for his own purpose Edric's dreams are a little conveniently cool Stuff like that It wasn't to a point where it was unpleasant or anything though AMONG THE RUINS is worth a try beautiful people Stephen Williams is an intriguing new talent Make sure to add him to your lists A real page turner I was on the edge of my seat until the very end Stephen Williams has brought to his readers a fast paced thriller A true page turner We have Ryan and his crew formulating a plan to kidnap a billionaire's kid Billion with a B as in Benjamin Franklin as in Breaking the Bank a uote I enjoyed from the book The target is named Edric who is conceived to be a brat prince typical little rich kid but he is far smarter than imagined They steal Edric out of school beat him senseless and basically humiliate him but in his dreamy unconsciousness state Edric is enlightened to go about a new path to kill his kidnappersAmong the Ruins goes full throttle from that point We swing through a myriad of POVs which can confuse a rookie reader but it kept me entertained and interested because I like to be in different head spaces as much as possible I won't add any other spoilers Just get the book Also the chapter titles are awesomeVillipede Publications is giving us the highest uality fiction around very underground very innovative Good job Mr Williams