Landfall➜ [Epub] ❧ Landfall By Julie Hensley ➦ – In this ring of connected short stories grounded in the fictional town of Conrad’s Fork Kentucky everyone is staging some sort of escape A woman harboring the dark truth about her youngest daughter In this ring of connected short stories grounded in the fictional town of Conrad’s Fork Kentucky everyone is staging some sort of escape A woman harboring the dark truth about her youngest daughter’s birth a new teacher suddenly under suspicion after a student’s disappearance a young girl witnessing her older sister’s sexual awakening all the people in this Appalachian community suffer a paralyzed desire in response to the stagnancy and exposure they experience in their small town Landfall A Ring of Stories weaves together the voices of two generations of mountain families in which secrets are carefully guarded—even from closest kin One by one those who leave confront the pull of the land and the people they’ve left behind Perhaps Conrad’s Fork will save them or perhaps in the wake of urban encroachment and shifting family systems they will save it. Want to know how to tell when you're reading a good book?Let's say you're reading it during your lunch break You get to a certain part you clasp your hands together and you think Oh no Oh no and then you have to go back to workAll afternoon you stop every now and then and think Oh noAnd by dinner you're reading again Because you have to know what happens And you hope to heaven that the character you worried about all afternoon didn't do the thing you were oh noing overYou worried As if the character was a real personNow THAT'S good writing And it's everywhere in this book All of the characters in all of the stories grab your attention and don't let goThe book calls itself a ring And I can see that with how the last story reflects on the first But really it's a masterful linked story collection with characters appearing in each other's relationships at a variety of times in their lives When I finished the book I actually went back and traced each character reminding myself of who each one was and how that character changed as he or she aged or went from one relationship to the next This is lovely work I stayed up late to finish it That's another sign of a good book I'd read many of these stories in literary journals before the collection came out among my favorites the powerful title story Landfall; the sad sometimes funny slightly scandalous and somehow charming Sugar; and the uietly boiling The Sound of Animals with an ending so subtle and powerful you wonder how Hensley can evoke such contrasts in one sentence But she does In fact the way these stories surprise and delight in language structure and plot is a common theme throughout the collection Each of these stories on its own is a complete world with complex characters and so much simmering beneath the surface But as the subtitle suggests when put together these stories gather momentum playing off each other in various ways character tone place and a host of other common threads from first loves to the sacrifices we make in the name of family In the end this ring of stories I'd known on an individual basis transforms into a novel that is at once new and familiar A smart and beautiful collection that delights with its turns of plot and humor It grabs hold of you early on and won't let go all the way to the climactic final and I'd argue best story Expecting in a collection of great stories Hensley and I got our MFAs together and she was always the finer writer This collection of linked stories demonstrates her talent While her exploration of the Kentucky setting and seemingly extraordinary knowledge about farming struck me a city slicker big time I think the standout feature of her writing is at the sentence level Each individual sentence is beautiful It seems to be very carefully written prose; the lines are well considered It is no surprise that Hensley moonlights as a poetMy favorite story was FloatingShe's still the better writer Hensley is a gifted short story writer of the highest caliber You will get sucked into the intricate world of the people she calls to life with her seemingly effortless words Her characters lead passionate flawed desperate lives and you can't help but get pulled into them Julie Hensley a Kentucky author spun a circular stories that were linked together by women's livesI found the book to be elouently written using word pictures that portrayed realistically the time frame and story elementsWomen's live in a patriarchal society and the subseuent losses were the meaningly and foremost theme

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