Trial by Fury

Trial by Fury❰Ebook❯ ➣ Trial by Fury Author K.G. MacGregor – When a coed is viciously assaulted on the campus of Harwood University performance studies professor Celia Perone learns a brutal truth—star athletes can get away with whatever they want Threatened When a coed is viciously assaulted on the campus of Harwood University performance studies professor Celia Perone learns a brutal truth—star athletes can get away with whatever they want Threatened with her job if she goes public Celia pays a secret visit to celebrated women’s rights attorney Theodora Constantine Theo’s riding high after winning a very public sexual harassment claim against a cable news network Next up for her firm is a class action suit that will strain her small staff She can’t afford to get sidetracked by another case but Trial by Kindle - Celia won’t take no for an answer The case is compelling and so is Celia—so much that Theo finds herself falling hard But before they can win love they have to win justice. Check out the full review by Fury is the latest release by KG MacGregor one of the titans in the world of lesbian literature KG MacGregor is like Homer and I don’t mean Homer Simpson I’m referring to the Greek poet Homer who wrote the classics Iliad and Odyssey MacGregor like Homer has some pretty epic heroes in her stories doing some pretty epic things during some pretty epic times Every novel that I’ve read by KG MacGregor has been high on drama and adventure and Trial by Fury is one that you definitely won’t want to miss Anna and Celia kick some major institutionalized misogynistic ass in this novel Anna and Celia battle against the powers that try to suppress them and Harwood University discovers that they are a force to be reckoned with They are relentless in their fight to seek justice that the victims in this story rightly deserveThese women are heroines in every sense of the word passionate strong braveMacGregor prefaces the novel by stating that she’s not a subject matter expert in law If you aren’t from the legal world I think you’d be easily convinced otherwise The author’s storyline narrative is riveting and the writing is compelling and convincing I can only imagine the amount of research and time it took for the author to learn about the process of law and to meticulously craft this novelTrial by Fury isn’t just fiction It’s a mirror image of the huge problem of rape and sexual assault that we’re facing at our colleges and universities today The statistics that are shown in the novel are as alarming as they are real 1 in 4 women have been victims of sexual assault at college campuses across the United States Unfortunately most of these incidents go unreported due to the victim’s own feelings of shame and fear and their deep seated belief that nothing will be done and that “you’re on your own” because “you did something wrong” The resolution of the People of the State of California vs Brock Allen Turner reinforces this type of toxic conditioning and perpetuates a destructive cycle of abuse It’s incredibly disappointing and infuriating to see how our justice system failed Emily Doe and ultimately failed all of us The judge dropped the ball on this Big time We have a ways to go in changing rape culture in this countryWriters have the gift of words Words which are expressed to their respective audience for a myriad of purposes to comfort direct entertain educate Unfortunately words can also be used to manipulate lie cheat and inflict pain and suffering In Trial by Fury MacGregor utilizes her talent and gift to shine a light in a very dark place And I hope as a community we continue to create light and bring change no matter how big or small 35 stars rounded down to 3 This is an important book if only that it can hopefully open eyes to be fact that these types of things happen but I really can’t honestly rate it any higher than a mediocre 35 This isn’t by far MacGregor’s best book but it is a decent mediocre legal drama novel It’s about injustice than actual drama The final few chapters were wrapped up way too fast and MacGregor really didn’t handle the legal stuff as well as she could have Personally I’m glad I read it but won’t be picking it up again for a future read As a romance ugh and blah Not necessarily in that order Start with an underdeveloped MC in Celia and add in insta love crappola and no chemistry Ugh and blah Go into this with the mindset of wanting to read a bit about social injustice and little guy vs the big university system and you’ll still have a good read too but all in all meh This is like 90% legal strategy and maneuvering and only about 10% romance The fight to get universities to change their rape culture is interesting and topical but it is done at the expense of character and romantic development Also feels occasionally preachy It's impossible not to compare this book against the anti big oil Anyone But You what with the similar tilting vs windmills theme but which I felt was much better all around It had leads I could fall in love with their chemistry sizzled they faced tougher odds and it had a thrilling plot This one felt like I was just reading an in depth magazine article nice and informative but not much tension not much suspense and not a lot of feeling42 stars This book was wow I'd say a roller coaster ride full of emotions It was kind of like watching 'Making a murderer' You shout at the TV set how unfair this whole thing is and that somebody has to uncover the truth Same here this poor girl didn't stand a chance I don't want to spoil but there is than meets the eye at first ; PS And there is also a little romance in there ; despite the action PS2 Never judge a book by its cover This story was well told and it is such a shame to know that it doesn't stray too far from reality Hayley's story I'm sure resonates with thousands of young women around the world who have been relegated to the back burners for the well being of University reputations and of that of their male athletes and that thought alone brought a sense of outrage for all those nameless and faceless victims Again this story was well told and has some strong female characters that made it work Another good book by MacGregor This book is not about an easy subject A lawyer takes on a University and it's star athletes that gang rapped a girl who later committed suicide A teacher who was a whistle blower on this horrible crime must navigate still working at the University and falling in love with the lawyer The exciting parts were the investigation and unraveling of the truth also some of the court scenes I thought the writing was excellent and it was interesting seeing the good guys try to take on a giant University And as horrible as this story was to read about a rape culture prevalent on a campus this kind of thing does happen Everything seem horrifically believable to meThe only part that was lacking a bit was the romance While it's not bad in anyway I would say it was just averageWhile reading this I kind of felt like I was watching a really good episode of Law and Order SVU If that sort of thing interests you crime law and a David vs Goliath type story don't pass this one up I would say that 'Trial by Fury' is thriller than romance The story is an enjoyable emotional roller coaster with some fascinating minor characters and of course with the wonderful main character Theo I picked up this book a few weeks ago not really reading the description but going off the fact that KG MacGregor always puts out uality material and it usually covers interesting or thought provoking subjects This book could have easily been picked off of the last few weeks headlines about the travesty and cover up at Baylor University Sadly the book was written before that whole nightmare was brought to the public’s attention This book tackles the horrible problem and aftermaths of rape and sexual assaults on our college campuses Trial by Fury is a lot of legal and a smidgen of romance It is very good very informative and very heavy For me this book was good and disappointing all wrapped together Honestly I don’t think this book is really a romance at all While two characters Theo and Celia do become a couple and fall madly in love the book isn’t really about that It is the legal working of Theo and her staff figuring out a way to make the rapists and the college pay for the crimes and then the mishandling of the victims’ rights While the subject is so important and swift action needs to be taken by colleges across America you do feel like characters weren’t ever really developed and most definitely the romance was very flat This book felt very educational and I could have been reading an in depth expose Don’t go into this one expecting to be overjoyed by the love you will come out smarter than before though 375 stars My reviews can always be found at my blog wwwtheromanticreaderblogcom Trial by furyAmerican law is lost on me but it did not stop me from loving this compelling read that follows a rape case K G MacGregor has done a stupendous job at writing about difficult topics without it being overwhelming or flippant whilst also intertwining a sweet love story This is one of the better MacGregor's I've read in a while A good mix of legal stuff and romance stuff though not necessarily balancedA woman in drag dressed up in a suit and hat intending to look like a man or at the very least not like herself shows up at a law office – specifically at the law office of a famous lawyer known for fighting for the rights of women Fighting for women in divorces fighting on behalf of women in uneual pay cases etcWell that woman in drag has a case of her own though not for herself or on her own behalf No it’s for a student for you see she is actually a professor at a local private university a woman by the name of Dr Celia Perone A dead studentOn the night that Harwood University’s men’s basketball team won the national basketball championship a young woman slashed her wrists And died Three or members of that team had drugged her unconscious then raped her Then piling on released a video of their actions Well it was released to a select group; so it was vague taunts of others plus outright expressions of disbelief – she was a drama student; the others claimed she was just being dramatic The campus health clinic helped in a small way with a rape kit The campus police seemed vaguely interested Then things changed for her Her ‘friends’ as mentioned said she was lying being dramatic or had been asking for ‘it’ Not all but enough of them The police did not proceed with an investigation The college? Literally told her that they would suspend her andor sue her andor other vicious things if she continued being a nuisance about the issue She was a woman with very little support familycollege no rape crisis center on that campuspolice’friends’ Except for one male friend who she leaned on and one college professor – that previously mentioned Dr Celia Perone Watching her rapists celebrating smiling and giggling on national television she could not go onTheodora Constantine of Greek heritage I mention for no known reason takes the case Very complicated case – especially as it is very difficult to find ‘footing’ or standing for a lawsuit While that case is proceeding along with others a romance between Theo as she is actually called in the book and Celia also progressed A mix of slow burn and instantaneous ‘stuff’ took a while for both agreed to date then they view spoilerproceeded to fuck on their first date hide spoiler

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  • Trial by Fury
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  • 11 October 2014
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