Books Bulls and Bacchanals Brandywine Investigations #4

Books Bulls and Bacchanals Brandywine Investigations #4[Download] ➸ Books Bulls and Bacchanals Brandywine Investigations #4 ➽ Angel Martinez – Part of the Brandywine Investigations seriesEveryone assumes life’s one big party for Dionysus but even the god of wine and orgies has problems His anger management issues are out of control and his Part of and Bacchanals ePUB ↠ the Brandywine Investigations seriesEveryone assumes life’s one big party for Dionysus but even the god of wine and orgies has books Bulls MOBI :¼ problems His anger management issues are out of control and his siblings suggest a visit to the Eternal Library to find a cure Bulls and Bacchanals PDF É The library of the gods is a strange and confounding place though one that Dionysus has avoided for centuries and his certainty that Bulls and Bacchanals Brandywine Investigations MOBI :¼ the library hates him is confirmed when a killer strikes during his visitLife as the only librarian is blissfully peaceful for Leander giving him the security and uiet he so desperately needs Considered a monster as a child Leander’s memories of his imprisonment in the Labyrinth left deeply carved emotional scars But when a young woman is murdered in his library he needs to emerge from his self imposed seclusion to help find the killer who might still stalk the hallwaysForced to keep company with Dionysus Leander swings between whether the unpredictable and charming little god will keep him safe or drive him to distraction before the killer is found. I have enjoyed Martinez's tale of Greek gods in this Brandywine Investigations series and was excited when I found out that Dionysus finally got his own story Dio was well wild I mean he was the god of wine and orgies So I was curious about the one who would be able to capture Dio's heartAnd I must applaud Martinez once again since she seems able to bring out interesting and uniue relationship because guess who Leander is? He's a minotaur yep THE minotaur The bull that is part of the Greek myth of Theseus and the Labyrinth gleeful But there was nothing assertive about Leander at all In fact he is a reticent being he is pretty much living in the uiet peaceful Eternal Library with his books and his red panda assistants lovingly named as characters from Austen's booksYes people the Wild God of Orgies and Reticent Virgin Bull Who knew? They actually worked I did have trouble to get immersed into the story in the beginning Probably because Dio's thoughts felt too scattered for me to follow It improved when Leander finally made his appearance though Leander was such a darling It just made sense and I thought the relationship was adorableThere was a 'slight' mystery because one of the secondary characters was murdered at the library but it wasn't the spotlight of this story I didn't mind though maybe because it was what happened in book #1 and #3 anyway despite the series name which include the word InvestigationsAll in all I was happy with this one Now I wonder if Martinez will return to this world I will be happy reading about other Greek gods 375 StarsSomething good could come from a tragedy and it happened here Didn't think I would like Dionysus' story this much but liking Heck loving it I did This newest story in the ‘Brandywine Investigations’ series with its Greek and other gods supernatural beings from various myths and legends and a range of problems set in today’s world is just as funny engaging and fascinating as the previous books I think it’s one of my favorite series because of the mixture of laugh out loud humor sarcasm and moments that induce uiet chuckles as I follow the adventures of the old gods trying to deal with modern life Most of them have adapted rather well to the twenty first century but there are some that battle old issues And “Books Bulls and Bacchanals” has all the much loved elements it’s yet another unusual pairing both main characters are damaged souls as well as immortals there’s a mysterious murder and to top it all off it’s all set in the Eternal Library Seriously? A library in another dimension that safely preserves every scroll papyrus and book ever written? Count me inDionysus who now goes by Dio is not just the extroverted god of wine and orgies but he also has anger management issues It all goes with the image of being a rather wild rock star – what else but at the core of who he is Dio is as vulnerable as anyone else Relationships don’t work for him because who can stand seeing him leading all those orgies on a regular basis and even his family mostly despises him for being one of the many illegitimate sons of Zeus Dio adores his uncle Hades and his brother Hermes and some of he younger gods have sided with him but he is fundamentally alone When his latest destructive burst of anger during which he loses consciousness prompts his siblings to recommend a visit to the Eternal Library Dio at first isn’t sure he should go He is not exactly a reader But reason wins and he makes his way there only to have one of his friends murdered within hours He is determined to find out who did it but it is not an easy taskLeander the Minotaur of legend has finally found peace as the Eternal Library’s librarian He likes his life to be ordered and ever since he has retreated away from a world that cruelly mistreated him because of his animal like appearance he has found a measure of tranuility All of that is brutally interrupted with a murder and all kinds of beings swarming the library in the effort of finding out who did it Leander is forced to come out of his isolation and work with Dio and as much as this upsets him he finds out there is something very attractive about the utterly charming god Trust is slow to build but their connection is undeniableIf you like stories that play with well known elements of the mythological world and create something entirely new and uniue if you enjoy seemingly opposite characters figuring out that they have much in common and if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful yet emotional and romantic as well then you will probably like this novel as much as I do The characters – both old and new are fascinating the murder mystery kept me interested and Leander’s and Dio’s love story is very touching Thank you for another great installment Angel I sure hope you’re working on the next volumeNOTE This book was provided by Amber Allure for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews 35 30 Stars I love this series and enjoyed this book and I would've rounded up to four stars EXCEPT for the reconciliation between HEA and the God of orgies I don't begrudge Dio his HEA I get it; I do But my appreciation is at arms length in a wow I admire Leander for being able to take comfort in washing off the jizz and other bodily fluids left by his lover's other lovers kind of way Sadly I can't honestly relate; I'm simply not wired that wayBottom line Liked it but Ms Martinez did it again Another brilliant story in the wonderfully complex world of Brandywine Investigations A must read for anyone who loves crime myth hurtcomfort or romance I won't say too much because I don't want to ruin the story but I will say that you see some of the previous characters as well as some new ones I couldn't help but fall in love with Dionysus and Leander and can't wait for the next story So I realized part way through that I'd somehow accidentally skipped #3 But I'd already come to love Dio and Leander so much that I didn't want to stop So much that I also accidentally stayed up way past my bedtime because I had to finish it I'm extra excited now to go read Hermes's storyThese two individually are each delightful and sympathetic Together they're spectacular So much fun to see them find each otherAnd the library Brilliant beautiful wonderfully great fun Some Favorite uotes Choosing not to engage does not euate to being oblivious to my surroundings Athena frownedGreen smells new and starting things ish It's rain and dirt and things just creeping out of burrows You know green Is that possible? For humans not to have any family? Do they come from seed pods sometimes?I like being read to Don't have to understand all of it Just like the sound of words flowing over me like streams of spiced lightI don't do possible All about the im Okay stop with the monster bit You're not a monster You're awesomesauce with a garnish of gorgeousDude you're a bull Even if you're a Ferdinand kind of bull there's nothing macho What is going on with this book coverNo Seriously What ARE YOU?It's so appalling I'm 100% impressed The uestionable font with its uestionable colours with a uestionable photoshop job with this incomprehensible goth wannabe I COULD PULL OFF GOTH BETTER THAN YOU BUDDY And i'm this tiny ass straight laced asian chick PLEASEBut then again I don't have much of a moral high ground because there it is on my to read list Well played book cover Another wonderful addition to the Brandywine Investigations series I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Dio and Leander They were sweet and complimented one another well and I loved the library setting It was also fun revisiting the characters from the previous books in the series 3 Charon This has become one of my favorite Angel Martinez series SpoilerPoor Leander a pure innocent being that gets lead around by a cheating god Dionysus who like his father does anyone and anything he sees Leander will have to accept all the cheating becauce Dionysus needs that to live Sure Like there are no other means that make him exit Like Nature Animal care Music And so on he doesnt have to have sex with strangers no sure Leander its just physical no need to get so jealous on the dancefloor every time Im shocked at that ending And disgusted at this way of dealing with an innocent who has never met love before and doesnt know better than to believe that the god of cheating is a good „lover“ Yeah „love“ its hilarious how that emotion is described in that story Horrible horrible book D only wants Leander as an anger management tool and for what is in his pants Ares hit the truth there Very very sad Delete OMG the twin fauns did I say twin fauns