A Match Made for Christmas

A Match Made for Christmas❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ A Match Made for Christmas Author Debra Lynn Collins – Oaklandjobs.co.uk All of a sudden Seirra Marshall finds herself anonymously receiving several roses along with various date invitations from men she barely knows She wonders what is going on When she discovers the trut All of a sudden Seirra Marshall finds herself Made for PDF/EPUB À anonymously receiving several roses along with various date invitations from men she barely knows She wonders what is going on When she discovers the truth she is heartbroken and uestions if the man she trusted is in on the whole matchmaking scheme Corbin Whitley is in A Match MOBI :¼ love with Seirra Marshall and has been since the day he first laid eyes on her When he discovers she is single again he decides to do whatever it takes to win her heart Just when he thinks that is happening something goes terribly wrong Will he be able to fix the wrong done to Match Made for PDF ☆ her or is it too late. I really enjoyed this novella which actually surprised me a little bit because I don't usually like books whose plots center around secrets In the prologue of this novella Collins introduces a group of eight women called The Joy Belles who lead worship decorate and coordinate events for their church The interactions of this group were delightful except for the fact that they decide to matchmake one of their members without her knowledge or consent I cringed when I read that and thought I was going to hate it but the role it played in the story gave it the credence and conseuences it deserved So well done for that Ms Collins I love The Joy Belles and am really hoping that this novella is the beginning of several books about the different membersThis novella actually focuses on Seirra a Joy Belle and Corbin a friend of hers from work and church I have to be honest and say that reading the name Seirra over and over taxed my brain as I desperately wanted it to be Sierra EVERYSINGLETIME and it wasn't My husband has this amazing ability to read books without really pronouncing the names of the characters and I was desperately wishing for that superpower in this one because I really struggled with this name Moving on Seirra is actually a delightful character who was really humble giving and kind I found myself wishing I could meet her and be her friend and sing with her in real life And for all her sweetness Corbin was really sweet too Both of them shared the weakness of being too kind to stand up for themselves and while it didn't affect their relationship too much once it got started it was good to still see some growth from both of them in this area I am a sucker for characters who grow and authors who can pull it off well within the confines of a short novella earn my applauseThis really is a delightful read I stayed up far too late to finish it Thank goodness it was short I look forward to reading other books by this author in the near future What a sweet novella that will put you right in the Christmas spirit Seirra Marshall and Corbin Whitely know each other from church as well as when they see each other daily at the local mall Sierra works at the Sweet Lady's Boutiue and Corbin is a mall security guard Its obvious they are both smitten with each other but don't realize their true feelings The relationship starts to bloom with a friendshipSweet Seirra is also a member of The Joy Belles at her church This group of eight young ladies sing at worship and are in the midst of decorating their church for Christmas as well as planning a big church Christmas partyThe Joy Belles are on a mission to bring joy to Sierra this Christmas as her previous boyfriend has ended their relationship It was fun to read how their plans turned out This book contains all the wonderful sights and smells of the holidays Christmas tress and decorations a town tree lighting event lots of hot chocolate mistletoe and a love story to warm your heart Incredibly sweet and romantic novella When Seirra brakes up with her boyfriend Craig Corbin is already in love with her When he finally decides it's time to let her know her friends have set up a contest to win her love Of course she hears about it and all is lost Or is it? Can Corbin convince her he loves her for her and had nothing to do with her friends matchmaking? You'll love this story What a tangled web we weave when a group of friends get together to give a friend a man for ChristmasI love the character interactions and the scenes throughout the bookThis is a new author for me and I look forward to by her I read this sweet novella in one sitting I just adored the hero and heroine It would be a perfect Hallmark Christmas movie So sigh worthy Highly recommend I enjoyed reading the story I would definitely read novels from this author A uniue story with a matchmaking scheme that went awry I loved this so much Good Bookl have always read from this author she put Christ and romance in a even keel I love the people in her book but l thought she should put info on the hero life But other than that happy reading This is a great Christmas romance I really love both of the main characters Sierra and Corbin Sierra is a precious heroine and Corbin get 5 stars from me for being a top notch hero If you are looking for a good Christmas novella read this one It was a good matchI loved this book It was the best Christmas story I've read so far I'd recommend this to all my friends It sure made me smile