The Magic Tree: A Tale from the Congo

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Summary This book depicts the story of a man He was born different from his twin and was often looked under by his mother He runs away and comes across a tree that grants him wishes He gets everything he desires but he must not tell anyone where all his possessions came from He follows this rule until he forgets and tells his mother his secret This makes him lose all that he had gained Evaluation This book has amazing illustrations and is easy to read It does a great job of bringing culture from the Congo to us Teaching Idea I think a student who is barely starting to read could use this book to gain confidence in his or her reading It is short and has many picture breaks This book was okay The illustrations seemed very much from the Aztec era They were very colorful and bright however the story was somewhat hard to follow I didn't entirely understand the ending but I think elementary students would enjoy it because they could make up the ending and decide what happened to Mavungu This was an interesting story from the Congo culture It the story there are two twin brothers and one of the brothers feels unloved so he runs away Along the way he finds a magic tree and every time he picks a leaf from a tree it turns into a person The Magic Tree A Tale from the Congo was illustrated very wellalmost like cave drawings Its a tale about a boy named Mavungu He ran away from home because his mother liked his twin brother better He came upon a magic tree that spoke to him as he pulled off leaves Leaf by leaf people started to come out of the tree thanking Mavungu for releasing them from the tree A Princess came out and they fell in love Mavungu became a very wealthy Prince but his bride told him never to tell the secret of the magic tree After a while he missed him family so he went to visit them His bride warned him not to tell his secret but he ignored her and told them The ending was weird You don't really know what happens after he tells his mother the secret Kinda weirdOne idea to do with students is to have them finish the story They can get into groups and decide what will happen to Mavungu since he spilled the beans about the magic tree Then every group can share their ending with the classAnother idea would be to use this book when discussing other countries Have students research the Congo and report whats happening currently around that area This is a tale from the Congo region of africa It teaches the lesson about keeping a secret When a poor neglected boy frees the people of the tree he is rewarded by marrying the princess She gives him great wealth but in order to keep it and her he is instructed to not tell anyone of the tree He forgets and tells his previous family that neglcted him and didnt love him and ends up alone without the princess and her wealth and without his familyThis is overall a good fairy tale that teaches conventional morals but what appealed to me most about this book was the illustrations The drawings look like traditional african art with bright colors and geometric shapes It was also very interesting some of the story was told through the illustrations and without words When the boy was wondering through the jungle there was no words just pictures the end of the story is also left without words and clarification It just has four pages of pictures and the reader need to interpret what happened I think this would be a good story to teach using context clues and the pictures to figure out what is going on in the story This book retells and African tale about the importance of keeping your promises and not betraying the ones that you love The book is small in size and a rectangular shape The endpages have bright yellow and orange patterns that are similar to the illustrations found in the story Even the title page and dedication page are very bright The illustrations reflect the African culture in a positive way They have no negative space and they are full of colors that are visually appealing The free form shapes and characters are uniue to the African culture as well Overall I really enjoyed the artistic ualities of this book I grew up reading and re reading this tale The story tells of how Mavungu a homely and unloved child grows to transcend his lonely place in life only to make a tremendous error leaving him where he began With beautifully geometric illustration and simple yet pervasive language this story is both rich and timeless It still strikes a chord somewhere deep inside today This book is an excellent way to lead into a discussion on how important operation security keeping future operations and troop movements a secret is to the safety and security of America and its allies in past and current conflicts This book can also be used to start discussions on America’s history of Japanese interment and detainment of suspected terrorist at Guantanamo Bay detainment I loved the illustrations I really liked this story because it's rare for me to find folktales that are appropriate for storytime They're usually too long and wordy for very young children This one was almost perfect It does not have a happy ending or an ending that is tied off in a neat bow but I may read it to my storytime group After running away from his family because his mother does not show him love Mavungu finds a tree and pulls the leaves off of it and the leaves turn out to be people A beautiful princess is one of the leaves and tells Mavungu she wishes to marry him Mavungu promises the Princess he will not tell the secret of what he has done but forgets his promise when he finds his mother again