Whitefern[Ebook] ➦ Whitefern ➥ V.C. Andrews – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The long awaited seuel to My Sweet Audrina one of VC Andrews’s strangest most beloved books—and now a Lifetime movie Whitefern swallowed Audrina’s childhood—and now the sprawling Victorian man The long awaited seuel to My Sweet Audrina one of VC Andrews’s strangest most beloved books—and now a Lifetime movie Whitefern swallowed Audrina’s childhood—and now the sprawling Victorian mansion threatens her adult life tooAudrina remembers a better time when her husband Arden was a young man with a heart filled with devotion for her He didn’t used to be this ambitious expansivethis cruel But then the death of Audina’s father changed a great many things When the reading of her father’s will reveals that Audrina herself will control fifty one percent of the family brokerage—the halls of Whitefern again don’t feel safe Arden’s protestations become frantic nearly violent And while Audrina didn’t anticipate running the family business she’s curious to do so And she can’t help but wonder what had made her father change his will at the last minute What did he know about Arden that she didn’t Trapped in the middle of it all her fragile simple sister—the beautiful trusting Sylvia Audrina promised her father she’d watch over the young woman But after years of relative uiet the dark days of Whitefern may have returned. Normally I'm strongly against reviewing a book before it's been read let alone before it's even been written and released However I maintain my stance that these preuels and seuels piggy backing off of Virginia's original work have no place being written and released I don't care how good they are so far they've been horrible They are official fanfiction for pay The recent Dairy series should tell us that no one who is making money off these booksVCA's remaining family members included cares about the integrity of Virginia's original work All they want is money Neiderman can't give us new details because he didn't write My Sweet Audrina Virginia did And she's deadTo anyone who says what if VCA left behind notes and he's incorporating that into the new book? And that's a strong if I ask Have you seen the manuscript for Where the Greener Grass Grows? It's the first draft of what would ultimately become Petals on the Wind Yep the seuel to Flowers in the Attic It's wildly different from the finished version of Petals And she wrote both of them herself People might bring up Garden of Shadows It's the original preuel to the Dollanganger series Written by Neiderman after Virginia's death It's mostly accepted by fans as being cannon Well not all of us There's a reason why Neiderman and the publisher is keeping us in the dark about how much of the book is based off Virginia's work and how much Neiderman made up Same goes for books 3 4 and 5 of the Casteel series Did you know they decided to scrap the 100 page draft for Fallen Hearts that Virginia had been working on when she died? We'll never know what she had in mind for her characters and her story Neiderman can continue to write under her name for all I care Just use original characters and stories please Everything since Dawn has been the ghostwriters original stuff Fine by me Hey I actually like some of his ghostwritten work Tarnished Gold Landry #5 for instance is a favorite of mine VCA books are very uniue There's nothing like them So I do appreciate that the ghostwriter continued writing in her style But as time goes on the uality has been declining Marketing trends shape the books then ever now First they dropped the keyhole cover switched to mini books now it's 2 or 3 books in each series The Kindred series would have never happened if it weren't for the popularity of Twilight and the explosion of paranormal romance novels And it's no coincidence that the Dairy series came out when the Lifetime movies of the Dollanganger series did Now an Audrina movie is coming out and an Audrina seuel is coming out You know what else is coming out? A TV series based off of Ruby That's pretty cool for Neiderman because he wrote the Landry series Those are all his characters If he wants to write another book taking place in the Landry universe when the TV series comes out good for him Personally my fingers are crossed for screen adaptations of Heaven Dark Angel But I don't think my blood pressure can take any of the preuels and seuels that will inevitably come of itThere's no excuse It's all about the money Anything Neiderman writes changing and expanding upon VCA's original work is fanfiction in my opinionPlease stop retconning Virginia's original work Whitefern by VC Andrews is a 2016 GalleryPocket Books publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert the official street team of XOXO After Dark After a long gap between books VC Andrews has written the seuel to ‘My Sweet Audrina’ Fans of this author have been super excited about ‘Whitefern’ and rightly so After reading ‘MSA’ recently I too found myself looking forward to this bookSadly this long awaited seuel falls a little flat and I picked up on a few oddball errors and things that were clearly out of place for the time and atmosphere of the story As the story opens Audrina’s ‘Papa’ had just died and a last minute change in her father’s will gave her the controlling shares in his company a development that sent Arden into a serious rage and determined to take back complete control His treatment of Audrina is becoming hardened and manipulative belittling her and stabbing at her self confidence while he struts around like a peacock telling everyone he is now the head of the householdBut an incredible development involving Audrina’s mentally challenged sister Sylvia will put Audrina right back into the situation she had lived in as a child being held prisoner in ‘Whitefern’ once at the mercy of a man and the machinations of others It is important to note that the story was set in the past in a time when women seldom had a great deal of power in the workforce and the husband was the decision maker These stories often reflect upon this male dominated atmosphere and the way women were ‘handled’ told what to do and treated as second class citizens too stupid to think for themselves But I think anyone paying attention at all will have figured out what was going in the ominous and oppressive Whitefern and therefore the shock value was very low The characterizations were off center with Sylvia’s disabilities ranged from a complete inability to function normally to being able to carry out household chores hold conversations and show talents such as with her art and has an understanding of things I would not have thought her capable of To say Audrina is gullible is a vast understatement and even with her background and her never having been properly socialized except for a brief period of schooling she is still way too easily manipulated and fails to fight back with any real vigor The Gothic tones are still present with a slight touch of the paranormal but it doesn't pack the same punch almost becoming a parody Unless diehard fans of this author are willing to support this one without too much scrutiny I’m pretty sure most people will find this one pretty disappointing Although I started this book with high hopes I ended up feeling a little let down It isn’t a truly horrible novel but it’s uneven doesn’t really show the characters in the same light as with the first book nor do they progress except maybe for the worse However if you know to keep your expectations from soaring too high and just have to find out what happened next with Audrina you will find this one readable and maybe even enjoyable Overall 2 stars So Writing crap under VCA's name was not enough Nor was “adding” to the Dollanganger series with the “Christoper's Diary” series Now he has to “add” to the Audrina book Because he the publishers and VCA's family have ZERO respect for the hard work of a dead woman who unlike Neiderman actually CARED for her craft Neiderman may have cared once as is evident by his earlier works but it's clear that at this point he doesn't care about anything besides the money and piggybacking on someone else's name because he knows he can't be anywhere near as successful under his own nameThose who have been following my reviews may be surprised at how late I am in reviewing Neiderman's latest work There's a good explanation for that I work in a store not a bookstore but a store with a book section primarily for new releases and what not You'll see the recent books by Nora Roberts James Patterson etc etc Up to a couple of years ago it was easy for me to skim through a Neiderman book after I was done with my shift and be on my merry way the same day it was releasedThe books my store chooses to stock are determined in a very large part by what sells since it is a fairly limited section And apparently Neiderman's books simply are not profitable for the company I work for as it appears that other stores under the same company have stopped stocking VCA books I've looked at a few other stores And I assure you it is not a small company as its stores and businesses span several states So now I have to wait until it is convenient for me to head over to the Mart of Walls Walmart for you non American peeps to check out their stuff I head down there a while ago with my boyfriend and scored a great deal on a new pair of shoes I needed for work Sweet and some hard cider as well Anyway back to the story And yeah that store does carry these books although they were not specially featured or anything and were actually shoved over to the sidecorner with little visibility I remember in bygone years when a new VCA release was always within the top 10 new releases in the book section at Walmart among other placesHaving read several negative reviews on and Goodreads I was not the least bit surprised at the poor uality of this story But then I would not have been surprised even if I had not read other reviews The characters in this book are so far removed from the original MSA While Arden was weak before for having witnessed her rape and not admitting it to her in this book he is just so unlikeable and idiotic And Sylvia confuses me In MSA it is very strongly implied that she is a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and one of the pretty obvious clues to this is the observation that her mother drank bourbon laced tea multiple times throughout her pregnancy not to mention Damnian beating Lucky when she was pregnant although that's a different matter In this book Sylvia's intelligence seems to wax and wane at the author's convenience because apparently now Sylvia has da 'tismNever mind the fact that autism is not visiblediagnosed until at earliest the child's toddler years and in MSA there was obviously something wrong with Sylvia at birth which is typical of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome including facial traits The baby didn't come home at all for the first 3 years of her life as is clearly mentioned in the book and the way Sylvia stumbled around on her homecoming is also indicative of the brain damage caused by FAS not autism But then I actually know the difference between FAS and autism because I yanno actually do research And having Audrina and Sylvia sleep together in a way that is described as them being lovers ew Just ewWhile Audrina was purposely kept naive in MSA with a reason behind it she was a complete idiot in this book She was shown to have matured at the end of the book and here she just goes back to being an idiot But then Neiderman writes plenty of people throughout his books as idiots as if he perceives his readers as idiots And as per usual the evildoers have an easy way out – in this case Arden takes a tumble down the stairs Come on that is just effing lazy He raped Sylvia Audrina should have gone after his man bits with a meat cleaverBut then in MSA while Arden was a weak and flawed man i sincerely do not believe he would want to rape anyone let alone a severely mentally disabled person Neiderman has re written Arden into a person who would do such a despicable thing and I don't evenI don't feel that VCA would have ever written Arden the way Neiderman did The evilness of Arden's character here was so cardboard and the story itself pretty predictable It simply does not muster as a VCA inspired work at all It would be great SO great if Neiderman wrote a male lead who actually manages to redeem himself somehow in the end But then it'd be totally great if Neiderman did plenty of other things in addition like taking his time to craft the story and do research and readunderstand the source materialI am addressing the last part of my review to the author who wrote this book Mr Neiderman I know you do not think much of me But I hadn’t written my reviews in a personal mission of hatred against youstalking youwhatever crazy stuff you and Justin came up with in your heads I'm a longtime reviewer and my reviews are written with honesty I've written over a thousand reviews for books alone Some get good ratings Other get poor ratings The early works you did under VCA's name got good ratings from me and positive reviews because I feel like you put genuine effort into these and it showed I give praise on meritUnfortunately like many other authors you stopped trying so hard Flush with money and fame even if it was a ghostwrite can cause an artist to grow complacent It happens in books movies music etc Think about it Mr Neiderman Is this really the kind of legacy you want to leave behind? uickly penning out this or that with little regard to plot character or research I see gaping plot holes and cardboard characters along with recycled story lines and I am not the only one who sees that As I said before i give praise on merit and your recent works do not meritMy criticisms about you are about your writing I have no interest in your familyfriendsetc so don't try to pass me off as a stalker My reviews for your works are just as honest as the reviews I write for other books You can do better than this I know because you've done so in the past Step away from the keyboard and take a breather Take the time to develop your stories and do research By that I mean real actual research not 'I saw this Hollywood movie about vampires or witchcraft so I know enough about it to write a book about it'Please stop dragging VCA's name through the mud If you truly are so confident in your writing skills you shouldn't need to use someone else's name You should be able to stand on your own two feet and use your own name with pride as you present your stories to the world YOUR stories because even though this book among others have VCA's name on the cover it's obvious she didn't write them Be a man A man of honor of integrity and respect for the noble craft of writing Be a decent human being Whitefern is the long awaited seuel to My Sweet Audrina by VC Andrews After nearly a uarter of a century we now get a look into Audrina's life as an adult after she had found out the secret that her family had hidden from her for her entire life Picking up Audrina's story after her father has passed away Audrina is still living in the Whitefern mansion raising her mentally challenged sister Sylvia and married to Arden Audrina's father has left controlling interest of the business to her causing Arden to pressure her into signing it over and Sylvia is making progress in life and developed an interest in art Whitefern was actually better than I had expected it to be but to me still not uite as good as the earlier works written by Ms Andrews herself This was one of the better stories that I've read since the ghostwriter had taken over writing under the VC Andrews name though Somehow when reading along though I kept getting the feeling of deja vu as if I had read this book before I can't think of any particular book the events in the story remind me of so I'm almost wondering if it weren't just the predictability of the story that made me feel I knew what was coming Part of the edge missing from this one also may have been the lack of Vera in the story as she centered around a lot of the earlier controversy in My Sweet Audrina Also I kind of felt all throughout the story that Sylvia's character felt a bit off for the way she's described In the earlier book it was written that Audrina was trying to teach her to be as normal as possible but in this continuation it seems a bit contradictory at times in how she is written One minute it's said she is still completely dependent but the next speaking in full sentences and carrying on a normal conversation along with doing a lot of things that I wouldn't expect Overall a bit predictable but not too bad overall of a continuation from the earlier work Almost as if this was a duller version of the first gripping novel not uite up to the standards of the first but closer than some of the other later works from the ghostwriter era I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit Was curious to see if the ghostwriter would tank this as badly as he did with the diary series additions to Flowers in the Attic This was by comparison at least semi readable But all the shocking plot twists were things I called as soon as they happened As much as Arden has his dickish moments in the first book this is a guy I did not even recognize as the same character Audrina has become a complete wet rag actually a bit reminiscent of Haille Logan from the Logan series only with even LESS personality The way the ghostwriter chooses to wrap things up is disappointing to say the least yet another thing recycled from Virginia's heyday Yet another trash heap that reminded me why I uit reading after Willow's series Thank God for Netgalley which means I didn't buy it I received an advance review copy of this book via Netgalley and Gallery Books in exchange for an honest reviewIt's been nearly 30 years since I first read My Sweet Audrina I loved the book and read it many times over the years I always wished a set of seuels had been written for this book as there had been for the Dollanganger and Casteel series When I heard a seuel had finally been written I was very excited to read it I was looking forward to finding out what came next for Audrina and hoped the seuel would be a worthy follow up to the story Virginia Andrews wrote so beautifullyI was sadly disappointed howeverWhitefern definitely had potential Arden once a loving husband is now cruel to Audrina and obsessed with making money Her father dies leaving Audrina controlling interest in the family business which surprises her and enrages Arden Why did Arden change? And why did her father change his will? The answers to those uestions were not nearly as shocking as I'd hoped they would beIn fact none of the major plot points delivered any shocking revelations Every moment that was meant to leave the reader wide eyed and thunderstruck fell flat because I'd been anticipating it practically the entire time There was only one thing that happened regarding a secondary character that actually surprised me but given the explosive potential that could have played out involving multiple characters in the story that one surprise didn't pack much of a punch The final conclusion was unimaginative and boring in its predictabilityWhitefern is a pale imitation of the brilliant and hauntingly tragic My Sweet Audrina As readers we often crave to know what happens next with characters we've grown attached to but —as the seuels to Gone with the Wind have proved— sometimes 'what happens next' is best left to the reader's imagination I am really truly curious about something Was this supposed to be a parody?I am serious I almost never give one star reviews although I see by some of the other reviews I am not alone In case you happen to read my reviewwell here is what I will say If you have read the first Audrinaand liked itskip this Seriously Pretend it didn't happenI reallywhen reading it wondered if the writer had ever READ the original There did not need to be a follow up of My Sweet Audrina anyway but if there was going to be at least make it somewhat believable And interesting And GOOD This wasreally painfulOka few spoilersdoes anyone really care?I must admit to laughing a few times The thing isI do not think the things I laughed at were meant to be funny I do not think I will ever forget an insane Arden or a stranger in Arden's body because none of the people in this book resembled the people in the first one yell I'm papa now Man oh man That not only had ME laughing hysterically I got my friend cracking up tooSo in summaryskip Retain happy memories of Audrina and Arden living happily together slurping coffee and making babies This book is NOT a seuel it's an insult Sorry butthat's the truth SPOILER WARNING This review consists only of spoilers Can't discuss the book without them Read on at your riskCONTENT WARNING view spoilerRacism sexism abuse rape and SO MUCH ABLEISM Ableism in almost every chapter hide spoiler The curse of Audrina’s Swiss cheese memory seems to have plagued the author during the creation of this seuel Carefully crafted characters from the original My Sweet Audrina have been rehashed and history rewritten in order to produce a plot line for a seuel that was never really necessarySylvia has miraculously developed into a fully speaking eyes focused albeit slow woman of twenty who adores her father Damien and is permanently attached  to him until his death leaves her so distraught she has to attempt to dig up his grave Damien himself rather than avoiding sylvia and looking at her in disgust idolise her in return and dotes on her a complete contrast to the Damien Adare readers of the original Audrina will recogniseAs for Audrina herself gone is the childlike innocence and naivety she still managed to posses even as an adult even after the revelations In her place is a rather frustrated housewife unable to conceive and remembering too well aunt Ellsbeths advice when it came to men some which aunt Ellsbeth never would have saidWhich brings me to the villian of the piece Arden a terrible charicature of the original Damien Adarewith the original Arden although he failed audrina time and time again he still held for me at least the redeeming uality that he really did love Audrina he was just extremely weak Arden 20 is not and neither does he love Audrina much if at all He also seems to believe that his mother married Damien therefore he was his son and entitled to inherit upon his death No just no if you are to write a seuel of a beloved book then please have the respect to actually know the original source material and importantly your characters Original V C Andrews fans will not be happy with these obvious changes in order to make a plot work OK there will not be the venomous reaction to Whitefern that the Christopher Diaries trilogy had as at least history hasn't been rewritten too much apart from Sylvia just rather lazy fact checking and editing These beloved characters are only recognisable by their names and this will come as a big dissapointmentAs usual with current V C Andrews books there are unnecessary sexual references either designed to excite readers or the author I'm not uite sureAudrina and Sylvia bathing together and then sharing a bed entwined like lovers just comes across as cheap and nasty There is no need for it and rather than exciting had me rolling my eyesNow I've got my die hard Virginia Andrews fan opinion out of the way I will concentrate on the book itself but have to note that in order to enjoy the book I have to separate it from its predecessorThe plot itself is very good  although you can see what's going to happen a mile off you have to keep reading as the story really does grip you It pulls you in because as a reader you can see whats happing whilst the narrator has no ideaSylvia is a compelling character and your heart breaks for her vulnerability and the prison she is in inside herself her fragility and childlike ualities working against her And how easy it is for her to be manipulatedOf course Arden is very easy to hate and plays the villian part to the extreme even if it is rather blatant Reading it you hate him every time he speaks and just wellany time he's on the page you feel the need to vomitAudrina as the narrator is a hard character to like you literally want to slap some sense into her she's so blind to what's happeningTruthfully I d have to say this is ghostwritten VCA at its best fans of the Cutler Landry and Logan will love it Full of Secrets and lies this would have been a good novel in itself it didn't need to tie itself to an already established book and leave itself open to criticism in doing so I'm afraid that there will be a backlash just like Secret Brother which also if it hadn't been tied to the Dollangangers was an intriguing story in itself It feels like vintage vca from the early '90s a sign I hope that the brand is returning to that format rather than keeping in the young adult categoryIts much appealing story wise for the mature VC Andrews fans who have grown up and would rather read a narrator who is in her 30 s rather than a teenage girl If this is the future of VCA then I'm definitely buyingThankfully there are no unnecessary diversions from the main plot which the Christopher Diaries had with unlikeable and unnecessary charactersIt has a timeless uality to it provides real food for thought in its subject matter Whitefern in my opinion is the best VCA book that's come out since the ending of the Logan series this is the kind of story fans want Compelling gripping heartbreaking family dramano attempts to keep up and struggling to in a young adult section No annoying teenagers no over dramatics However it should never ever have been billed as a My Sweet Audrina seuel to do so it discredits both the original but also this story itself My review for My Sweet Audrina review for Dawn to come

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