The Billionaires Unwanted Baby

The Billionaires Unwanted Baby❮Read❯ ➱ The Billionaires Unwanted Baby Author Lacey Legend – An com #1 Bestseller THIS IS A COMPLETE ROMANCE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS A one night stand with womanizing billionaire Lance Carter was never going to end well for Grace Jordan But she didn't think it wo An com Bestseller THIS IS A COMPLETE ROMANCE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS A one night stand with womanizing billionaire Lance Carter was never going to end well for Grace Jordan But she didn't think it The Billionaires eBook Ð would ever get as bad as this A few months on from their night of passion Grace has discovered she is pregnant Having lost her job and on the verge of losing her apartment the timing could not be worse So she goes to Lance for help However the young playboy barely remembers her name and makes it clear he has no interest in helping her or the baby Now Grace is all alone with no one to turn to but just when she is on the verge of giving everything up she is about to find the help she needs from the most unexpected of sources If you love a billionaire romance that is different from the norm and will keep you guessing to the end then this is it scroll back up and start reading this now also FREE for Kindle Unlimited Users WARNING Includes HOT sex scenes . Sorry SpoilersI realize that not very writer will be a NYT Bestseller therefore I was not expecting a whole lot when I began reading this book While everyone can appreciate a Cinderella love story it was beyond unbelievable The book moved at such a fast pace at times that I don't see how we were suppose to believe what we were being told I for one couldn't imagine as a Black woman deciding to move in with two white strangers just because I was pregnant by the third Lance ability to stay hidden from the action throughout the majority of the story made it impossible to believe that Oliver's love for Grace was real How could you let the woman you love deeply uickly become one with the brother you knew for a fact was beyond irresponsible and just overall mean I gave the book two stars because it was easy to follow and it sparked my attention I think my favorite part of this book was the epilogue A very good ending to the book Other than that I will say the book had no true flow The characters were likeable but how the story progressed and flowed was just flat But I guess it was an okay read And as alwaysHappy Reading It deserved ten stars 300 stars My first book of this author and I found the book to be an okay read The opening scenes of the book revealed that the primary focus of the story would be to establish the differences between the brother's morality integrity and disposition Lance Carter is an irresponsible entitled womanizer while Oliver Carter is dependable restrained and resourceful The brother's moral compasses did not seem to be polarized by sibling rivalry so I was not expecting a love triangle involving the brothers and the heroine Grace Jordan Although the act of impregnating Grace as described in the story is called a one night stand it read like rape To move the storyline to its ultimate conclusion the author told readers that there was and immediate and mutual attraction between Oliver and Grace; to further move the plot and get Grace living in the Carter Estate where Grace's and Oliver's love is to bloom the author diminished the story's heroine Grace came across as an addlepated nin com poot a young woman with little education no goals ambitions or plans In the end Grace and Oliver prevailed and were celebrating 25 years of married bliss with their 4 children They limped and struggled through the pit falls of Lance's efforts to separate them and to capture the bulk of his father's fortune This book was absolutely nauseating to read Initially I thought it was just corny but as the story developed i became disgusted with it All the conflict is built on miscommunication As if that wasn't enough the FEMALE author has to create a stupid FEMALE lead Her constant ignorance for the sake of a sub par plot is truly disheartening By the time she agrees to leave her baby I'm so utterly repulsed and that this trash was created by a WOMAN truly pisses me off Never write again if you are going to produce trash like this Literature lives on forever and this kind of bull never needs to be reproduced It's hard enough for women without other women producing books that reflect badly on the entire gender Is it so difficult to actually take the time to think of a solid plot where you don't have to sacrifice the intelligence of the female lead to manufacture conflict You went to far and you should be ashamed to even have your name associated with this crime against women I wish I could give this piece of shit negative stars and burn every last copy to wipe it's existence from the face of the earth That's how much I despise books that sacrifice the female lead for mediocre drama But to have her ignorance go so far as to abandon her child says about you as a woman Never write again because you suck Not My Cup of TraThe premise wasn't believable Who would just immediately accept strangers claim of paternity without proof That didn't come until much laterEveryone was A look nice and accepting except Lance who was an A'hole but he was believableDidn't really enjoy this and I'm happy it was only 10 Chapters Thank goodness for familyI loved this romance and the story would probably not be in my all time favorite tales but I really enjoyed it from start to finish and would recommend it EhhThe story was kind of unrealistic in my opinion the progression of Oliver and Grace‚Äôs relationship was laughable How easy they were fooled by Lance was downright unbelievable Just a mediocre read This was so sweet and romantic A tale of two brothers one a jerk and one who was an amazing man husband and father I really enjoyed this book GoodBrother Lance was a manipulator All he cared about was money and his selfish ways Well we do eat the fruit of what we sow He losted it all because of it