Valor Realms of the Infinite #4

Valor Realms of the Infinite #4❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Valor Realms of the Infinite #4 Author R.J. Larson – An Agocii warrior seizes the chance to escape his outcast status and begin a new life Vsevold outcast warrior of the Agocii finds hope in the defeat of his people at the devastating siege of Parne Det An Agocii warrior seizes of the eBook ✓ the chance to escape his outcast status and begin a new life Vsevold outcast warrior of the Agocii finds hope in the defeat of his people at the devastating siege of Parne Determined Valor Realms Kindle - to begin a new life he turns to the Infinite of Parne shunning Utzaii the sun god of the Agocii Longing to escape an isolated existence Aniya daughter of Vsevold accepts her lord father's new beliefs and carves Realms of the PDF ↠ out a daring life for herself finding hope for a future beyond all her dreams But one fateful bargain will destroy their world and return them to the shadows Child of dust are you My servant. There are few moments when I feel it is my duty to write a review This is such a moment The book is flawed in ways that can be detrimental to those who don't understand scriptureThis book is loosely based on a story in the Book of Judges of the collected works commonly known as the Bible In the book of Judges Israel has descended into relative lawlessness except during the stints of righteous Judges Thus in this story I would have expected the author to have the story take place among the Parnians who have been her go to Israelites in this alternate universe However that is not the greatest flaw The greatest flaw is her faulty understanding of customs in Israel For a young maiden to be offered as a burnt offering is in reference to the Hebrew word of woman Aisha which can also be translated as fire For Jephthah the scriptural man to offer his maiden aisha daughter meant that all of her womanhood was dedicated to HaShem the Hebrew common title for the Lord This is why she went to the hills to bewail her virginity in Judges 11 It also notes that her father fulfilled his vow and she knew to have intimate relations with no man Further this girl was a maiden and could not have been promisedbetrothed to any man or the vow would have been nullified In Hebrew custom one man cannot offer that which belongs to another if she were betrothed the vow would have been nullified and he would've been obligated to wait for the next creature to greet him and would've been safe from human sacrifice because he had only a wife and she was not a maiden Finally and most importantly HaShem did not accept human sacrifice He illustrated this in the story of Abraham and Isaac When Abraham went to sacrifice his son to HaShem he was stopped from killing the boy Instead Isaac was the dedicated line through which the Promised Seed was passed This established that to sacrifice a human to HaShem was to dedicate their life to Him I give two stars because of other works by this author that I enjoyed and my hope that this is simply a misunderstanding and not a blatant misrepresentation of the Hebrew text However I can give no because it is important to represent this critical text in the most accurate light possible with a deep understanding of its intent and the language barriers which plague the modern understanding of the translated textNOTE 11915 This conversation started on co here is the conclusion with thoughts from the author EnjoySort Oldest first | Newest firstShowing 1 3 of 3 posts in this discussionInitial post Nov 8 2015 95614 PM PSTLast edited by the author 12 hours ago Customer saysHi Just Saying I usually don't reply to reviews I firmly believe that every reader has a personal point of view which is brought into the story making the story alive to them and I honor my readers' opinions I honor yours as well thank you for posting However the word misleading distresses me greatly I honor the Lord's Word most of all and would NEVER try to mislead readers First respectfully my point in setting this story among the Agocii was to emphasize that worship to foreign gods was also rampant in Israel at the time of Judges In this storyline the Parnians were scattered at this point and belief in the Infinite was just taking hold among the Agocii Each book in this series represents a different era or spiritual situation found within ancient Israel and sometimes two or situations are combined yet presented within the spiritual lessons of the scriptures Next Aniya was definitely in love but had only an unofficial understanding with her sweetheart She had not yet formally agreed to marriage her suitor made it clear to her father that she was in charge of saying yes or no She had also not yet been presented to her suitor's family as they had reuested before any legal promises Unfortunately she didn't formally pledge herself before her father made his rash vow which was influenced by their own pagan influenced culture as it was among Israel at the time of Judges when every man did what was right in his own eyes Therefore the heroine was still under her father's spiritual authority not her suitor's Next and most important I made it very clear through the storyline that the Lord is against human sacrifice; the idea was repeated at least four times through a believer's own knowledge and protests based on the Word strongly implying the AbrahamIsaac scenario in the past within this fantasy realm As for Aisha ishshah or are you refering to eshshah? yes a burnt sacrifice is implied by the Hebrew root words and in the storyline presented here While researching this book I studied both the burnt offering POV and the Dedication POV for these verses meaning that instead of dying and being offered as a burnt sacrifice the heroine would have served at the Lord's House instead I did indeed study the scriptures while deciding which way this story should end I had no preconceived notions when I began studying for this book The sticking point and deciding factor for me was this verse from Deuteronomy 232 3 2 A mamzer may not enter the assembly of Adonai nor may his descendants down to the tenth generation enter the assembly of Adonai Scriptures strongly indicate that Jephthah was born of an affair and therefore ceremonially barred from serving in the Lord's House as were his descendants including his courageous daughterThank you Just Saying I appreciate the time you invested in composing this review and I welcome the chance to openly state my point of view concerning this storyline which emerged from my research Blessings R J LarsonYou replied with a later postReply to this postPermalink | Report abuse | Ignore this customerDo you think this post adds to the discussion? Yes NoYour post in reply to an earlier post on Nov 9 2015 31653 PM PSTJust Saying saysFirst Let me say that I have seldom ventured into the realm of reviews and was very excited to see that mine had garnered a response So imagine my surprise when it was the author herself an author I have long respected It was my understanding from your previous works that you had a great love for scripture and seem to display that love in your writing I have read every fictional work you've written I do not mean to imply that the misrepresentation was intentional and I respect your explanation of how you came to this POV However I cannot find that I agree Also I acknowledge that you state firmly in this book that HaShem called the Infinite despises human sacrifices and that even animal sacrifice would someday end You have also brought to light why you chose the Agocii although I phrased it inaccurately as a flaw; I saw it as a uandary For Aisha I have seen this is translated as Ishshah as well but prefer the one that makes use of the Aleph at the beginning I realize some scholars call it a mere placeholder but you know how sticky those debates can get The mamzer passage is one that I didn't consider you might be using as a reference point Although there is merit to that argument I feel that since a female would not have served in the house of the Adonai in the manner you describe dedication for a female must indicate a state of virginity as indicated by the phrase and she knew no man I am interested to see if you come out with any exploratory works on a Hebrew understanding of scripture as I enjoy your perspective Also would it be all right if I posted your thoughts on Goodreadscom? I find the readers there to be very interested in this type of discussion Shalom to you and I look forward to of your work in the future I have generally regarded your books as some of the most respectful and thoughtful portrayals of scriptureEdit this post | PermalinkIn reply to your post on Nov 9 2015 40510 PM PST Customer saysJust Saying Blessings to you and thank you If you wish to post this on Good Reads then you have my permission I believe there is merit to both sides of the debate over this verse and its possible translations and I truly considered them both because I longed for the dedication ending The mamzer passage was actually my tipping point the part of the Law that I couldn't step past given the spiritual and historical events hinted at during these times Hebrew is a marvelous many layered language and I love LOVE digging into those root words and allowing my thoughts to sift through all the possibilities conveyed within the verses as to the story behind the words As far as sticky debates oh yes I know May the Lord bless your time and conversations on GoodReads Ever yours in His love R JReply to this post 45 stars Heart wrenching yet satisfying Absolutely loved it I think this may be the author's best book yet Have the tissues handy Good book with a heartbreaking ending I really enjoyed the story until the ending Once the biblical reference was apparent I grew very frustrated I try to focus my non fictional reading on only Christian sources for many reasons RJ Larson has been one of my favorite authors for the past year as I have been able to catch up on her recent novels She is definately a gifted author For this book as with her others I developed an emotional attachement to the main characters and their plights Fictional reading is my relaxation get away To end a book with such tragedy just didn't sit well with me I left disappointed when I am used to feeling uplifted and encouraged with her novels As referenced above the story was well written and engaging If you don't mind hardsorrowful endings definately pick it up I'm very torn on how many stars to give it Up to the end it would have been 4 or 5 out of 5 The last plot twist just took all the wind from my sails At first I was hesitant to read this book knowing that it was based on a rather difficult account in the Old Testament However the moment I opened the book I was enraptured I was surprised I finished within two days Here we meet the most memorable characters including Aniya and her father a slave girl name Tasia and the irresistable Dainwairr Okay he's my top favorite in this book Every time I see his actions personality and courage I can't help but fall in love with himThis book was most appropriately named for each of these characters display unyielding courage against their own people especially in their newfound faith Granted there is a certain scene that will be heartbreakening yet in the end it becomes beautifulA stunning tale It's too bad this happesn to be the very last of RJ Larson's Infinite series I enjoyed every last one This book is is titled Valor it will be AMPLIFIED in the reading of itDoes anyone know the meaning of Valor? Read this book and keep your handkerchief close by Follow the INFINITE to find true Valor Well another good book in the series however they don't tie together that well if this is the last book I hope there is another book that brings everything together and ties up the loose ends Wonderful seriesThough I'm not happy with the ending I couldn't stop reading Finished all 4 books in thus series within a 4 day span Captivating Beautifully written I cried a lot at the endI love the reference between this book and the Bible I have loved all her books I look forward to other books by Rj Larson Awesome read❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️