Yellow Eyes Posleen War Sidestories #2

Yellow Eyes Posleen War Sidestories #2❰Ebook❯ ➦ Yellow Eyes Posleen War Sidestories #2 Author John Ringo – The Posleen are coming and the models all say the same thing Without the Panama Canal the US is doomed to starvation and defeat Despite being overstretched preparing to defend the US the military send The Posleen Posleen War eBook ✓ are coming and the models all say the same thing Without the Panama Canal the US is doomed to starvation and defeat Despite being overstretched preparing to defend the US the military sends everything it has left A handful of advanced Ard Combat Suits rejuvenated veterans from the many decades that Panama was a virtual colony and three antiuated warships Other than that the Panamanians are on their own Replete with detailed imagery of the landscape characters and politics that have made the jungle infested peninsula Yellow Eyes PDF or a Shangri La for so many over the years Yellow Eyes is a hard hitting look at facing a swarming alien horde with not much than wits and guts Fortunately the Panamanians and the many veterans that think of it as a second home have plenty of both. It was interesting reading this book after not having read it for several years Some of it was not uite as good as I remembered it being; some if it seemed sillier than I remembered It builds up to the Posleen invasion and then bounces around Panama over the course of the invasion Overall I still enjoyed the book It definitely has some gritty moments and the language does alternate between coarse and gritty in parts over the course of the book It ends with a fascinating essay at the end in which the authors share some of their personal feelings and concerns about events they feel are important I did like how the book fits into the overall Posleen War Universe as it were as the first four books focused almost exclusively on the United States I thought it was well written and follows a logical progression as the narrative progressesThe humor is rather uirky in parts of the book view spoilerThe authors anthropomorphize several animals from the Darien jungle I remember laughing the first couple of times I read the book it was so weirdly funny reading about events from the perspective of a poisonous ant a colony of poisonous ants a caiman and a super jaguar in regards to a group of Posleen moving through the Darien This time around though it was a bit jarring to the narrative to read these scenes in the book On the one hand I get it that the authors were being a bit creative with the writing and trying to inject some humor into what could otherwise have been an exceedingly dark novel view spoilernearly EVERYBODY dies hide spoiler combine predator Battle Ship Zulu Dawn Starship Troopers and maybe Green Barets and then you will have an idea of the action in this book I liked this book the most of the whole series and it is a decent stand alone but I would still read these books in order just so that you know better what is going on This was a Good Read Standalone novel set in the Posleen War series Focuses on the defense of the strategically significant Panama Canal from alien invaders What I found most interesting was a subplot about the introduction of AI technology into naval vessels Another great story in this series and a fun read if you can overcome the authors' American tribalism and cheap slurs against any International or European institutions Started out feeling a bit sorry for the aliens Then the story got weird and not in a good way Rather confusing so after a few attempts I gave up An extremely entertaining book about the Posleen invasion of Panama It was informative about the area and some military tactics but was mostly a study of characters I cared not only about the humans in the story but also the aliens It was uite fast paced as well I liked this even better than Watch on the Rhine I found the Afterword by Ringo and Kratman to be uite informative as well It could have been written last year or yesterday rather than a decade ago and been just as relevant in explaining today's events as reported in the mediaThe eBook was formatted well with only a couple of spellinggrammar mistakes Thanks to the Baen Free Library and CD images From Publishers Weekly In this breathless page turner the latest in the Posleen military SF series from Ringo and Kratman Watch on the Rhine Latin America falls to the reptilian alien invaders without much struggle except for Panama There members of the US Book 2 of Ringo's outlined 'Legacy of the Aldenata' trilogy which is a sub series within the Posleen War main series of books These three books all tell significant side stories of the human war against the Posleen invasion One thing many won't know is that Ringo didn't write these Tom Kratman did John only outlined these and Tom did well pretty much his own thing with them This volume 'Yellow Eyes' is Colonel Kratman's love letter to Panama Kratman was an infantry officer a Colonel why we his fans and legionaries call him 'Colonel' who spent a large part if not the majority of his US Army career in Panama He married a Panamanian beauty and pretty sure much of his heart still belongs there In fact practically all of his books involve Panama or Latin culture or Latin main characters in some form or fashion The action in this book is as always with either of these men fantastic The focus upon a trio of US Navy warships makes me wonder if secretly Tom didn't wish he had joined the Navy Read the Carrera series you'll see what I mean The 'soul' of the ship is also a major character and is not as weird as this at first sounds One thing this trilogy does superbly is tell the backstory and 'humanize' the heretofore largely faceless devouring hordes of the Posleen Tom despite all the flak and worse thrown at him by his SJW enemies does a superb job of getting into the heads of 'the other side' Perhaps being a trial lawyer yes he was that too though don't worry he's not tainted helps in that regard As such half the fun of this series is reading the interludes all told from the Posleen viewpoint For a book and series with plenty of realistic military action fiery social and political commentary and an always direct blunt and in your face afterword read the 'Legacy of the Aldenata' How depressing Turns out the State Department has been working with the Darhel and against the Earth since 1932 Yellow Eyes takes place in Panama when the Posleen are overrunning Washington DCThis story is a bit of a departure from the usual as we learn a lot about the history of the Posleen and their creators the Aldeant' as well as the Posleen religion I'm not sure what Ringo and Kratman were drinkin' when they wrote this onethey have an AID going mad and blending with the USS Des Moines becoming one sentient being who just happens to fall in love with the rejuved captain whom the ship remembers from an earlier stint of his aboard And the ship's cats are aware of itSo the Des Moines has become Daisy Mae with a need for pretty clothes and the enjoyment of an orgasm between the two PBMRs when a crewman scrubs that bit of deckwhere are they going with this???Ringo and Kratman have whales and Posleen getting drunk Well I suppose considering how the corrupt members of various governments and the military are selling Earth out to the Darhel and the Posleen it's only fair I will never understand that lack of honorah manit does amaze me how they can write such an incredibly depressing story and still make events rise above itI always find myself shouting yahooI do love their sense of humor Even Ringo For some reason I had been avoiding this Posleen series side story That came back to bite me as I launched into the follow up Hedren series and some of the characters popped upThe story is set before and during the Posleen invasion of Earth but deals specifically with events in Panama Realizing that the Panama Canal is strategically important the US sends military and material aid to bolster the defenses including three warships Through a complex series of events one of the ships the USS Des Moines gains sentience The story follows the defense of Panama both from the perspective of the Posleen Human conflict and from the perspective of the struggle between corrupt officials and honorable ones The Darhel overlords of the Galactic Federation want the humans to win but only just so that human civilization is shattered and cannot be a threat to themThe Panama aspects are very interesting and it shows that both authors have been posted there during their military careers The story itself is uite good with predictably excellent battle scenes It is a worthy addition to the Posleen series but should probably not be read as a standalonehttpwwwbooksrosbochnet?p64

Yellow Eyes Posleen War Sidestories #2 PDF ✓ Yellow
  • Hardcover
  • 624 pages
  • Yellow Eyes Posleen War Sidestories #2
  • John Ringo
  • English
  • 16 December 2015
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