The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Wall of Winnipeg and Me Author Mariana Zapata – Vanessa Mazur knows she's doing the right thing She shouldn't feel bad for uitting Being an assistanthousekeeperfairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was alway Vanessa Mazur knows she's of Winnipeg PDF Ç doing the right thing She shouldn't feel bad for uitting Being an The Wall eBook ✓ assistanthousekeeperfairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be Wall of Winnipeg PDF º temporary She has plans and none of them include washing extra large underwear longer than necessaryBut when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back she's beyond shockedFor two years the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn't find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday Now He's asking for the unthinkableWhat do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants. ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIMESo many re reads it's not even funnyREVIEW5 I Would Lick the Sweat Off Aiden's Blls All Day Every Day StarsAfter reading 2014's Under Locke and 2015's Kulti I knew I enjoyed Mariana Zapata's shit But after reading this one I am officially so fucking #TeamZapata #TeamAiden #TeamMuscledHunkofSexyManMeat #RidiculousInstagram likeParagraphofIdioticHastags that I'm going to make up my own nationally organized sport league cause you know NFLNFOwho even cares activity I shall hereafter refer to asdrum roll pleaseSTEALTH CHASEOr perhapsBut we don't let felonies get us down here at the Stealth Chase OrganizationAnd at least in prison we could have unlimited Zapata reading time Anyprisonrape if you aren't familiar with Zapata's work bear this in mindPay attentions smut scalersZapata's books are very slow burn In fact some might consider them plain slow moving as a whole especially considering the smexy times are always a looooong time coming haha pun Now this is usually a HUGE problem for meI have no shame in my game so I will plainly state1 As I get older I seem to have the attention span of a fruit fly I swear I'm like Benjamin Fucking Button maturity wise I get childish the older I get Life's too short So slower reads are not usually my bag 2 I get blue balls in my girls parts like a priest at a Playboy party if I don't get any smexy times by the 50% mark Which makes me well cue tantrum But with Zapata especially in this one the trade off is SO worth it The richness of this story is so hard to explain and the time she takes to build the relationship between Aiden and Vanessa makes it so beautiful Also even though the pace of the story is slow it doesn't feel slow Something about the way Zapata writes makes it seem like really big stuff is happeneing during really small moments because it is I remember reading a scene where Aiden is holding Vanessa in his lap and the way Zapata wrote about how his arms hung over her thighs and his hands wrapped around her knees had me fucking enthralled Honestly I found that scene and other scenes in this book sensual than 90% of the sex scenes I've read And you know I've read a fucking LOT of those Something I also love about Zapata's writing style which others might not is that she only gives the h's POV We never get Aiden's POV And I dig it It made him so enigmatic and interesting that it made this story even richer for me in much the same way that the details and the pacing does You have to read to get to know the characters You have to read to get to the love story It's not handed to you within 50 pages there is no insta ANYTHING It's almost like you have to earn it in Zapata's books And like anything in life the things you earn are the things you appreciate the most And you seriously appreciate this love story by the time you get to end I adored this book and I adore Zapata's writing style Everything is shown to you Not told And to me that's the sign of a truly talented author She has easily become one of my top authors and I will forever hereafter be the front runner in the Stealth Chase games to stalk her whenever she releases anything new XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDUDEI have seen this bad boy ALL over my newsfeed But because of the kinda wackadoo title I didn't pay much attention Until I finally clicked on it to see what all the fuss was about and realizedBecause it's by the awesome Mariana Zapata And sounds fucking awesome WTF was I thinking not grabbing this sooner??? Lesson hereMy GR friends are smart Listen to my GR friends 5 'Team Graves' Stars The Wall of Winnipeg and Me was a seriously addictive slow burn romance Once I started the audio I couldn’t stop listening It was over 16 hours long but I finished it within 48 hours There was nothing about this book I didn’t love Vanessa Mazur has worked for pro football player Aiden Graves for 2 years Aides is uiet curt and drives Vanessa crazy She’s his assistant but she wants than that So she decides to uit and follow her real passion Aides is a bit lost without Vanessa When he shows up at her door weeks after she uit Vanessa is in shock But that shock becomes even shocking when she finds out the favor he needs Vanessa is torn Help Aiden or not He didn’t treat her the best when they worked together but the stakes are high for her here “I would have done just about anything for you back then even when you got on my nerves I might have just waited until the last minute to push you out of oncoming traffic but I’d still push you out of the way” As I said before the story is a slow burn romance but the pace is fast The story between Aiden and Vanessa had such a great and natural flow I loved watching them turn into friends trusted confidants and so much This book was seriously perfect Aiden is the strong and silent type He’s not close to anyone really but he slowly lets Vanessa in There were a few moments between them that left the biggest smile on my face When Aiden showed up at a certain convention to support Vanessa I had a perma grin and happy tears Both of these characters were completely fantastic I can’t even tell you who I loved I feel so gushy about this book right now I read Kulti over a year ago and adored it as well It’s apparent to me that Zapata is not a one hit wonder I’ll definitely be auto buying every book of hers from here on out A for sure favorite of mine this year The Wall of Winnipeg and Me is one you don’t want to miss out on Reread July 13 2020ShitJust finished this two hours ago And you know what I've been doing since then?Eating crowWell not for real obviously YuckYou know eating crow As in admitting I erred Trying to be humble because I made a mistake Screwed up Put my foot in my mouthBy the way the said phrase with that godawful bird is disgusting No offence my English speaking friends but the euivalent phrase in my native language does sound slightly better literal translation dust oneself with ashesAnyhow I took this book for granted You see this was my first MZ book and thinking back I think I was intimidated by its size Too many pages too much internal ramblings I didn't give this book a real chance So I just skim skipped the 'boring' parts Stupid There are no boring parts in this book In my defense I was used to different kind of writing the one that is story driven instead of character drivenThe first indication that I may have been wrong was the fact that everybody loved this book Even my book soulmates Still I continued living my pitiful reader's life completely clueless and unaware of the awesomeness that is Maria Zapata Stupid meBecause Aiden OH MY GOD He's Archer Remy Sebastian Stark Diaz Erik “Ripper” Jacobs Gabe Bonner Cal Bonner Ian North Levi call sign Ace Theo Ghost Teague Ronan Grayson Axel Carillo Paul Langdon Jimmy Nate Sawyer Ben Hector Tanner Lee Nightingale and Joe Callahan all wrapped up in one big hot YUM And because Van I have a girl crush No seriously I love her LOVEI feel like I've fallen in love For real I'm not just using this phrase I really feel like I'm in love With no one in particular I just feel itI am so happy I was bored to death with Hands Down Otherwise I wouldn't have read all of those reviews you know trying to confirm my thoughts and my unpopular opinion I wouldn't have seen how everyone was gushing how much better how epic The Wall of Winnipeg was I wouldn't have made myself reread itAnd you know where The Wall of Winnipeg ended up? On my Utter Perfection shelf Only six books reside there Only 6 Out of 1589 That's how much I adore this book So let us forget my original review and rating shall we? Consider it a lapse of judgement After all we all have bad daysAnd yes I am sure I don't like Hands Down Dear Aron and Luna and the Lie I'm not too fond of the heroines And the stories are boring and repetitiveOriginal review when I was dumb and clueless March 6 201635 StarsOkay I have some good news and some bad news Let's start with the good news shall we?The theme This is my first book by this author and I hope it won't be my last I'm a sucker for romances where the couple starts out as friends or enemies Combine that with a sports theme and I'm a goner The characters I really liked both the hero and the heroine The character build up was fantasticVANESSA I think she’s awesome and I like her despite her constant insecurities about everything She has a funny personality Funny heroines usually tend to be annoying but Vanessa is lovable and compelling She's smart strong and independent AIDEN Gotta love assholes You see I have a thing for the big jerks who redeem themselves by the end of the book especially if they are the brooding grumpy and uncommunicative types Aiden is a perfect combination of all of the aboveThe story I really liked the storyline I learned from other reviews that this would be a slow burn romance so I went into this book completely prepared Honestly I'm sick and tired of insta love I believe that a slow build up is what usually makes a romance good It makes it somehow believable and realistic So if you like love at first sight books or books where the heroine jumps into bed with the hero seconds after meeting him then this book is not for youNow about the bad newsThe writing Don't get me wrong this book is very well written and there were many funny parts which had me cracking up BUT there was too much repetition and internal monologue for my liking I started off really enjoying this book but as it went on I started to lose interest and I found myself struggling Overall this book was a pretty good read It just didn't wow me like I had hoped it would So I'm giving it a solid 3 starsOverall rating 3 stars Writing style 3 stars Story 4 stars Flow of the story 3 stars Character development 5 stars Hero 4 stars Heroine 5 stars Secondary characters 4 stars Tone of the book 4 stars Emotion evoking 3 stars Originality 4 stars Enjoyment 3 stars Effect on me 3 stars I listened to the audiobook version of 'The Wall of Winnipeg and Me' and it was fantastic Talk about a terrific slow burn romance I was completely sucked in to this story little by little Aiden Graves is the formidable top defensive player in the National Football Organization His single minded focus on the sport has made him the best He eats lives and breathes football paying little mind to anything or anyone elseAccordingly he is kind of oblivious to the goings on around him that don't directly impact his game His personal assistant Vanessa Mazur is one such person Aiden relies on her heavily for everything from his meals to updating his social media accounts yet he hardly pays her any attention He takes her completely for granted not even giving her the most basic forms of acknowledgment like a hello in the morning To say the least he's very curt and kind of an assAfter working for Aiden for two years Vanessa has finally saved enough money to uit her job and pursue her real passion in web design Of course this comes as a complete surprise to Aiden who had never bothered to get to know Vanessa He was even unaware that she had designed websites for some of his teammates focused entirely on himself and his own careerWhen Vanessa uits her job Aiden gets a huge wake up call He needs her back and is willing to do just about anything to have her After the way he treated her this will reuire some groveling and humbling on his part Let me just say that there is nothing that I love than some good old fashioned groveling I live for it in my storiesThis time around Aiden wants to up the ante He faces deportation if he doesn't renew his contract soon something that he doesn't plan to let happen All he needs to secure his citizenship is a wife and we all know who he has in mindWhat starts out as a tenuous work contract between Aiden and Vanessa soon morphs into For his part Aiden was pretty clueless of how cold and indifferent he had been Once Vanessa brings it to his attention he really works at being a better person and treating her well Even his lack of social graces was endearing I fell in love with Aiden right along with Vanessa He was just impossible to resistAs a heroine Vanessa was also very personable She was easy to relate to and I connected with her right away She was a strong heroine while not coming across as aggressive or heartless Her character was perfectly balanced and really rounded out Aiden's personalityThis is a story that will grab your attention early on and hold it for the long haul You won't find any insta love here This is a very slow burn with a well developed storyline and characters Nothing feels rushed or implausible It was simply beautiful If you haven't read this one yet I highly recommend it 5 TEAM GRAVES STARSimage error This one just really hit the spot for me Great characters slow burn romance funny interactions and when the heat finally hits it's delicious I read straight through the night and have thought about Aidan all day 10TH RE READ 19th December 2019 I LOVE THIS BOOKIt's 339am and I've just finished one of the best books I've EVER readSeriously I'm laying in bed bawling my fucking eyes out because I'm so fucking happy and so fucking sad at the same time cause it's all overSince October I never thought I would feel this way about a book againI don't even have the right words to express my feelings because my words just won't do this beautiful story justiceVan Aiden are EVERYTHINGOh fucking hell I can't fucking stop And seriously what twat fucking cries during a sex scene THIS dick headI want to say all the disgusting things I want to do to Aiden's body but I'm far too emotional but note I would ride that fuckers face reverse cowgirl style into next weekGOOD LORD Vanessa by far one of the BEST heroine I've ever met in my fucking lifeShe is up there with Ruthie I love her so hard Fuck there is so much I want to fucking say but I can't find the bloody wordsI normally have verbal diarrhoea when it comes to my reviews but this fucker has left me speechlessThis story not only consumed my whole life from start to finish but also made it into my all time favourite books list and let me tell you that's a tough list to get onI laughed I cried I laughed some I cried even harder I swooned and cried some I will miss it than you'll ever know and I will never forget Aiden Van and their amazing and beautiful love story for aslong as lifeThis author has giving me back my love for reading and I couldn't thank her enough The Wall of Winnipeg and Me 3Here come the water worksAGAIN Five words can sum up this book for me “Ovaries Where are my ovaries?” – Vanessa Usually when a book is recommended to me and a lot of people seem to love it 95% of the time I’m like the black sheep of the group the one who doesn’t understand the hype So I was a little reluctant to try this one out But I am so freaking happy to say I loved this and completely get why it has been all over my Instagram and Goodreads feed and recommended multiple timesI’m usually not a fan of slow burning books Mainly because I find the ‘in between’ just full of fluff and nonsense But not this book As my friendbuddy reader Cynthia said this book is sweet torture Sweet delicious slow burning torture So slow that I thought I was going to have a damn stroke by the time these two actually kissed But it worked It worked because everything is SHOWN to the reader not told And even though there was some repetition and a lot of inner monologue that would usually annoy me this book sucked me in so much that I just didn’t mind at all It worked SO WELL that even the smallest gesture or simplest line from Aiden had me weeping like a childI don’t want to say a word on the plot Mainly because the “twist” in here drives the plot and I loved where it took the story and was glad I didn’t know beforehandVanessa was a hysterical spitfire and Aiden was like this huge sometimes ok – always grumpy teddy bear you just want to hug And hump The character development and the build of the relationship between these two were done perfectlyIt was all just beautiful Intense and passionate and sensual and hysterical and beautifulREAD ITThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me is out now | Find Me OnInstagram ❤ FB Page ❤ FB Blog ❤ Blog I really enjoyed this slow burn romance And it was a SLOW burn but the payoff was perfect I constantly had a cheesy grin on my face The characters the story it was all simply wonderful Scratch four this deserve five stars Third reading and nothing has changed Magic is intact and if possible I am in love with this story than ever Yeah my throat and tongue thought they were the Sahara My eyes on the other hand wanted to be the I didn't even realized I needed to sniffle until I did it As much as I'd been telling myself over the last two days that I'd imagined being a wee bit in love with him my heart held on to the truth I hated it but I was I recognized it sensing that stir in my chest I was falling if not than a little in love with Aiden My feelings exactly after reading the last sentence of this book Just replace that little with completely in above lines