Betrayals of Another Kind

Betrayals of Another Kind PDF Epub Betrayals Of Another Kind Angel Blackwood No One Pays Attention To The Sidekicks, The Apprentices, The Stable Boys, The Second Class Characters, And They Re Tired Of It Now The Ones Considered The Heroes Will Become The Victims Of Betrayal Whether Deliberate Or Accidental, It Makes No Difference See The Products Of These Betrayals In Stories By Joann M Shevock, R Judas Brown, Angel Blackwood, Melissa Robitille, Daniel Eastman, Layne Calry, Gary Lee Webb, Sydnie Beaupre, Adele Marie Park, Kyle Della Rocco, Michael R Baker, And Victoria Harrison. This is a wonderful collection of short stories that highlight secondary characters and what they would or wouldn t do when faced with betraying their friends or allies A great read for anyone who likes intrigue in their plots, great characters, and wicked twists. This is a solid book of Fantasy short stories I ll be looking for releases by these authors. Fantastic anthology no pun intendedI m not going to lie, my thing is fantasy, but usually novels, not short storiesbut upon reading the stories in this anthology, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I loved the stories They re all so different, and unique.