Israel Bible Tour

Israel Bible Tour BOOKS Israel Bible Tour By Brandy Lee This Israel Travel Tour Guide Book Is An Essential Resource To Be Used While On Tour In Israel, For A Holy Land Tour Study Guide To Help Prepare You For An Upcoming Israel Tour Or As A Refresher Study Guide After You Return To Help Refresh Your Israel Tour Memories It Is Filled With Biblical Referrances, History And Geographic Background Information To Help Bring The Bible Alive While Touring Israel Download The Digital Copy To Your Device And Be Well Equipped For Your Israel Tour The Table Of Contents Provides A Quick And Easy Referrance For The Most Common Locations That You Will Visit While In Israel While On The Tour Bus You Can Pull Up The Next Location And Read About Where That Location Is Found In The Bible, How It Is Referrenced And The Background History To Help Orientate You Before You Arrive At The Site After Your Amazing Israel Holy Land Tour Is Complete And You Return Home, You Will Have A Rich Resource To Help Refresh Your Memory Of All Of The Locations And Information You Learned While In Israel This Travel Guide Book Is Powerful Tool To Help Enrich Your Israel Tour And In Helping To Keep Wonderful Memories Alive Long After You Return Home.