Lost Tycoon

Lost Tycoon BOOKS Lost Tycoon Author Harry Hurt III Horsebackridinggeorgia.us This Is The Book Donald J Trump Doesn T Want You To Read, But It Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Truly Cares About America Why Because It Tells The Unvarnished Truth About The Presumptive Republican Candidate For President Of The United States, His Family Background, His Business Dealings, His Politics, His Mob Connections, And His Treatment Of Women, Including His Alleged Rape Of His Ex Wife Ivana This Compelling Narrative Lets Trumps Words And Actions Speak For Themselves It Is The Only Books You Ll Need To Decide How To Cast Your Vote In 2016. While this has been released on with a publication date of 2016, this book was first released in 1993 and it has not been updated with any information past that date If you understand that this book stops in 1993 Marla and Donald still will they won t they, and the author ending the book pretty sure that the financial ruin taking place is the end of Donald Trump financially, his life in shambles , it is a fascinating look at Donald Trump before anyone thought this man would be President.The narcissism was there, the lies were there, the tricks to screw over others for his own enrichment were there Using the death of an in law for publicity, the anger of his children, the horrific treatment of the women in his life and his constant manipulations of them All there.Not made up by snowflakes because we don t like his politics This
Great book As with any biography of a celebrity, in my opinion it is doubtful that this book is 100% accurate However, again in my opinion, I would bet that 98% IS accurate I ve been looking for this type of book on Trump something that tells me of his background, his relationships with family, and a book that doesn t have a political slant to it This is that book Because it was written in 1993, politics is hardly mentioned other than his first presidential candidacy that was actually a publicity stunt to give him national media exposure Donald Trump is nothing if not a media manipulator to the NTh degree Early on, I thought the book would give me a favorable opinion of The Donald , but it ultimately verified my already extremely low opinion of the man In addition to being a media manipulator, he is a pathological liar and a con artist, and those traits were very obvious very early in h
Did not feel proper closure with this book The book was interesting however it seemed to stop abruptly There was no finality of the Ivana divorce and the eventual marriage and child with Marla As well it did not go into his financial comeback or his relationship and subsequent marriage to Melania. Very informativeGood book A little too much business detail, but shows what kind of businessman he is The rest shows what kind of a man he is Neither is flattering Lots of research done and it would seem the truth has been presented. Just okayThe book, just like the man is larger than life and just as fake Don t waste time or money on this book Good butThe book was very good and informative, however, it was very difficult to read as the editing and proof reading is awful.