From Admiration to Love

From Admiration to Love Reading From Admiration To Love April Floyd Elizabeth Bennet Draws A Grieving Lady Anne Darcy From Her Isolation One Eventful Day, But Then She Must Return To Netherfield At Her Father S Request, Unaware That Her Cousin, Mr Collins, Wishes To Marry Her The Course Of True Love Takes Them From Kent To Derbyshire But With Dangers At Every Turn Will Our Darcy And Elizabeth Find Happily Ever After Yes And Form A Strong Family Along The Way With Lady Anne Darcy And Anne De Bourgh. No one messes with the Darcy family I couldn t put it downOnce I got into this book, I could not put it down Elizabeth had escaped Longbourn and was staying at her sister s estate in Derbyshire to avoid giving an answer to Mr Collins proposal of marriage Charles and Jane have married and, even though they still let Netherfield, they have purchased an estate that joins Pemberley There are times when a woman can live too close to her relations In this variation, Lady Anne Darcy is still alive and is mourning the loss of her daughter Georgiana, who died under strange circumstances the previous year Elizabeth was on one of her rambles and wondered too close to the lake in front of Pemberley and slipped and fell into the lake Lady Anne happened to observe her and went flying out of the house calling out orders for footmen and servants to assist Elizabeth They become instant friends and Elizabeth helped pull Lady Anne out of her depression When Darcy returned home he found a very changed mother and Miss Elizabeth Bennet to thank for that chan
I absolutely adore the premises of this book I like to be moved and this story tugged on my heart strings from the first to the last page Their was no adversity between ODC, rather than them against the world Oh my, did the world turn against them though Jane and Bingley are married, living at Brambling Hall, a neighbouring estate of Pemberley Elizabeth stayed with them, when she ventured in to Pemberley grounds and soon found herself in something of a predicamentRescued by the grieving Lady Anne Darcy, mourning the loss of her beloved daughter, she gained a new friend Tender feelings developed as soon as Mr Darcy was home from London but Elizabeth was called home to Longbourn while the Darcy s had to travel to
I enjoy the premise but it was a bit ridiculous plot overall Lady Anne is destitute after losing her daughter Georgiana revealed on page 1 so it s not a spoiler Elizabeth s clumsiness leads her to be Lady Annes salvation out of despair Elizabeth is residing with her sister Jane and husband Bingley walking distance to Pemberley and though she doesn t know Darcy well she is intrigued to get to know Lady Anne This is established in the first few pages and the premise is promising as Elizabeth has just the witty, caring personality to get Lady Anne out of despair especially as she sees how her son Darcy looks at I would have loved to read about how these 2 form an affection for each other Yet, this novel takes a turn to the ridiculous with Mr Collins proposal, Elizabeth s parents insisting on it and the length that Collins will go for a bride Even Lady Catherine, Wickham and other supporting characters were just too much drama The cause of Georgianas death is revealed an