Of Land and Sky

Of Land and Sky Read Of Land And Sky By Morgan Sheppard Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Balance Of The Elements Is Once In Doubt, And New Chosen Are Called They Need To Find The Will To Succeed, Or The Unseen Enemy From Years Gone By May Have The Advantage.The Wheel Of The Year Has Had Many Cycles And The Folk Of Wraidd Elfennol Have Lived In Peace Since The Age Of Marella, Kai, Daren, And Lani All The Elements Have Been In Perfect Harmony With Each Other.All That Is About To Change, With New Chosen Called To Represent Their Element And To Find Nine Sacred Branches.Bran And Rhosyn Need To Work Together To Restore The Balance Between Earth And Air And Maybe Find Out Just Who They Are Meant To Be.Full Of Myth And Magic, With A Strong Welsh Theme, Of Land And Sky Continues The Fantasy Series Set In The Imaginary World Of Wraidd Elfennol. I was given this book from the author for an honest review.As it predecessor I liked this one a lot It had a well balanced plot and the new chosen were pretty interesting, I always love the welsh references they make me so happy, for me these books are always so emotional, maybe because I connect so hard with the characters.By the end of the book I was surprised the way this one connects with the second one, the author really thought it through and I liked that the last chosens were in this one too and that everyone was doing pretty fine and they were always so supportive.A part that I found endearing was the stories that Bran collected they were absolutely amazing and the much he grow from the beginning of the book and towards the end Rhosyn for me was pretty fun she was a little in
Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I will start out this review stating that I was lucky enough to beta read this book and then purchase the final draft for a review and of course, for my personal collection This author is still fairly new, this being her third book released, and her writing still amazes me If you ve ever read her books, you can t deny the idea that she has the uncanny ability to bring the reader into the world of Wraidd Elfennol fully and completely.This story is set many years after the first story It still follows along the same idea of the first the worlds are unbalanced and are in need of some human and partner interference to set things straight It s, of course, not quite as simple as stated, however, it will get you set up to great reading.The main characters in the story are grandchildren of the original cast in book one that were sent on a mission to set things back on even kilter in the worlds If you happened to love that cast as much as me, don t fret, you ll still get to hear about them and what they have been up to The author really did a great job including them into this story.The journey that the characters are involved in this time around is much less action packed than the first It s of a mental journey they are involved in Personally, I think it being a mental journey proves to be a much difficult story to write It re
Fantastic YA Read Get it Author provided ARC for honest review and rating As usual, Ms Sheppard yanks you right into her beautiful, intriguing world, taking you on a merry adventure with excellent description and fleshed out characters to love or want to knock the crap out of repeatedly Lol Exceptional ability to weave a character s appropriate personality to the element that rules resides in us all Lively banter and an unrushed learning of everyone s lives is found here.I particularly enjoyed how she weaves in such good advice from the elders and the Life Partners, effectively showing that our own thoughts at such a young age could always use the help from the wise The following, memorable statement was very good in that aspect If their upbringing isn t what they want, they have a choice to change it They need to break the cycle for themselves or it will just carry on So true I swear The partners have the patience of saints I won t give anything away, but you ll certainly enjoy the tidbits of knowledge about previous books and healing old wounds from the past, giving a solid foundation for this continued tale Great section Oh, very well done Excellent handling on showing how lies, innuendo s, and rumors can unfairly skew other s reputations It s a great tale of warning to
Mind Blowingly Awesome ReadThis book is going to blow your mind on various levels.This is one of those books that totally alters your perceptions on your very own reality by seducing you with beautifully written words, charismatic characters and spectacular scenery I was so lost to my world as I lived within the land of Wraidd Elfennol.I will never look at or underestimate trees in the same way again This book has been written with a whole lot of love and that love seeps out of every word Bran Rhosyn are total opposites in every way and are sent on a quest together with their animal partners to collect branches from nine different trees They cannot just take the branches, they have to be gifted how I hear you ask , read the book The reason for the quest is to restore balance between two of the four elements, Earth Air The author has such a beaut
Of Land and Sky is the third book in the Wraidd Elfennol series, and it starts approximately sixty years after Water Weaver.The world of Wraidd Elfennol has been in balance since the original Chosen went on their quest, but now new Chosen of Earth and Air have been announced Bran and Rhosyn don t get on very well to begin with, but they have to learn to work together With their Partners ever ready with words of wisdom, we stay with them as they bring the trees back to life.This is a very different book to Water Weaver introverted I wasn t sure how this would turn out, but I m really pleased with the results There are many lessons in this book if you choose to see them, from family to love.Fair warning though this book had me sobbing towards the end I knew it would happen, but that didn t lessen the impact in any way A brilliant addition to the series, and definitely recommended by me A copy of this book was pr
I love being transported back to the land of Wraidd Elfennol because each time Sheppard brings me there, she surprises me with what I find Although the Chosen in this story are on a quest to save the world, the story line and characters were entirely different, yet just as intriguing and memorable Sheppard has a way of presenting her ideas in a way that is both subtle and agreeable, and although not in the least bit pushy or didactic, a