Fire in the Rain (Wraidd Elfennol #4)

Fire in the Rain (Wraidd Elfennol #4) Read Fire In The Rain Wraidd Elfennol 4 Morgan Sheppard Fire In The Rain Finds Trouble Once In The Island Of Wraidd Elfennol One Of The Water Partners Has Told Of A Problem With The Water Ways, Which Could Affect The Land And Folk For Generations To Come If A Solution Is Not Found.Afon And Necia, Together With Their Partners Meinwen And Dai, Are Called As Chosen With Friends And Mentors On Hand To Help Them, They Need To Find The Inner Confidence In Themselves, And Their Element, To Win The Day.Will The Chosen Of Fire And Water Succeed Or Is The Island Of Wraidd Elfennol Doomed To Live Forever Beneath The Shadows Of Cysgod Full Of Myth And Magic, With A Strong Welsh Theme, Fire In The Rain Brings To A Close The Fantasy Series Set In The Imaginary World Of Wraidd Elfennol. Independent Reviewer for Archaelibrarian I dig good books Wow what a roller coaster This took us once again into the magical world of Wraidd Elfennol to conclude the series Knowing this would be the end of this world I ve grown so fond of had mixed feelings Would it match up as many sequels fail to Could it make me care as I did for original characters It did so, and on both accounts This showed two new characters Necia and Afon Both chosen but also life partners too They perfectly complimented one another as polar opposites Their struggles through the trials of their trip, mixed with heartbreak, bravery, fear and happiness made me weep, get angry and root for them both constantly The very last part of the book had a very good plot twist which I understood the reason but still didn t want to happen from the point of view
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibraian I Dig Good BooksI will start out saying I enjoyed this book I really did I enjoyed the characters and I enjoyed the story line I enjoyed getting to learn about Wraidd Elfennol I enjoyed the detail that the author puts into her stories and the relationships that the characters experience I really enjoyed this book asa whole.It didn t seem to be as long as the others, but it did take me a lot longer to read, so maybe that s why I wasn t able to read this book as quickly as I would have liked as life just kept getting in the way I want to point out that I think it would benefit the story and benefit you as a reader if you can read this faster than time allowed me to There is so much going on in this story and so many characters, it is so easy to forget about something important or forget some of the character s names if you have to stop reading for a few days just because your schedule doesn t allow So please, when you start reading this book, clear your schedule I promise, you ll thank me.There is a heart stopping moment in this story prepare
Although I won t describe the ending, I will say that it made me adore Morgan Sheppard than I already do Fire in the Rain brought me back to Wraid Elfennol and I wondered just what kind of a different s
I so loved this conclusion to the Wraidd Elfennol series The author writes such a lovely story with characters to love With dark times ahead the waters muddied and the earth scorched a new couple will be Chosen to come forth and battle against Cysgod and find the Glaw Tan fire rain Afon and Necia will travel to Ynys Gybi to retrieve it and cleanse the water burning away the impurities Things will come full circle in this conclusion of the series I must say I have loved this series of books and