Palindrome Palindrome Free Download Author E.Z Rinsky Private Eye Frank Lamb S Business Is Simple He Finds Things Be It The World S Hottest Pepper Seed In A South American Dictator S Safe Or A Pair Of Italian Art Forgers Sipping Prosecco In A Miami Hotel Room, He Delivers The Goods And Collects His Check, Never With A Smile Work Is Work, And He Doesn T Let It Get In The Way Of The Life He S Made For Himself And His Ten Year Old Daughter, Sadie But When A Staggeringly Beautiful Woman Offers Him A Small Fortune To Find A Cassette Tape, Curiosity Gets The Better Of Him It Contains, She Explains, A Recording Her Sister S Kidnapper Made Of Her Last Three Minutes On Earth She Conveniently Fails To Mention The Unsettling Effects The Tape Is Rud To Have On Listeners Frank Takes The Case, And Enlists The Help Of Reclusive Tracker Courtney Lavagnino To Pick Up A Trail That S Been Cold For Five Years As Their Search Leads Them Through A Horrifying Labyrinth Of Murder And Madness, It Becomes Clear They Re Chasing Much Than A Memento. Smart, creepy, and the twists and turns blew my mind I cannot recommend this book highly enough This is an entertaining thriller with likable characters The plot is bold and original This was a pretty quick read for me The whole idea of a tape recording what someone said after they were murdered really intrigued me Not to mention that anyone who h
Palindrome isn t the genre of book I usually go for, but I d heard such good things about it that I figured I d give it a shot and I m glad I did Rinsky s got a real gift for imagery and putting you in the scene without being too flowery or obvious about it His characters and scenes come to life in a way that may want you to reconsider reading this before going to bed at night The story was so engaging that I ended up staying up many hours past my bedtime in order to finish it now I m pumped Pal
Crazy good I ve had this book for sometime now, and finally got around to reading it Man, what a creepy book And I mean in a good way This was actually one of the most truly scary books I ve ever read Talk about tense I barreled through this thing while I kept looking over my shoulder the whole time Who the hell is this E.Z Rinsky and how does he top this one I don t know , but I plan on reading anything I can find by this author.I love it when I get blindsided by some new author lik Crazy good I ve had this book for sometime now, and finally got around to reading it Man, what a creepy book And I mean in a good w
El Leonard ish main characters with plenty of language, violence, and some sex not for the faint of heart Intriguing plot. I ve wanted to read this book for a while, but my library didn t own a copy, and I m trying not to buy any books until I readof the books I already own But, I found an ebook through the digital library, so it s all good now This was a mystery suspense thriller kinda horror book I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I just saw that the next book in the series would be published in the spring, which I will de
Great read Kept me engaged despite first person present tense which is usually a non starter for me There was the perfect mix of fiction noir, humor and creepiness I found myself in turns laughing out loud and staring at the dark corners of the room with hair on end I would recomme
Gumshoe retroIt kept me interested, good twists, but very male centric Not thought provoking I would recommend it as a fun read. This is the first of two books by the brother of one of Brendan s best friends in high school Fun