Pop the Bubble!

Pop the Bubble! Reading Pop The Bubble By Mary Eakin Federicoscridel.eu Do You Want To Make A Bubble Just Open This Book And Embark Upon A Magical Bubble Adventure Each Delightful Page Instructs The Reader To Blow, Shake, Tickle, And Anything Could Happen Children Will Love Creating A Bubble, Playing With It And Of Course They Ll Want To Pop The Bubble Encouraging Imagination With Exciting Interactive Elements Will Make This A Wonderful Read Aloud Experience. Okay, this was an adorable little interactive book very simple, but sweetly playful I can see young kids having a great time with this, although some of the instructions might be a bit hard to follow on my Kindle version. Super fun and beautifully illustrated Simplistic but FascinatingSome parents sharing this book with 2 4 year olds might find the illustrations and story too simplistic As a storyteller at a large library children s room appreciate the concept and interaction required Boys might relate even though the stor
Great picture bookVery inventive picture book that completely engages Perfect for story time and anytime you are looking to spark abstract thinking and the joy of interacting with books. Cute story and Wonderful Idea, just not great for E reading An adorable premise, a cute little girl takes you through making a bubble, it going all kinds of places, and popping the bubble Book is interactive but designed to work best in print. Perfect for a toddlerThis interactive little book will capture the attention of a toddler It s a quick good night read, and leaves the little one smiling Perfect for a little attention span. What device are you supposed to read this on Cute interactive book with kid friendly illustrations Note If you read it on an ebook, be sure to click on the lock icon on the page. This is an interactive book for children They enjoy manipulating it to see what will happen to the bubble. Super cuteIt has great colors The illustrations are fun It is very interactive It makes it easy to be silly and entertaining.