Anne Happy

Anne Happy Anne Happy PDF Epub Author Cotoji Tennomifune Academy S Class 1 7 Is On A Trip To Summer Camp That S Nothing Out Of The Ordinary For Your Typical Teenagers, But For The Misfortune Plagued Students Of The Happiness Class It S A Surefire Recipe For Disaster Can Hibari, Hanako, Botan, Hibiki, And Ren Overcome Their Collective Lack Of Luck, Or Will Their Summer Memories Be Filled With Endless Mishaps I was really excited to read this one, I was curious as to how far the anime was adapted and when we would see some original not yet animated content.Well, not with this one This was pretty much all adapted into the anime Still very much fun to see the situations happen again Though I am still not entirely sure about the exams going on in that school it seems really dangerous Plus it gets a bit ridiculous that our MCs keep on losing I get they have the worst luck, but really It would be nice to see them place third or maybe second They have no hope on first, but at least let them have some wins at times As I also said in previous volume reviews, I love Botan, but I am getting really sick and tired of her attitude and her self image I get that she feels she is a burden, but to call herself garbage, trash, filth, and other such words No I just hate that I also don t like Hibiki She is so obsessed with being the best, with being fabulous, and she is just too bossy and doesn t see her own faults She only sees herself, oh and Ren It just gets annoying and someone needs to shake some sense in that girl Of course there is enough good about the volume Like the beach resort thing, the camping and the first part of the tag game was fun Especially when one reads this one during the summer It just fits
Not going to lie this volume of Anne Happy and I got off on the wrong foot Ruri and the gang go on a trip to the beach Well, I should say trip to the beach , as the place they visit is artificial With Botan s never ending maladies and Anne being Anne, the trip goes as well as expected But this day at the water barely lasts half a chapter before switching to the school field trip This felt so random because of how short it was One page has Anne buried in the sand, the next the whole class is one a bus Did Cotoji feel like the manga needed to meet some sort of fanservice quota or something On the other hand, the field trip takes up almost the entire rest of the volume I really think Anne Happy shines in these longer misadventures The Happiness Class is forced to play a hide and seek and tag hybrid for sleeping rights Chick animal magnet Ren and ultra competitive Hibiki are forced to team up with the other three girls Of course, Ren doesn t care Hibiki does What makes this volume so enjoyable is that it doesn t rely solely on Anne and, to a lesser extent, Ruri and Botan f

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