Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1)

Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) BOOKS Devil You Know Lost Boys 1 Author L.A Fiore Damian Tate One Look Into His Sad Green Eyes And I Was Hooked I Wanted To Be The One To Make Him Laugh, To Make Him Smile I Hadn T Expected Him To Be The One To Make Me Blush, To Make Me Hotto Make Me Fall In Love He Was My First Kiss, My First Love, My First Everything I Wanted Forever With Him, But Life Got In The Way He Enlisted, I Went To College, And For Years We Were Never In The Same Place Long Enough To Pick Up Where We Left Off Thirteen Years After He Left, Tragedy Brings Him Home The Stoic Boy I Fell In Love With Grew Into A Quiet, Dangerous And Wildly Sexy Man He Still Tugs On All The Right Strings For Me, But He Seems Determined To Keep Me At Arm S Length However, When Trouble Comes Knocking At My Door, He Is The One To Put Himself Between That Trouble And Me Spending Time With Him Might Drive Me Insane, Or It Might Be Our Second Chance At First Love Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of 18. He was beautiful, imperfect and mine Thea I want it all every kiss, every breath, every moan, every orgasm, every memory good and bad Damian.I m obsessed with this book Consumed by it I cannot get over the story inside I don t even know how to review it I don t where to start What to say Devil You Know has taken me by storm I m it s captive It s holding my heart prisoner.This was my first L.A Fiore book Not sure why I haven t read her before this point When I think over all the novels I ve read in the last 4 5 years, this ranks up there with the top favorites The emotions it pulled from me were than powerful I don t know if this has ever happened to you, but when I was reading, I was so entranced, so wrapped up in the words, I had moments where I literally had a physical reaction to it.Fingers tingling.Hot sweats.Jolts of electricity.Adrenaline spikes.Tears A mountain of tears.Fast heart rate.Flushed skin.Rapid breathing.More crying.More tingling.More More More More of everything.This novel not only affected me emotionally, but I felt it In my bones Under my skin It lived a life inside me Vividly I don t know how else to describe it And at this point, a couple days after finishing, I m in a fog I can t focus I keep running over scenes inside my mind I keep going over what the character
4.25 stars He was beautiful, imperfect and mine Devil You Know was a fantastic brother s best friend first love second chance romance It was emotional, addictive, and had just enough suspense to keep me thoroughly engaged and addicted to the story Thea and Damian had quite the journey from their teenage years, up to 10 15 years later Damian first sees Thea in a photograph One of his best friends, Cam, happens to pull out his wallet and it has a picture of his twin sister inside Damian is enthralled by her at first site Her curly hair and beautiful smile he s half way in love already Then he meets her Thea and Damian hit it off straight away They become fast friends, and that quickly becomes They have a beautiful first love story When they go to graduate, things change a bit Damian has a bad home life and awful parents He s joining the military to get away from that life He wants something different for himself, and hopefully Thea someday Things get a bit complicated from here Damian doesn t want Thea to be affected by his past He feels it s better to not be together at this point in their lives And there goes my heart breaking right along Thea and Damian s The only thing worse than a life without you, is a world without you in it Remember me like this Just like this and know I m remembering you This story had a bit of a slow start for me, but towards the last half, things really picked up I m usually not a huge fan of the suspense element in my rom
3 Something Stars This thing was all over the place and very disjointed Multiple times throughout I questioned myself as to why I didn t just DNF it, but there was something that kept me going Not sure what that something wasbut it was something And that something was enough to make me keep going a
ON SALE FOR ONLY 99c US UKIn Devil You Know readers are introduced to Damien Tate and given a view of his world You re taken on his journey with him of finding his true family, discovering his one true love, losing her, and fighting to get her back It s not an easy journey but Damien is a determined Hero and won t let life stand in the way of him getting his woman This story starts in 2003 when Damien is a young boy and progresses quickly up until he is sixteen There is when you get to see him make his friendship with Cam Ahern, which changes his life and lets him meet Cam s twin Thea From there you get to see him and Thea circle each other until they just can t deny their feelings for each other I really loved that the beginning of this book was kind of slow but gave us a ton of information on Damien I fell in love with him when he was still a young boy in this book and there wasn t a doubt in my mind that he was going to grow up to be an amazing Hero I don t actually want to say too much from where the book moved on from there because it s something readers should experience by going in bling Damien and Thea did not have an easy love story but it was one that had my eyes glued to my Kindle for hours until I finished I seriously did not move from my spot on my couch from the second I started reading until the very end I don t think I can recommend this book hard enough so please please read it In all honesty there were a few parts where I thought there was maybe a
I m reading an arc, ebook copy of this and the time and effort this author has put into the formatting of this is gorgeous From the playlist associated with this book, the graphics of each break between POV S is so nicely set up I d love to see the paperback version of this THE DEVIL YOU KNOW In the Prologue we re first introduced to a very young Damien at the age of five life changed in the blink of an eye, a father he loved walked out the door never to be seen again, he s left behind with a bitter mother who takes her hate and anger out on Damien The negativity that spewed out of her mouth had a lasting effect on Damien years later He took the best years of my life and left me with you He s a monster, a fucking devil, and you are just like him HIs ever little spawn This slowly progresses through the years from 2003 to to present day and is spoke in Dual Perspectives At the age of sixteen during high school Damien meets Cam Ahern who takes him under his wing, Cam is the only person he s confided in about his childhood and they become fast friends He also meets Thea who is Cam s twin sister and straight away these two connect, she s sees the sadness within and wants to help him It s not long that he s brought into the fold of the Ahern family If it wasn t for this family I don t know what would ve become of Damien Seeing Damien nearly every day it s not long before what was a budding friendship between Damien and Thea became s
THE DEVIL YOU KNOW was another second chance romance from L.A Fiore and she hit it out of the ballpark It was a sweeping tale of love that spanned than a decade and I was immediately enad and captivated with the story of its characters I ve waited for you for half of my life I want a lifetime with you I fell in love at first read with Damien He was first introduced as a sweet five year old boy whose father ended up abandoning him, leaving destruction in his wake His mother became abusive and he became a little lost She had so much anger and hatred inside and pushed it all on poor Damien s shoulders Therein lies the seed that made him doubt his own self worth Luckily, at the age of 16, he becomes best friends with Cam and through this friendship he meets Thea, Cam s twin sister It was almost love at first sight for them Initially intending to enlist in the army, as his relationship with Thea deepened and grew, he started to envision their future together That is until his mom reared her ugly head, spewed her nastiness, and had him doubting all over again Those doubts separated the young lovers for almost 15 years There was a passage in the book that not only tells of the great love between Damien and Thea, but beautifully sums up how powerfully poignant their story really is I ve waited a long time for you and now that I finally have you I will move Heaven and Earth to keep you right where I ve always wanted you, at my side I will walk in the rain so you
4.25 STARS There s this saying that good or bad, words can change your life We ve all read than a thousand words, soaked up their meaning, and disected the undercurrent of their complexities And you know what happens when you have the best words You make the best sentences, you develop the perfect plot, and you have one hell of a story So you see in this case, words were not only good, they were damn near brilliant and I m glad I got to experience such a well crafted strong story that s going to stay with me for a long time I ve waited for you half of my life I want a lifetime with you Damien Tate has been a grown up longer than he was a kid Having his father leave at such a young age, Damien became the object of his mother s cruelty which was filled with nothing but verbal abuse and hatred Knowing kindness was not a part of his daily routine but one moment changed everything for this Sixteen year old and little did he know, that same moment would shape and change his future as well Thea knows what true love and kindness is She s been surrounded by it from the moment her and her twin brother Cam entered the world and
BIIIIIIIIITTTTTTCCHHHHHHHH this book had me everywhere and nowhere all at once Thea has a life that I ve always wanted shes weird ,crazy, creative sweet and awesome She s some how always surrounded by protective men who love and care for her, and like who wouldn t want that.I loove how she has crazy curly hair , it basically reflects her inner self.Damian from young age has had the worst happen to him ,to the point where he closes himself off from any possible connection from the outside world That s until he meets Thea.Now i really liked the book cause it basically fe
4.5 stars I ve no time to review right now but I must say that I loved this book and I highly recommend it It is a second chance romance that was done very well It is the start of a series and believe me the secondary characters are jus
One of the things that really drew me into this story was how the characters had an instant, almost unspoken connection They just knew what the other needed and no questions asked, gave it You know the saying, like recognizes like , and how some people relate that to their sounds finding one another To me, it felt like that with these two main characters Three words and I was a goner I didn t understand what I felt for this boy nor did I appreciate the uniqueness of it at the time, but I did know that little smile and those three words was all it took for Damian Tate to claim a piece of me that I would never get back So the beginning of the book is set in their teenage years, and the ending is when they are in their early thirties, but that doesn t mean that they didn t see each other during this time Small, stolen moments, kisses, touches and glances were what kept these two going for all of those years The hope and love for what they could be, and even if they couldn t, just having the other safe and close There were definitely harboured feelings and these moments didn t help the characters to move on whatsoever, I think they actually strengthened their relationship But with this, while the situation was