Move the Stars (Something in the Way, #3)

Move the Stars (Something in the Way, #3) Download Move The Stars Something In The Way, 3 Jessica Hawkins The Highly Anticipated Conclusion To The Something In The Way Series, A Forbidden Love Saga.LakeIt Was A Hot Summer Day When I Met Him On The Construction Site Next To My Parents House If I D Known Then What I Do Now, Would I Have Kept On Walking Manning Was Older, Darker, Experienced And I D Trusted Him When He Said The Story Would Only Ever Be About Us I D Held Those Words Close And Challenged Fate, But I Had Lost.A Part Of Me Is Still That Sixteen Year Old Girl Squinting Up At Manning, But No Matter How Far I Fall Or High I Soar, I Ll Always Be A Bird Without Her Bear And Nothing Without Him.ManningWhen I Close My Eyes, I Can No Longer See Her The Decisions I Made Were To Push Lake In The Right Direction Away From Me But Now That She S Gone, Would I Have Made Those Same Choices I D Walked Away Like I Was Supposed To I D Kept My Distance I D Bent Over Backward To Keep Lake Pure, But She S No Longer That Girl, And I Don T Know If I Can Stay Away Any I Only Know I Don T Want To She S Still Everything I Want And Nothing I Should Ever Have, But If Anyone Can Move The Stars, It S Her Great Bear In The Sky. 1 2 Move the Stars, book 3 of 3 Manning Lake s bittersweet, enchanting, forbidden against all odds love saga I wanted those words she d swallowed and saved, as much as I wanted to be the only man to ever get them Books in series should be read in order Book 1 Something in the WayBook 2 Somebody Else s SkyBook 3 Move the StarsBook 4 Lake Manning In book 1 2 innocent high school student Lake Kaplan fell in love with the much older construction worker, Manning Sutter The story followed them, through ups and downs, as Lake grew older while they both hid their feelings, fought their attraction and denied their love.Move the Stars, book 3 picks up some time after book 2 s devastating ending It s a breath taking journey through Manning and Lake s life, covering over a decade of their against all love From setbacks to triumphs in, at times, parallel universes, their love seems an inextinguishable flame caught in web of poor timing.Nine words to describe Manning Sutter Noble, conflicted, reflective, loyal, self doubting, charming, insensitive, self sacrificing and self centered.Nine words to describe Lake Kaplan Reflective, sweet, smart, meek, determined, na ve, insightful, patience and loyal.Move the Stars, told from dual POVs, is nothing short of an all consuming, forbidden and impossible love story, with emphasis on angst A n
5 TILT THE UNIVERSE STARS MOVE THE STARS IS ONE OF THE MOST EPIC ROMANCES I HAVE EVER READ Every once in a while you read a story that has you so consumed So addicted So in love You Just Can t Deal You are so wrapped up in the story, you don t want to think about anything else That is the effect the Something in the Way series has had on me, and so many others I ve never witnessed so many people so passionate about a story It s been MONTHS since Something in the Way and Somebody Else s Sky released and we are still just as obsessed as ever over Lake and Manning s forbidden love saga We have been waiting to see how their story would end I finished this book some time ago and I have NOT been able to move on I miss them and I don t WANT to move on I am so utterly and completely in love with Lake and Manning I just can t seem to let go I did NOT want their story to end EVER Move the Stars, book three in the Something in the Way series, was one of my most anticipated reads of the year Jessica could not have written a perfect st
What the fuck just happened.I pre ordered this back in September after reading the first book because I fell in love with Manning and Lake The second one ripped me apart and I had a pretty good idea where this was going.I was 100% correct in my predictions which pisses me off since this was a huge cliche and WTFI wasn t going to post a detailed review but fuck that view spoiler So basically after a four year time jump, Lake is in New York she has just graduated when Manning shows up out of the blue after having seen her last at his wedding and he s like I m done staying away from you WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.Lakes tells him off for a chapter and then they re hooking up The whole thing lasts 5 days and around 60% of the book And then of course the oldest cliche in the universe happens, Tiffany s pregnant I m lucky this was an eBook and I didn t set the copy on fire.Another time jump four years later, Lake is an actress, Tiffany shows up because of course she does, she and Manning are divorced, th
4.5 stars I loved it so much it was amazing, it has everything I wanted and even .Seriously this is my favorite book in the series.So many feelings for this book.Move The Stars was an entense and passionate story.This final installment of Lake and Manning was so worth the wait.I loved their moments together,I couldn t control my emotions with these two.I could feel everything these t
dnf, 35%I really enjoyed Jessica Hawkin s writing it s engaging and exciting, or at least it was, until I got to book 3 I won t lie and say that I didn t exactly understand or relate to a 16 year old girl who was willing to destroy her future because of her love for a guy I just remember myself at 16 and yes, I had some strong feelings, and yes, sometimes it felt like it was the end of the world but somehow I was able to move on over ti
4 s Do you want to change everything This is itthe conclusion of Manning and Lake s story At the ending of the last book, we were left hanging with sooo many questions Will he go through with it Is it a farce How much is Lake s Dad influencing things Will Lake leave Will she experience life without Manning They were just so many questions it was driving me crazy.And Jessica Hawkins doesn t let us suffer, oh no, she dives right into things leaving me a bit shockedand thrilled But she was so intense, we get so much information about Lake and Manning, almost a play by play, that at times it was a bit overwhelming and I was dying for the next step Sigh famous last words And now I was shocked times TWOor three You see the book is broken up into two parts that should have been my first clue and there s reasons whyones I m definitely not happy about But even I have to admit, it was necessary
Don t read if you hate Spoilers I had zero intent of reading Move the Stars though not because of any bad writing style as it has been written with finesse by a word surgeon,delicately wielding a thin blade into an open wound,it is that angsty.I was actually pulled back into this world by notifications of readers that had come across the review of the preceding book in the series that I had done.In the hope that the events had improved with time,I hesitantly stepped back into the story and maybe I should not have but being an optimist I did.This being the 10th month of year I believe I m ready to crown the most irredeemable hero of 2017 and with that not being enough it comes with a spineless sidekick.I will admit I predicted wrong in my previous review,there was zero grovelling for the copious amounts of sister sex that Manning had wallowed in for the years that he was absent from Lake s life.He was either conflicting between whether he disliked Tifanny the sister wife or lauded her as an intimate friend he slept with.Lake accepted him back with nary a protest,into her life,into her virgin body and into her unwavering devotions.And so this love affair began along with the cheating and the lying view spoiler I wanted to lie to her
I was swept off my feet by this story The chemistry is undeniable The passion is incredible Relationships are hard, and Manning and Lake had to learn to grow their relationship on their own terms This is a story of true love, devotion, sacrifice and respect The sex is steamy and the love is undeniable This is an amazing, 5 star read In short Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 5 5 Writing Style 5 5 Steam 3 5 Ro
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