Unhinged (Cracked #3)

Unhinged (Cracked #3) Danny Used To Smoke Crack Cocaine But Two Years Ago Her Sister Was Murdered And Danny Was Flung Into A Wild Chase Across North America Is Pursuit Of The Murderer And His Acolytes Following A Tumultuous Stint In Rehab, Danny And Her Family Have Finally Found Sanctuary In A Converted Factory In Downtown Toronto Decked Out In The Most Advanced Security Available Danny Is Clean, Running A Gym, And Finally Free To Enjoy Quality Time With Her Nephews.But When The Boys Father Turns Up One Night, Beaten To A Pulp And With The Name Of A Stripper On His Lips, Danny Is Tangled Into A Series Of Secrets That Will Lead Her To The Final Showdown And A Discovery Of The Ultimate Betrayal Danny Cleary is still reeling after the events surrounding the kidnapping of her twin nephews, the death of her husband, the run in with the mastermind and psychopath Michael Vernon Smith and all the chaos that occurred during her stay within rehab in Nova Scotia Having built a fortress within an abandoned industrial building using Dave s contacts and an extortionate amount of her inheritance, Danny and her clan are safe But with Michael Vernon Smith still at large, Danny can t rest until he is dead and she knows he is close, plotting her demise and the capture of all she holds dear Danny is ready but until Michael makes his move, she is powerless against him Unhinged is the conclusion to a huge, thrilling, chaotic and passionate tale of Danny s efforts to preserve the memory of her loved ones and protect the lives of those she still has left.After a bizarrely short lived prologue that sees Danny giving up on life and setting out to end it all in a plush hotel room, we are thrown back into the usual high stakes and intense narrative surrounding Danny and her family After one of her contacts in law enforcement shows Danny a CCTV video of Michael Vernon Smith entering the country, Danny goes on to high alert This showdown has been brewing ever since the death of Danny
Really enjoyed this Couldn t put it down at the end Waiting for the next one. A crazy but brilliant trilogy.Will look forward to w seeing what Barbra Leslie produces next.

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  • Paperback
  • Unhinged (Cracked #3)
  • Barbra Leslie
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9781783297023