That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love 2

That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love 2 When Things Get Bad, They Get Really Bad, But The Karsens Don T Ever Let Anyone See Them Sweat Cooper Refuses To Let Kellie Take The One Good Thing She Brought Into His Life, Their Son, Bryson, And He Will Do Whatever Necessary To Keep His Son With Everything Happening All At Once, He Can T Possibly Focus On Starting Something New With Lari, Or Can He And How Many Times Will She Allow Him To Shut Her Out Before She Walks And Doesn T Look Back It S Business As Usual For Siin Until Bliss Makes Him Reconsider Just How Committed He S Willing To Be Problem Is, She S Not Quite Ready To Commit Herself Will He Be Able To Change Her Mind, Or Will Siin Just Be Stuck Wanting What He Can T Have Fleet And April Have Things All Figured Out, But Unfortunately For Them, Life Has A Way Of Testing That Bond Fleet Has Found His One And Refuses To Let Anyone Or Anything Stop Her Shine Or Steal Their Joy If That Means A Hands On Approach, Then It Is What It Is Trouble Is Lurking In The Shadows For The Karsen Men, But It S Never Anything That They Can T Handle, Even If It Means Heads Will Roll The Story Continues With Love, Lies, And Chaos Who Will Be Left Standing When The Smoke Clears Loved it I hope April don t do nothing stupid but I think she smart enough not too I have a feeling Fleet gone walk up and see what s going on though so hopefully everything would be good Bliss got a crazy situation going on with this Gerald dude but I know Siin is go
The world isn t big enough I hope she smart enough to say I ll meet or follow u there let me grab my stuff Cause it could be a set up I hope she smart and picked up on his threat towards her new found family. Dope LoveTroy is a b tch I can t wait for part 3 a lot of people are about to disappear Gerald is up to something. That crazy,dope, hood kinda love 2This series just keeping getting better That ending was something else and something about that deactive that I don t trust I can t wait for part 3 and see how everything play out. Well Done This story dives right into where it leaves off,right in the thick of things.The Larsen brothers have met their matches in the women who have claimed there hearts and it is just a thrill and laugh a minute.The writer starts bringing the star to full circle,we start to get a better look into not only what makes the guys tick but the women as well.Th
Man I can t wait til the next bookThis book was good I hope Tish is able to get to Fleet before the detective gets to April or Fleet needs to be pulling up I can t believe that Troy went to the police like the snitch he is The Karsen brothe
Can t wait for part 3Okay let me start by saying them Karsen BoysMy my my Now I m happy that Fleet and April are still going strong Their chemistry is flowing nicely I m also cheering for Siin and Bliss and for Cooper and Lira Question is what s Gerald s deal and what has Troy said to
FIYAH I am in love with this series I love Fleet, Siin, and Coop I can t wait to read about Tisha and her new bae I just know that the cop isn t really a cop I can t wait to read the third part to find out what April s going to do girl Don t go with him. I love these brothers April is stupid She should have called Fleet You don t go with the police unless you are under arrest And creepy Gerald is about to try Rush I feel it On to book 3 Awesome K.C always writing the best books She have you thinking you in the book by the way she writes This series is very interesting and I can t wait to see what Fleet get Barlow because I think that was him at the door So I ll be patiently waiting on part 4.