Deathless (The Vein Chronicles Book 2)

Deathless (The Vein Chronicles Book 2) My Life Was Never Black And White Heck, It Wasn T Even Black, White And Gray Lines Were Not Drawn Between Good And Evil, And If They Were, I Would Have Jumped Those Suckers For Fun But Now It Was Simpler It Wasn T Black And White Or Gray It Was Only One Thing Blood A Crimson Tinted World That Was All I Needed All I Wanted Him Despite The War Raging Around Us, Or The Secrets Between Us, There Was Nothing Simpler Than Blood It Didn T Matter That It Would Be Fatal After All, It S The Things We Re Not Undead Without That Will Kill Us In The End. LOVE this cover Great representation of Isla Great composition Great use of graphis and eye catching typogrpahy Pretty much perfect in every way.To say I was excited to get my hands on this one would be an understatement When my ARC landed on my tablet, I may have screamed than a 13 year old girl at a Bieber concert.And let me just say that reaction was entirely deserved This was another amazingly good read Same phenomenal writing as book one Same fast pace More twists I KNEW it and turns OMG did NOT see THAT coming More exceptional World building Even character development I said it in my review for book one, and I will say it again here Isla is one of the best heroines I have ever read She is KICK ASS, and she is HILARIOUS Again we have an amazing cast of secondary characters, and the groundwork it would appear is being laid for future pair ups Witches, werewolves, demons, humans I CANNOT wait to see where all this is heading Honestly, not much I can say about this one It
3.5Deathless, the second book in the Vein Chronicles series, by Anne Malcom brought us back into the life of everyone s favorite gorgeous, snarky, vampire fashionista, Isla There is nothing I love than a strong heroine, and Isla does not disappoint Whether she is saving her loved ones from certain death, training little girls to fight monsters, ripping someone s limbs off, or verbally annihilating her enemies, she is the epitome of a badass female character At the end of Fatal Harmony, her undead life was in jeopardy, so I have been eagerly anticipating this book ever since In this installment, we find out her fate, about her relationship with Thorne, and the origins of vampires and slayers Isla holds a grudge, makes some dietary changes, and is as hilarious as ever Thorne is alpha af Sophie s magic evolves Duncan is his sexy Scottish self Scott is the ever faithful sidekick, and Rick wants what he can t have as per usual I can t really say much else about the plot without giving anything away, but there was than a few twists, turns, and shocking revelations Deathless is a solid sequel filled with action, suspense, witty banter, and pop culture references The plot
It s LIVE More details at Phenomenal It s one word but I think it sums up how truly amazing this book was perfectly Similar to the awesomeness that was FATAL HARMONY, Anne Malcom gave us bang for our buck Incredible characters Isla and Thorne were still badass , interesting side characters you can t help but want to know about who doesn t love Duncan, Scott and Sophie , surprising and not so surprising plot twists, and a whole lot .The author has such a compelling way of writing that pulls you into the story It s like watching a live action film that you never want to end Although Isla drove me up the wall I wasn t shocked by this , I couldn t wait to see what she would say or do next Or what would happen to her because it seemed like home girl couldn t catch a break I ll not make any promises, mostly since I never make promises because I don t like present Isla making future Isla s decisions for her I find it rude Honestly I don t know what else to tell you without revealing too much If you love a story that has well developed characters, descriptive world building, an intricately detailed plot, full of vamps, slayers, demons, witches and wolves, then start THE VEIN CHRONICLES series It s all that and so much If evil is your heart, your soul, then I m evil too, baby And no fuckin way is it wretched Even if it is, your wretched heart is mine forever And my wretched heart is yours My review of Fatal Harmony Release Date Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Copy received from Author in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Paranormal Romance Series Second in the series, should not be read as a sta
ONE FREAKING WEEK Are we ready for this Are you ready for Isla I can promise the craziest ride and also promise that we re not finished with Isla and Thorne yet This one was really good too just not quite as good as the first This was an amazing second book In a series that is quickly shaping up to be one of the best urban fantasy paranormal romance books I have read in a long time My true love for books came from PR and it will always be a genre I come back to and because of that I am very picky about paranormal romance book but this series is everything I could want in a UF PR series The second book in a series really showes us what the series is made of Will the second book fizzle out and the promise from book one go nowhere or will book two be a continuation and a bridge to a series that just seems to get better and engaging Well this book was the second option and then some Questions are answered questions are brought to our attention and honestly I m left just wanting book three and so many books after that I know some wish Anne Malcom just stuck with her MC books because let s face it they are great and when you find an author that writes great books you want and and as quickly as possible But I couldn t be happier she branched out Do I love her MC series and her new series Of course 100% but thi
I loved the first book but seriously struggled with this one It usually takes me to read a book 2 days 3 tops if I m busy and only can read in the evening This on took me almost 2 weeks to read, I just couldn t get into it.2.5 starsThis one is going to be an unpopular opinion if I go by the review I saw on Goodreads After reading the first book I was really looking forward to this particular story Since I loved that one I expected that I m going to love the second book too Well I was wrong, but at least I tried and tried and struggled and crawl through the whole book in the end but with so much suffering Usually I read a book in 1 2 days and the worst case scenario when I hate a story but I hate DNF ing books , then its 3 days Well, guess how long it took me to read this one Drumroll almost 2 and a half week, my personal record if you ask me Unfortunately I couldn t concentrate for than 25 pages at one sitting and at first I couldn t understand why, when the first book was such a phenomenal read.Just a quick warning, this review is going to be riddled with a lot of complaining and mainly ranting about what I didn t like Sorry but when a book leaves such a deep and negative impact on me I tend to turn into complainer.Let s start something positive I loved the prologue and the epilogue I think those were the best p
Ughh I am so disappointed in this I liked the first book but the second book was literally annoying as hell Isla You almost died in front of me You think I m gonna let you go now or ever I need to keep holdin you to make sure this shit isn t something my broken mind didn t make up in order to escape the world without in it THORNE IS SO ANNOYING omg I like Alpha males but the shit Thorne spouts makes me want to legit slap him every time Isla is still that no nonsense girl but after falling in love with Thorne, all that melodrama between the two I was done so done.I don t even know where the plot was going The chemistry between Isla and Thorne couldn t be bland Thorne s behaviour literally made me throw my kindle out Like a little kid who was about to have his candy stolen Grow up, boy Honestly I saw potential in the first book but nope Pretty disappointed with this one
DNF Might try again soon Not enough character growth.